Keeping your trees in the shape means that you have to call the tree cutting service all the year-round to make sure these stay tidy and arranged. But, when is the best time of the year to call tree cutting service? We spoke to the guys from and they helped us to determine when the right time is to cut your trees.

By cutting the trees regularly, you ensure these stay in shape but also ensure good health, which is even more important.

Prune the trees in winter

If you want to keep the shape and health, make sure to cut when trees are dormant. The ideal time would be the winter as there are no leaves but also it is very unlikely that they will have some sort of diseases or infestation.

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The dormant pruning also promotes bud growth, ensuring that they stay prepared and ready for the spring. The best time would be from December to the beginning of February, during the coldest winter days. In case you have trees that do not flower and has no buds, you can trim also in the late winter without any problems.

Keep them small during the summer

If you plan to keep your trees small and dwarfed, then make sure that you do it in the summer. When you do it in the summer, you ensure that the amount of leaves is minimal. This will help you to keep trees dwarfed.

What you are doing basically is disabling it to produce a lot of food as the leaves are removed and in this way, you stun its growth.

The fewer leaves on, the less food it makes and therefore slower it grows throughout the year.

Avoid trimming in the fall

The worst time to trim is during the fall as this is the time when the trees prepare to become dormant and live through the winter. The goal of cutting/trimming/pruning is to promote growth and help it to become stronger and bigger and thus create more leaves/food to become stronger.

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In case you want to prepare it for the next season, you can do this in the fall, but if you want to keep it small, never do this in this period of the year as you only stimulate its growth.

Remove only dead leaves in the spring

The spring is the time when everything wakes up and prepares for the next round of living and producing buds.

While you can perform cutting in the spring, it is not advisable to do a lot as this is the time when the trees are vulnerable.

Instead of cutting, make sure you only remove the dead leaves as these take energy and do nothing good. Also, if you notice any dead branches, you can remove these without fear of doing any damage. In addition, you should do this only with the trees that you had planted recently, but not with the ones that grow for years.