Lavender and Lace

At Lavender Cottage the decor can be described as Cottage-Victorian.  Lavender with lace adds a  feminine and romantic touch.

I like to collect accessories in my favourite colour, especially for the main bathroom that is painted a pastel shade of lavender.

The gardens also have flowers in many hues of lavender.

And of course there's lots of lavender, I grow mostly Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead' (some 'Hidcote')as it is hardy for our Canadian zone 5a garden.
Lavender is easy to grow from seed and I've found the germination rate to be good.  The high quality seed I used was from Richters, a reliable Canadian source for every herb you can think of.
Because of the number of plants I initially required, cell packs were used under grow lights but now if I need more, I just push a couple of seeds into a 4 inch pot and let them grow outside.  'Hidcote' and 'Imperial Gem' are other varieties that will do well in my growing zone as all three are hardy to zone 4, which means they'll get through our cold winters just fine.  Just to note, there is some self-seeding that occurs and the babies transplant to another area or pot without much complaint.

Volunteer seedling

Drainage is a key issue with this Mediterranean plant and once established, it is drought tolerant.  A good base of crushed stone in the planting hole will help water to drain away and from my experience, planting on a slope is beneficial too.  Pretty well all my plants are mulched with pea sized gravel as I found bark kept the plants too moist and they did poorly.  A hot and sunny location is best too.
In the spring when new growth can be seen coming from the woody base of the plants, shear them back by about a third to keep them dense and compact.

Above is a portion of the lavender hedge that has been cut back in spring which is done with a pair of hedge clippers. (an electric hedge trimmer was tried but it was not as clean a cut)

How the hedge looks by July, and oh so fragrant to brush against as the path is followed to the backyard.
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