The arrangement of the exterior is as important as the interior design. When it comes to decorating the yard, most people think that plants and flowers are the only elements that this category implies. But it needs to be approached holistically and you should consider elements such as fences, walls, staircase, terraces, paths, water surfaces, etc.

There are many who have an unfinished concrete path, terrace or the like in their surroundings. You can beautify the appearance of the garden, courtyard or interior of the house in a simple, economical way – by painting concrete. You can make the gray surface with a shade more bright, and at the same time, the space in which they are is going to become more beautiful, warmer and more pleasant. Concrete painting is not a hard job, it requires very little effort in just a few steps.

Renovation of concrete surfaces

Prior to painting, it is necessary to clean the substrate well. If there is paint on the concrete, it needs to be removed. Then the surface is washed with water. Places that are dirty with motor oil or some other grease should be cleaned in order to avoid uneven color gain.

If there are cracks and unevenness on the concrete it is necessary to fill them in and protect the concrete from the absorption of moisture. Such agents are good because they are resistant to positive and negative water pressure, and are not corrosive. If you are using such tools, follow the instructions for proper preparation and proper application of the asset. When the concrete is dried, go to the next step.

Before painting, a painted substrate should be applied to ensure good adhesion of the paint. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions here and wait for the substrate to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

The process of painting

Color is applied in several layers with a roller or a brush. Between each layer, wait for the color to dry. After the last painting, wait for 24 hours for the painted surface to dry well. Look for the offer of concrete paints which are made on the basis of water, have pleasant scents, are ecologically correct and serve as a coating for the protection and decoration of all facade and concrete surfaces.

If you want high-quality craftsmanship and color uniformity, quality three roll milling is required. It is a special machine design for high viscosity liquid materials that require more fineness. The color that has been processed with it has the finest milled pigments that allow you to paint with ease and its pigments perfectly and uniformly spread when painting of any materials, in the interior and exterior.

When you finish painting, we recommend that you apply a high gloss finish to perfect the result. Once what was gray and gloomy, now is light and colored. One of the most important advantages is that the concrete floor is easy to clean. You can go a step further and draw certain shapes and patterns on the concrete.


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