See to it you aren’t neglecting anything vital before you get started and save a little on your materials, too, by settling some of your purchases into a single set. Make sure to buy some decorative concrete tools, which will help your concrete look nicer.

Use a paintbrush first

The threaded cage frame affixes to a typical extension post so you can roll on the guide as well as the paint while standing. Use a paintbrush first to use the primer around the flooring articles and the floor’s sides. Then, as soon as you have reduced around the edges, you can apply the primer’s remainder with a paint roller.

Using the guide and the paint, maintain a “damp side,” in various other words, don’t allow the swath you have just applied completely to dry out before you roll the following one. These assists avoid noticeable roller marks on the completed flooring. Epoxy paint is available in two components, and you’ll require to blend the parts according to the guidelines on the label before you paint the floor, using the same approach you utilized for using the guide.

Choose a sealant

Pick a sealant for exterior or indoor usage (depending on the place of your flooring) and one that’s suitable with the epoxy paint you applied. Or else, you take the chance of the product training off anywhere from a month to a year down the line. Many attractive tasks have been destroyed by not taking notice of the cure temperature level required.

Allow it to dry totally before strolling on it. The sealant will undoubtedly add a lustrous finish, give a durable protective layer, and protect against the paint from fading, so your flooring will certainly look equally as great five years from now as it does today.


Cleansing a roller cover is essential with Hyde Tools’ BLACK & SILVER Paintbrush & Roller Cleanser (readily available at; $5.14). It includes easy-grip nylon manage and a bent stainless-steel edge that’s made to push paint down and off the roller.

Make sure the concrete is dry before you proceed

The concrete flooring has to be entirely dry before starting this job. If your flooring shows any type of signs of water infiltration, the source of the water has to be eliminated before starting. A few of the products utilized for this job need unique masks and other tools because of fumes. Please check out all product classifications carefully. Make sure to click here for details.

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By Pamela Cole Harris the very first time I saw a repainted concrete floor, I was impressed! It was stunning! It is the best option for a low-cost bed that will certainly last and last. HappyMod also has useful tips as well.

Extensively clean the concrete

If there is any type of oil on the floor (what have you been CARRYING OUT IN this space?), you need to get rid of it before painting, or the paint will not stick. Find commercial floor coating company that might help you to speed everything up.


Go over the flooring with a tack towel (a damp cheesecloth available at any type of hardware or home improvement store). 4. Use Cement Fix all to repair any kind of splits and openings; after that, let it dry totally. 5. Now we start the painting process. Roll on two layers of Kilzprimer as well as a stain blocker. Let completely dry between coats.