Isn’t it sometimes hard to get a high-quality shirt that you can wear more than a month before it starts wearing out? Aren’t there too many brands out there and you simply do not know which one to get? Picking the right workwear for your work can be very stressful and boring but luckily, there are some things that can save you a few bucks but also make things easier.

These three things you should have in mind when choosing the workwear as it will make the whole process more efficient and easier.

This goes well both for labor workwear and also office/white-collar work so feel free to stick to this brief guideline. Working around the house involves a lot of demanding activities and you must have an outfit that can withstand these and that can protect you from the possible damages and harm.

Look for branded shirts

A good brand and established company mean that you are getting reliable clothing that will last you. Yes, this can be a bit expensive, especially if you need more shirts, but it is really the very first step we should follow.

Look for branded shirts
How to find branded shirts

For example, Helly Hansen shirts are made for work and these will not tear apart easily. Just make sure you check HH clothing size chart to find the right size for you, as these can be a bit different with different models.

The higher price requires more money, but you will spend more if you buy some cheap-no-name shirt that will last for a week, which you will have to replace with a new one. It is economical in the long run, especially.

Find the right material

Home improvement projects and work around the house often involves working with sharp edges and tools that can easily tear apart your shirt. When you have an unbranded shirt that has not passed any quality assurance techniques, the material that is made of is usually poor.

Find the right material
What is the right material for your workers?

High-quality shirts from branded companies use thick cotton material that is very soft on touch, so make sure you check the material. Depending on the type of work you do, you should choose thicker material if you work with flammable substances or tools, as you need to protect yourself as much as possible.


Another thing that distinguishes a good shirt from a bad one is a stitch. The stitches can make a huge difference as these are holding the different parts of wear together. The shirts of good quality will not have loose stitches so the whole wear looks poorly made.

All the good and reliable companies pay attention to the stitches as these can quickly tear apart and ruin the shirt. When you see a firm, precise and stitches without the excessive strings, you can be sure that you are holding a reliable and high-quality piece of clothes.

The more stitching it has, the higher the quality of the shirt is and it will last much longer.


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