As we know, the windows are one of the most important aspects of our house and design as well.

While you want to have the maximum amount of light and air during the day, you also want to enhance your design of the interior, but to ensure a bit of privacy as well.

This is where the best custom roman shades come in! We have prepared for you this article where you will find out everything about these and where you can install them. Feel free to ask a question if you find something unclear.

Where can I use the best custom roman shades?

You can install them pretty much anywhere you want to. However, these are designed primarily for the places where you have a lot of direct sunlight and you want to block a bit of it. Consequently, you need to pick the right fabrics for the particular one, as you should not use the same fabrics for windows in the bathroom and in the bedroom.

New Roman Shades
Beautiful Roman Shades On Window

If you want to place them in the bathroom, avoid using nice-looking fabrics like velvet or silk, as these materials are not capable of moisture resistance. A good alternative would be the polyester or 100% cotton material since these are easy to clean and will not have problems with handling the moisture.

Also, make sure to consider whether you need to install them vertically, use them as rollers or in the form of Venetian curtains.

This can affect the overall design and final look significantly and make your room stylish and perfectly designed. Double-check the dimensions to make sure these fit to your windows. If you have standard windows, then it won’t be a big problem, but if you have custom ones, then make sure to check the measurements. As they say, measure twice, cut once and you will have no problems at all.

So, what fabrics should I use?

Should you plan to install them in the living room where a lot of direct sunlight comes through the windows, you have to choose a fabric that can withstand the direct sunlight. The direct sunlight will, over time, fade the color and make the shades look washed out and poor. Faux silk or taffeta are the best choices for the direct sunlight.

Creative Blinds Design
New Red Roman Shades Design

Additionally, it is a good practice to add linings behind the shades as extra support. These will serve as the additional layer that will protect the shades and its channels from fading. If you can find, add the blackout linings as the best support that will add more thermal insulation and protection from fading.

Make your room bigger with striped shades

Rooms that have high ceilings can use Roman blinds with strips to make the height of the ceiling more distinct.

Therefore, the whole room will look bigger and more spacious, apart from the fact that it enhances the interior design as well. Just make sure to get the right color as you do not want to have too much different colors in the room.


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