One of the nightmares of every household is a broken home appliance that can affect our life sometimes unexpectedly. If the fridge not cooling or you notice any leakage, you can know that is the time for calling the fridge repair expert who will solve your problem.

While this may cost you, just before you say it is an expensive repair, do know that buying a new appliance would cost even more.

For this reason, read this list of the common fridge issues and understand how big the issue is. We offer a short guide for each of the problems just to explain to you how the issue can be solved.

Escape of the cold air

As you know, this appliance cools the air inside of the chamber and to do this successfully, the device has a tight-seal door with the gasket that is the seal. One of the most frequent issues for this problem is the door gasket.

Refrigerator Repair
Houseman Repairing Frige

Its role is to create the seal that closes space between the cabinet and the door. When there is no proper seal, the cold air will escape the chamber and go outside. This can result in increased temperature which can be problematic for some type of food.

It is easy to install it as you need to shut off any power, remove the casket or screws and look for any wrinkles to remove them. Then, place a new gasket and turn the device on again.

The problem of condenser coil

Heat is an important factor of this appliance as it regulates the inside temperature and becomes released at the same time. Your fridge has a type of heat exchanger that releases the heat from the consider coils while cooling the inside chamber of the device. The problem may arise when the dust of dirt collects on it, which can prevent the proper cooling.

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Choosing Best Cooling Frige

To clean it properly, you will need to turn the device off and remove it from the power grid. Then, remove the toe grill and look for the coils, which are placed under the device in most cases. You can push the coil brush into the condenser coils to remove the dust. Make sure to clean the remaining dust under the fridge, install the toe grill and turn the device on.

Thermistor – a device that regulated the temperature

The precise temperature regulation is an important piece of the fridge and cannot work without it. A lot of people report problems with the temperature regulation, which can show you one temperature while it is totally different in the fridge.

Failing to control and regulate the temperature, you put the food in danger. First of all, disconnect the device and remove the thermistor cover. It is one the back part of the device, under the plastic cover. Remove the wire harness to pull it out. Replace it with the new one, reinstall the cover, plug it on and check the temperature regulation again.


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