About Me

Well, what can I say about me that you don’t know already? I’m an older lady that simply loves to spend her time decorating her home, taking care of her garden and of course, I like to share that with the world. Most of the inspiration I get for my home improvement projects I either read on the internet and then adapt to my own life, or I get wild surges of inspiration while having nice long walks in the forest. This is also a perfect place to see how nature does things on its own, which can be implemented in our garden.

I simply love spending time in my garden and if you are looking for ways to improve the meditating part in your life I would highly recommend starting your own project in the garden. Even if you don’t have a garden start a small pot planted collection in your home, and you will soon see what kind of regenerative and meditating abilities this hobby can have on both your mind and your body.  Home decoration is another thing that I simply love to research about and share with the people who have the same passion as me, so make sure to check out my blog posts and my articles as I tend to write about these topics every few days or weeks. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you about your projects and thoughts in the comment section.