Winter is coming, or so a popular tv show has told us, and it’s time to start preparing the backyard for the cold period that will envelop your plants and everything that you have going on in the yard. This can be a long process, but it is one that needs to be done if you plan to have a functioning garden for spring. As the leaves start tumbling down from your trees and your plants it’s time to get the equipment as we are going to prepare your garden for the winter period.

Taking care of the dying plants

First thing is first before we start taking care of the living part of the garden we have to take care of the parts that have died off due to malnutrition, the cold weather or some other reason.


Make sure to insect every part of every plant and to pull them out by the roots. It’s never good to leave the dying plants as some may have diseases and they can attract bugs. These are the main factors why you want to clear the garden from the dead plant life.

Bring the compost out

For many plants that don’t handle the winter period with grace, you have to prepare the soil for their spring. The winter is the perfect time to enrich the soil with some compost.

Gather the mulch

Once you have enriched the soil with some quality compost it’s time to get the mulch and place it over the parts where you plan to either preserve some plants or plant some in the spring.

Start planting some veggies

There are several vegetables that can withstand the cold weather of the winter, and some of them are garlic, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Plant them as you can have an early return on your investment from them.

Gather the leaves

Last but not least if you have some plants that you want to preserve for the winter you need to cover them. You can do this with either paid equipment or you can cover them with leaves that your trees have shared with your garden floor.


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