Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Life in the Fast Lane

I've been absent from the blogging world; busy gardening and living life to the fullest. 
Baptisia 'Lemon Merengue'
Therefore, posts will be sporadic throughout summer and winding down by year end. Yes, I've decided this is it for me. The blog was an enhancement to my writing days of a newspaper column and magazine articles but I retired from all that, including teaching gardening seminars at the end of 2016. 
I've become a lazy blogger, reading, often not commenting and find the communication through FB and IG are quicker to fulfil my needs these days. (and both have a like button💙)
My woodland garden, woodland phlox, 'Lemon Lace' elderberry and a vibrant purple Siberian iris.
I've set in motion the cancellation of my extra Google storage and by December will terminate my .com address. My blog designer said I can still post periodically if I  do these things: "All your links in the navigation bar should be changed to reflect the blogspot address or they won't work anymore. The .com domain should be removed from the blog as well. Once that is done everything will function as as always, but with the old blogspot address, and if you should ever want to do a periodic post your followers will still be able to find you."
I've figured out how to remove the .com domain from the blog but does anyone know how to change the links in the navigation bar for when I need to do this? Never say never - just in case.
We attended a wonderful outdoor wedding last weekend at a country inn with background music supplied by the above harpist. Her music was on an iPad with a special pedal to turn the page - such is technology! 
Dinner was inside this huge tent with lots of twinkling lights strung above and heaters to take out the night air chill. The weather was perfect, food and company as well.
I made a lemon merengue pie from scratch this week, labour intensive but so delicious. The recipe came from a Canadian born woman now living in England who posts her recipes on The English Kitchen FB page.
Many of the bloggers I follow I'm already friends with on FB or IG and although there is a corresponding FB page to this blog, it will likely go at year end as well.  I'm now hosting a community gardening FB group and am one of the admins for our garden club page. I can't believe how much information and sharing is done in the community FB groups, including my church. 
I'll be back soon with a book review on gardening for butterflies and until then...
Take Time for Tea


  1. I shall miss your beautiful posts, Judith. However, life evolves and changes so I understand you decision to move on...

    Have a wonderful summer.

  2. Like you I'm slowing down, but don't have to go through all the cancellation of domain names etc. I have discovered Instagram too, gave up Facebok several months ago. I like the quick and easy way Instagram works. That looks like a lovely outdoor wedding. Enjoy your garden and everyday life.

  3. I'm glad we are friends on other social media for I would hate to lose touch!

    Beautiful wedding and Lemon Meringue pie! Its my dads favorite, I should make one for Sunday!

  4. Will miss your beautiful posts -- but I too like the quick and easy of IG.

  5. Good morning, dear Judith. First of all, the flowers in the first photo are stunning! They must be in your garden {{smiles}} And the! What a beautiful place to have a wedding.

    I completely undertsand where you're coming from when it comes to the blog as I have had the very same thoughts. I am a wife and mother and as my son gets older we are participating in more activites which makes it difficult to blog and visit.

    Thinking of you, dear friend! Love and hugs to you!

  6. Just as long as you don't leave-leave. I hate when that happens! Danged Instagram! 😏

  7. Love the pictures Judith. So very pretty. I only blog once a week as I've no time between working part time, family, grands and church. But in all honesty, that is enough for me. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. I hate to sea another blogger switch to posting on Instagram what is more interesting to read in this format. But, I understand.

  9. I'm with on living life to the fullest out in the garden and therefore blogging only sporadically! It's raining here today, so here I am. What a gorgeous wedding set! and the pie looks perfect!
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your Spring,

  10. I so understand, Judith. Christmas was my last post at my own blog. I've even cut way back on FB. IG is so easy, isn't it?
    Your post is gorgeous as always. Being a busy gardener is the best way to spend the Summer months....I believe. Have a Happy Summer. I enjoy seeing you on IG.

  11. Beautiful pie, beautiful garden, beautiful wedding! Enjoy your summer, Judith. Hugs, Beth

  12. It's a busy time of year and everyone is on their computers a little less. But I sure will miss you if you decide to quit altogether. You've been a good friend and my Lavender Sis and I have enjoyed your posts...each and every one of them. Love your beautiful flowers! Hugs, Diane

  13. I'm going to miss your posts, but completely understand your decision to retire your blog. Luckily, we can stay connected on FB. As a chronic "liker", I also wished that Blogger had a "Like" button. I've yet to join Instagram...

  14. I think a lot of people are feeling the same, many seem to have stopped already but it was great fun while it lasted. Sending best wishes to you and thanks for all those mosaic Monday link ups. 😊

  15. Hello,Judith.
    I really understand about your feeling. As Crimson says Many people have similar feeling.
    Your garden is beautiful.Yes, It is time for gardening now!! I am not a good gardener though. You have been always a sincerity blogger and my good friend.
    I am looking forward to seeing you on your post!! Happy day to you.(#^.^#)!

  16. I will miss your posts, Judith, but I will still see you on FB. Your lemon meringue flowers are as pretty as your lemon meringue pie! I'll bet your pie was absolutely fabulous. Enjoy your beautiful garden, which brings you so much joy! Happy summer, Judith, with love and hugs from me to you.

  17. You have to do what is right for you ...
    I always enjoy my visits to your blog and will continue to do so for as long as it's here ...

    Enjoy the summer-time

    All the best Jan

  18. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful garden and tea posts and will miss them. I've joined IG but I'm not very impressed. I prefer words. But I'm glad we'll still be able to keep in touch via IG. I think we're connected there, but I'm not certain. Will check.

  19. Computers as recreation are so time consuming, and I completely understand your decision. I will miss your posts here though :(
    Your garden flowers are amazing Judith, and that lemon meringue pie!!! Yummy!
    Enjoy your gardening through the summer and will see you soon! Hugs,

  20. I smiled when I read your first line, I too have been blogging less, gardening and living life more! (My grandson is so much closer now!! 😊) But I was saddened to read that you are thinking of winding down your blog. I do understand; I too seem to be losing enthusiasm. But I will certainly miss you and your lovely gardening posts and photos. Do have a good summer and I will continue to enjoy your posts whenever they appear.

  21. I understand that seasons in our lives change. I'm so glad that I've been able to share in some of this season that you have with your blogging.
    I love that you've been able to enjoy some wonderful moments and I pray that it continues.

  22. Hi Judith,
    I understand as I know how much time blogging takes. I am behind the times and haven't done the Instagram thing but I like the sound of easier and faster.
    It was nice getting to know you over the past years!
    Hope you enjoy a wonderful summer.

  23. Social Media does get a bad rap but it has its uses that are wonderful....just have to look for them as you have done....I will miss your posts but have kept more in touch through social media too! Not sure how often I will post especially to 2 blogs but I will know the next steps as they unfold.

  24. Beautiful flowers!Gorgeous scenary for wedding!Thanks for sharing,hugs!

  25. I will miss your blog Judith but I certainly understand, After my recent break I've wondered the same thing as it did make me realize how time-consuming blogging is. I've not posted on IG for weeks, and hardly ever post on FB. But, like Margie, I "like" a lot! Enjoy your gardening Judith, and I know we'll keep in touch on one of these venues! xo Deborah

  26. We can't do it all and living life to the fullest, not being bound to the PC was something that is important to me too! I love IG so will always catch up with you somehow - until then see you around !!
    Wren x

  27. Oh no, I too understand your decision, but will miss your blog posts terribly much.
    Blimey, I have been even considering joining FB! :D
    Instagram seems hugely popular now, but even though my blogging is mainly about photos, I will stick to blogging.
    As to your question about the links, I don't know if I understood it correctly, but many links on this page seem to have the blogspot address... Have you been changing them already?
    The wedding could be best described with words like gorgeous, enchanting, magical...
    Have a happy Midsummer weekend and enjoy gardening! :)

  28. Oh Judith, I do understand your decision to let the blog go, but you will surely be very much missed! Perhaps you can get a blogger blog and just post sporadically to let us know how you are doing? I always enjoyed your posts so much. Life is to be lived though, and that is the most important thing. Such a beautiful wedding you were able to attend, my goodness, what a delightful setting! And technology indeed is an amazing thing! We attended a wedding once with a harp playing, and it was just magnificent.

    Enjoy your summer my friend!

  29. Oh that pie! I understand the departure from blogging. I also read and don't comment....mainly due to time. But as summer rolls in and I have more freedom, I am pulled right back in and love every second. Enjoy your free time ( and make lots of pies). xo

  30. Judith: Your posts here are all lovely - flowers and pie too! She does have great recipes that I follow to (The English Kitchen)! I enjoyed my visit here.

  31. Hmm ... I think you are reflecting the sentiments of many of us with a switch to Facebook rather than blogging. I have to check FB periodically because of some of my clients, so one day, it may make sense for me to move all of my tea/garden posts there as well. And you're right about it being so easy to comment. Oh well ... as long as I can see your lovely posts somewhere! :)

  32. You have to do what is right for you ...
    I always enjoy my visits to your blog and will continue to do so for as long as it's here ...


  33. Judith, I was just thinking "Wonder what Judith is up to. Seems like she would have entered my tea giveaway last week." When I got here I had three posts to catch up on, including this one. I'm so sorry to hear you're going to be hanging it up. I'm not on either Facebook or Instagram, so ... :-( Maybe you could post to the blog just once a month? But I understand. And we can still go back and enjoy the old posts. Best wishes.


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