Gardening Bucket List Introduction

Here we go, another winter has passed us, and it’s time to start setting up my garden for the nice weather that is definitely going to bring with itself lots of work. To start every adventure, I usually turn to my bucket, and so the term, ” my bucket list” was born in my household. For some people, this means that they write down what they need to do before a certain period or due to a certain event.

However, for me, it just means that I grab my garden bucket and I start shaping my garden. Decorating and home improving my garden has always been my pride and my joy, and I always look forward to it when the winter period is done as its music to my ears. My bucket has become so famous that once my friends come to visit and they see the bucket outside of the shed, they know that I’m in deep organization and planning, to reorganize my garden and to get things rolling for a new and exciting adventure in my garden.