Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Catching Up Over Tea

Thank you to all who read my previous post product review and agreed that a bucket has many uses!
Make yourself a cup of tea and we can catch up for a few minutes.
The weather has been perfect for doing outside work and our biggest project was fixing and rearranging the deck after selling our hot tub.
 The view through the kitchen grandma door with the hot tub.
The same area, opened up with the wooden privacy panels removed and glass like the rest of the deck added. I'm still working on setting things up.
It was even warm enough to  have afternoon tea outside one day.
Looking out the big window at the back of the kitchen I was taken by the tranquil scene of the pond and serviceberry in bloom, which will soon be followed by the crabapple. I'm still putting out mealworms and there is one chickadee who is not afraid to complain when the dish is empty. He looks in the dish, then in the window - back to the dish, window, and chatters the whole time. 
A couple of entries from my garden in the garden club spring flower show and tea, both award winners. It was nice that the weather this spring was accommodating so I could enter quite a few tulips and daffodils.
I am grateful for the tea and flower themed Mother's Day gifts I received. I hope everyone was able to spend time with family to celebrate. 
Speaking of family ... above is our SIL's windshield after a wild turkey flew into it on the highway. During mating season there are a number of vehicle collisions with them and luckily no-one was injured other that some glass spray here.
Granddaughter Emma prettied up for an outing with hair and makeup done by her older sister. With technology I erased the boo boo on her right knee because that's what Grandmas can do. :-)
Take time for tea.


  1. You will enjoy the extra space on your deck with the hot tub gone, but will you miss it? Love the teapot planter. Your granddaughter is growing into a lovely young lady.

  2. What a pretty young lady with a beautiful pose! The turkey incident is scary! That must have been quite a thud! What a mess! Love your flowers. We're having problems with our pot plants wilting it's so hot here! Hugs!

  3. Hi there Judith,
    Wow, I can't believe the damage that turkey caused. So glad that no one, (other than the turkey) was hurt.
    Your yard and deck are looking lovely and oh so inviting for a cup of tea. It's cold here today, but there have many days that I have taken my tea out to the garden swing.
    A lovely Granddaughter you have, and a lovely Grandma you are for fixing the booboo.
    Have a wonderful day,

  4. Hi Judith. That rose tea cup is lovely, as is your sweet granddaughter! Everything is looking great! Isn't spring wonderful? Susan

  5. "Make yourself a cup of tea and we can catch up for a few minutes."
    Now that is a very good idea!

    What a lovely post, your grand-daughter looks so sweet.
    Your flowers look wonderful, and I like all of your gifts.

    That must have been scary when the turkey hit the windscreen, thank goodness no-one was hurt.

    Sending my good wishes for the week ahead.

    All the best Jan

  6. Such a lovely post, my friend. The tea pot planter is darling!

    What a scare for your SIL and I'm so glad he is okay. We have quite a few turkeys around here as well and they are often walking across the road.

    Hugs to you, dear one!

  7. You will enjoy that extra space on your deck I think. I'm not a hot tub person at all and don't even own a bathing suit. I love the Mother's Day gift of the flower filled teacup. It is so pretty. Your granddaughter is beautiful and it's nice to see young girls dressed up. Your Serviceberry tree is gorgeous! It's one that I've wanted to purchase for the back lawn but keep putting it off. Have a lovely holiday weekend Judith.

  8. Well your granddaughter is lovely Judith. So very pretty. Oh I love the teapot on your table with the little plant in it. I've never seen one like that. Wow...what a beautiful scenery to look out at. You are blessed my friend. Aren't we all? Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Your granddaughter is lovely, Judith. I bet you are really enjoying the glass panels and being able to see your beautiful garden! Lovely view!

  10. The deck looks great. Such a nice place to sit and enjoy the view of your beautiful garden. Emma is beautiful. Looks like she enjoyed dressing up for a special occasion.
    Blessings and hugs, Beth

  11. What a delightful post, Judith. I really love your clear sides on your deck - just so airly and safe and non obtrusive looking.

    Your tea items/gifts and tea time - all lovely - but not half as pretty as that sweet grand daughter of yours. Oh, my, how they grow fast.


  12. Aww..what a sweet post! I love looking at your pond! So serene and beautiful. And, the cookie looked so pretty and delicious! Thank you for sharing, sweet friend. :) God bless you!

  13. You have created such a beautiful space that is so serene and peaceful. And wow, I guess it's a good idea to keep a eye on low flying turkeys...oh my goodness! And what a darling little grand daughter you have. Enjoy the rest of your week, Judith!

  14. How wonderful to have your deck opened up, Judith. I love your view to the pond and the gorgeous tress. Your certainly received some pretty tea-themed gifts to enjoy. How darling your granddaughter Emma looks! Enjoy your beautiful outdoors, with your flowers, and birdies, Judith.

  15. I was at Home Hardware today and couldn't resist picking up a bucket. Heh. The tea-themed gifts are fabulous. I'm sure you'll enjoy many tea times at your spacious deck. I'm glad that no one was seriously hurt with the turkey collisions. In my neck of the woods, we have to watch out for deer. Your sweet granddaughter looks like she's ready for a fancy afternoon tea!

  16. Emma is awful cute! Bet she wishes that you could really fix up that knee. Good heavens! A turkey can do that?! Glad that your son-in-law was not hurt. It must have been shocking and could have been so much worse. Why did you sell the hot tub? Here I am thinking I need one and you're getting rid of yours.

  17. Glad your SIL was not hurt in the collision with the turkey.

    Great story about the chickadee.

  18. As much as I'd love a hot tub on our new deck, I agree your deck is much better without it. Your garden is so lovely. You have so many little secret gardens and spots throughout your gardens I think a person could hide and maybe even commune with little fairies while hidden away. Your gardens look like they simply MUST shelter the fair folk some times.

    Speaking of fair folk, your granddaughter is beautiful and I am glad you erased her boo-boo !

  19. Judith, lovely granddaughter! Glad you could erase the boo-boo; I wouldn't know how to do that myself! Your garden is beautiful, and I like the deck without the hot tub, though a hot tub would be a nice thing to have, I should think.

  20. Very nice little Tea you set up there, pretty cups. Love that teapot with the opening for the plant. Your granddaughter is lovely. Ouch on the car windshield.

  21. Judith,your garden is looking wonderful....and I love the tea and pretty cake scene. Lucky Emma to have a Fairy Grandmother with magic wand!
    Happy Thursday!

  22. I've never heard of a grandma door, but it's a pretty one! I had a nice dent on the side of a car once from a concerned mother goose. Always enjoy your photos of tea!

  23. I absolutely loved this post. I also wanted to comment on the beauty of the backdrop to your waterfall with the beautiful flowering trees. Truly beautiful. We have snow. It started snowing yesterday noon after several hours of heavy rain, fairly typical for early May, not mid May. Of course all of the gardeners and garden centers are prepared for the freeze that is expect too. Fortunately we have not put out any tender plants in the garden. Thanks for tea. It was great.

  24. Emma is lovely and your garden is lovely too! It looks like a perfect spot for a cup of tea. Your tea cup is sweet! I think tea always tastes better in a pretty cut. I am sorry about the car, I can't imagin getting hit by a turkey, so thankful no one was hurt. God Bless

  25. Judith, you have a beautiful spot and I love your garden! We were going to put one of those pretty doors on the front but we never did get around to it. I've never heard of it being called a grandma door before but I love it. Yesterday and the day before we had such warm weather it's like summer arrived early but today it's back to the cold again. At least we know the warm is coming. Your floral teacup arrangement is adorable! Enjoy your long weekend.


  26. Happy to find your Blog today. So wonderful your pictures!

  27. What a beautiful young lady your granddaughter is!
    The windscreen apart, everything looks wonderful in this post. There are views from your garden I haven't seen before (I think). Your garden looks lovely. One surely enjoys the afternoon tea there. :)
    Have a lovely Tuesday! xx

  28. Your backyard looks so lovely, and you will enjoy the extra space on your deck. The flowering crab apples are just nicely in bloom here now, SO beautiful. So sorry about your SIL's windshield. Amazing how much damage can be done so quickly. Your granddaughter looks so sweet. Hope she had an exciting evening. My apple trees in the backyard are all in bloom now, the scent is heavenly.

  29. I love how you are making new touches to your backyard and deck area! It's so nice to have those special places around one's home to enjoy. All the rain you've had has definitely made a huge difference to your gardens!
    How lovely your mother's day gifts are! They definitely know your soft spots. :)
    Glad no one was hurt but the turkey!
    Your grand daughter looks so pretty! I hope she had a lovely time!

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