Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April Showers and a Butterfly Magic Moment

Hello everyone. For once this old saying is true for us and I couldn't be happier!
Photo credit: friend Elaine at Woods Country Cove
April Rain 
The April rain, the April rain, 
Comes slanting down in fitful showers, 
Then from the furrow shoots the grain, 
And banks are fledged with nestling flowers; 
And in grey shawl and woodland bowers 
The cuckoo through the April rain 
Calls once again. 

The April sun, the April sun, 
Glints through the rain in fitful splendour, 
And in grey shaw and woodland dun 
The little leaves spring forth and tender 
Their infant hands, yet weak and slender, 
For warmth towards the April sun, 
One after one. 

And between shower and shine hath birth 
The rainbow's evanescent glory; 
Heaven's light that breaks on mists of earth! 
Frail symbol of our human story, 
It flowers through showers where, looming hoary, 
The rain-clouds flash with April mirth, 
Like Life on earth.       
~ by M. Blind~
I have been busy over the last week as co-host of our community Seedy Saturday held on April 1 at the library.
We had seed and plant vendors as well as others related to gardening, presentations and hands on workshops.  It was a day of inspiration and very successful much to our satisfaction.  We sat down yesterday and made a batch of thank you cards and are hosting a thank-you tea on Sunday at my place for the garden club volunteers. 
In the know, the one with no fish, were a pair of mallard ducks this week. They stayed a few hours and moved on.
I have several butterfly mirrors and one sunny day there was an intriguing display on the wall from one of them. Don't you love these surprising magic moments? 
The fairy gardens are starting to reappear in the house and by next month the outdoor ones will be assembled. I missed a chip on this lavender teacup when I purchased it so it became a small fairy cup.
From the icicle lights and faux pine branches for winter, the back window has become a display of cherry blossoms with couple of cute Easter ornaments from the dollar store. 
The lights are spring colours and I recently added a couple of heron window clings to keep the birds from flying into the window.
By next week I hope to be out in the garden doing what I love best - getting my hands dirty!
Take time for tea.


  1. Lovely poem. Looks like you got a start on the gardening with your Seedy Saturday! What a nice start to spring. I'm seeing lilies, tulips and lenten rose coming up through the ground now. What a sweet surprise to see the ducks on the pond! And the butterfly images on the wall are so pretty. Enjoy your day :)

  2. Surprising magic moments are the best! It's when I know that I only press the button.

  3. O I love to see your butterfly moments. Very nice, so on the wall!

  4. What a lovely butterfly moment. I really like your blossoms over the window. Today looks like a no rain day so I will be able to enjoy the outside. There are a couple of promising days next week too. Good to hear your Seedy Saturday went well.

  5. You are ready and nature appears to be as well. Enjoy!

  6. Good morning, Judith! I have so enjoyed reading your past posts and catching up a bit. Your tea time with your friend {from the previous post} looked delightful.

    Thank you for sharing such a sweet poem and oh, your fairy garden is simply lovely!

    Thank you for the visit to my would appear maybe we were visiting one another at the same time {{smiles}} As for a sugar cube corsage....I am trying to picture one as well.

    Hugs and joy to you!

  7. Hi Judith, We're getting rain too, seeming to be in a very rainy season. I am anxious for it to dry up outside so I can work in the garden. I like your butterfly image! Serendipity!
    Hugs, Beth

  8. You are keeping busy in this rainy spring with good and happy things. Yes, I do enjoy the play of light.

  9. Still getting snow here! Sigh... But if you are enjoying spring, it must be on its way to us! Loved the poem. Perfect!

  10. I hope that you have lots of wonderful May flowers to come! Love your little fairy cup arrangement!

  11. Sweet poem Judith. We had a little rain on Monday night and oh I wish we would get more. It is so dry at my place. Love your little fairy. I just had to pin her. She is so dang magical Hope you have a great day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. Beautiful post full of things you love. I can sense your excitement!

  13. Hey that's my pic I created in Pic Monkey for April showers bring May flowers for my blog and Fb cool . Yes lots of showers but I dont mind as like the saying goes bring May flowers . Lovely post and photos cute poem to . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  14. Hello, love the poem and the photos. The butterfly capture is a cool image. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  15. What what fun to co host Seedy Saturday, Judith. I am sure that was very rewarding. How fun to see the mallard ducks for a few hours in your pond. I was in awe of your magical butterfly appearing on your wall! Don't the little things in life, just bring us joy? Your sweet fairy garden under the cloche is magical, too.
    Enjoy digging in the dirt, sweet blogging sister!

  16. I'm not minding the April showers too much as they give me an excuse to splash around in my purple rainboots! Last month, I was given a Joe Pye Weed at a gardening workshop and I'm happy to report that it's still alive!I may have to try creating my own fairy cup this year.

  17. Sounds like all is getting better for your pleasurable gardening days.

  18. Seedy Saturday sounds great!
    I too love those magic moments when the light plays cheerfully and creates beautiful forms. Spring and autumn are the best times to capture them in our home, because the sun shines horizontally through the windows.
    Oh well, during the weekend, when the snow will be falling also here, I'll send warm thoughts to you and Linda! :)

  19. I started some seeds a couple of days ago and yesterday it was dry enough for me to clean off the hops vines. It felt wonderful to be gardening again!
    Have a lovely day Judith,

  20. We are having a day of April showers! Can't wait for those May flowers! Love your magical butterflies... and the sweet fairy garden.

  21. Here's to your getting your hands dirty and the May flowers!
    Wren x

  22. Judith, how beautiful! I've made myself a promise -- no planting until I've finished the weeding!

  23. Such a lovely photo image and poem, I enjoyed reading the verse.

    Love your magical butterflies and nice that the fairy gardens are coming out.

    I certainly hope that you will soon be out in the garden doing what you love best, and getting dirty hands!!

    All the best Jan

  24. Lovely butterfly moment. You did good catching it on camera. You sound happily busy and looking forward to the garden! I hope all snow is gone.

  25. The poem is so magical... beautiful post...

    Please visit:

  26. Such a lovely spring poem! How nice that you also were able to be apart of such a lovely event! I'm sure your tea and cards will be much appreciated!

  27. Hello,Judith
    Such a lovely and rhythmical poem. Those ducks were lucky to be able to rest on your pond.You have a full of spring imagination to display around you. Happy spring to you, Judith!!!

  28. Oh, I am glad that spring is arriving in your corner of the world. It's been a bit wet for us to get out into the garden much, but I managed a little between raindrops today. The butterfly silhouettes on the wall look so lovely - the light must catch the mirrors just right.
    Happy Spring days to you. I hope you enjoy your gardening!

  29. Beautiful poem, spring is so exciting! It is fun to begin to do all the things that one does in the spring! How fun to have a seed giveaway! What a lovely thing to see the butterfly silhouette on the wall! I hope you are soon in your garden, getting your hands covered in dirt :) Hugs to you today!

  30. Lovely post, Judith! Your indoor fairy garden is just charming and I love the teacup. :D

    I hope you have a Blessed Easter, Judith.


    Denise at Forest Manor


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