Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

"Improvise, adapt and overcome", a fetching quote which I've always admired.  Clint Eastwood made it popular in the movie Heartbreak Ridge and it speaks of possibilities, particularly how we can apply it to our own lives.
A few readers are friends on FaceBook; the social media platform that can be helpful to learn of family, friends and church news. It can also be a frustrating exercise in exasperation.
It's happened before - someone replicating my FB account but the grandchildren took care of that and I never saw the 'fake' page. Last week a couple of people messaged me to say it had happened (again) and so this time I searched for my replication and was disappointed that someone would go to the trouble of impersonating me, a grandmother.
After reporting said person's impersonation to FB, I have to admit they were on the ball and had the page removed within an hour or so. This is when I decided to improvise and replace a profile photo of myself with my Avatar from Bitmoji. If you haven't tried this app, it's a lot of fun as you make an Avatar to look like yourself. Haha, mine even has wrinkles. (note: only for ios systems)
Before the whole thing was cleared up though, the impersonator contacted a few friends with political  or other  ulterior motives, one being my pastor. He knew it wasn't me right away as I would never address him by his first name. Pastor C asked the fake me pertinent questions and received dodgy answers after which he typed HACKER! I was shown the conversation at church on his phone. A tad embarrassing but that concern has been adapted and overcome.
Here is the second issue that required my attention. I was walking past the large kitchen window that faces the backyard and saw something disappearing into the pond. 

Yikes.... this is where FB comes in handy with knowledgeable gardening associates and wildlife enthusiasts. Identified as a mink which are known to inhabit the areas around our inland lake but obviously travel within subdivisions in search of food. Google helped with their diet of fish, frogs, squirrels and birds so we assume all 40 plus of our goldfish are now gone. Maybe the frogs that hibernate in the mud at the bottom of the pond too. What action should we take?
Lets go back to last summer when I realized there were too many goldfish in our size of pond (like rabbits they multiply quickly) and would have to remove some - but what to do with them? I didn't to anything and now...problem overcome. However, a note to self.... be careful what you wish for and perhaps improvise something to discourage the return of the mink?
Sometimes it is hard to honour the commitment to have a certified wildlife habitat which means ALL wildlife and to let nature take its course. By eating our pond inhabitants maybe the babies of this mink will have a chance at life...  Previously a blue heron and kingfisher have also eaten from our pond.
Life hasn't been all challenges, above I went for high tea with a friend. I didn't realize my glasses had picked up the sunlight from the window and were dark but I had asked a fellow if he would take a shot with my phone and I wasn't about to ask for a retake.  There's something special about having dainty sandwiches, scones, petite sweets and drinking tea from a teacup while having good conversation.
Spring is in the air and a pair of cardinals have been in the backyard every day, staking out their territory and eating from the feeders. Imagine the improvising and adaptation birds and wildlife have to make to overcome losing their natural habitat. With the return of quite a few foxes to our area members of the community have said they've taken to building dens in backyards, having learned to coexist with humans. I hope the backyard habitat we've created will be found suitable as it would be fun to see little foxes scampering about.
I'll leave you with a small countertop spring display I put together which now sits on the windowsill over the sink. The hyacinth has opened to perfume the air, the weather has warmed and it feels like spring has finally arrived.
Take time for tea!


  1. Hello Judith, sorry about the Facebook problem. Glad it was taken care of quickly. The mink is so cute, what a wonderful yard critter. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  2. Enjoyed this post--but oh no about the hacker. What a day we live in! Good thing you were able to take care of it so quickly and have grands ready to help!

  3. Hello,Judith,
    So glad spring is visiting your area.The photo of you and your friend is lovely. You wear such a beautiful dress. The mink is pretty!!! I would be happy if I can see him in person. In my area, sparrow is losing their natural habitat. I am always happy when I find them while walking outside.
    Happy day to you!

  4. Always great to see you posting. Glad the FB 'problem' has been solved yet again. And the mink is probably quite beautiful when its fur dries.

  5. Sorry to hear that you've been hacked again - but did have a wry smile at the thought of you and your Pastor in deep conversation after the service, what a very modern church response Hacker! Love it :) Hopefully all is behind you now and at least you have the Grandkids to watch out for you all!
    Wren x

  6. Such a rarity to see a mink in the yard. You took great photos. The high tea looks wonderful! Happy spring!

  7. Your pastor's response to the hacking was a good one - it's a strange world we live in. I like your new avatar. How fun to have tea with a friend.
    Mink can be so sneaky and destructive. And smelly. He does look very sleek with his shiny coat, though.

  8. It does sound like some people have too much time on their hands if they are trying to impersonate a perfectly lovely person. I'm glad you were able to get things sorted out and thank goodness your pastor is astute and picks up on questionable messages.

    I like your little garden the the photo of the gorgeous cardinal. Winter is in the air again here, but the sun is shining brightly.


  9. What a pain being hacked is. Glad it was cleaned up quickly.
    No ideas how to discourage the mink other than perhaps a sign posted saying how much you love your mink coat.. haha Maybe now that he's cleaned out your pond, he'll move on to "greener pastures", er, ponds.... Fox kits are cute to watch, but foxes can be a pain too. AND they smell! (like skunk) Fox will quickly clean a neighbourhood of any stray or wandering cats, when they have kits to feeds...

  10. Your pastor is smart! =D I'd never figure out such things. Glad that you have it sorted.

    A mink? Good heavens! When I was battling the groundhogs war last summer, we were shocked by all the wildlife. Quite frankly, I don't buy into the "live and let live" philosophy unless they want to live somewhere else besides under my house and in my yard. LOL!

    Keep taking those wonderful teatimes. They have to be wonderful and better than brick pizza among the wine bottles. ☺

  11. Those hackers are annoying aren't they? I had one of my Facebook pages hacked so just deleted it. I found it was taking way too much time to post there, and in other places. But I did lose some friends accounts that just seem to vanish. I'm purging my website too as there is always someone trying to hack into it (perils of having a Wordpress account). They got through once so now that I've got it back I'm deleting lots of old posts they seem to use to hack into. But once gardening season and outside time get here I won't be doing much on it at all. It's almost time to say goodbye to blogland.
    Having tea with friends is wonderful, something I've been missing lately.
    At least it is sunny today even though very cold again.

  12. Oh dear if our blog scraping 5 years ago wasn't enough! Love your garden visitor, but sorry for his/her dietary preferences! If it wasn't one thing, it's another!

  13. Your Avatar is a great idea and I'm glad you got your FB problem cleared up. You must have a beautiful property where all manner of wildlife can be seen. It would be fun to see baby foxes scampering about. They are so cute! Your tea outing looks wonderful. I have to admit that I will be happy when I can enjoy a tea treat once again. We are expecting a raging blizzard this evening and tomorrow. Where art thou Spring?? It will be lovely when April arrives. Surely, that will be the end of the snowfall for another year.


  14. I love the photo of you and your friend!

  15. Judith, I too experienced a hacker once on FB and of course I had to change my password. I was horror stricken when I realized the wording that the hacker used to comment on others post in my name! Of course, praise the Lord, my reputation spoke for itself so others knew immediately that wasn't me. But it surely makes me mad that some folks are so stinking mean. Lovely picture of you two having tea. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  16. Oh my goodness, what a week, good job you have friends and family to help you sort out these problems and were able to enjoy your delicious tea in peace.

  17. That's terrible that someone would hack your information like that! And that little mink is a surprise, isn't it? Having tea with a friend is always special! Thanks for the prayers, Lavender Sis! Hugs, Diane

  18. I wondered if you had been hacked, Judith, when I had received a friend request from you. I ignored it, knowing that we already were friends on FB. I just don't understand some people!!! I do love you bitmoji avatar. They are fun, aren't they?
    My goodness, on the mink! Having time for tea with a friend, looked delightful. I've been busy sprucing hanging baskets and pots out on the patio. Happy Spring!

  19. I was hacked once too! Crazy, isn't it? Fun avatar!

    I was sorry to hear about the loss of your goldfish to the mink. The circle of life goes on.

    I love the photo of your female cardinal!

  20. One never ceases to wonder why some people behave in the way they do. Fortunately the FB problem was solved quickly!
    I don't know how (American) minks are seen there. I dislike them strongly. A not native species here, it's a serious threat to our aquatic birds, the native Mustelids and other small animals. If I were you, I would ask a hunter to place a mink trap.
    The high tea looks lovely. Have a sunny day! xx

  21. Judith, It was good to see a post. Good for you to be rolling with the punches. I don't understand hacking. If they have something to say, just own up and say it. Glad it has been sorted out. Aren't grands great? Have a great day. Sylvia D.

  22. I've never seen a live mink before, so that is most interesting! And I'm impressed that the nature problem sort of took care of itself, didn't it? Am also quite impressed with your pastor for engaging your hacker that way. Clever! Love your new avatar. You may be, as you say, "a grandmother," but I don't think you even realize how clever and with-it you actually are, at any age!

  23. Yikes! I'm glad you got the fake account taken down! I just don't understand why people do things like that. Very bizarre. ... I remember having a mink running around when I was VERY young. It was a big problem because we had lots of chickens and other animals. They sure can be pests...much like Facebook impersonators! ha, ha.

  24. What troubles you've had with FB! Shame on the hacker for stealing your identity, but I'm glad your friends were quick to realize it wasn't you and didn't take offence. I would be thrilled to have a little mink in my backyard, although it would be a bit sad to see the fish and other small creatures go. I feel the same when I see the hawk feasting on the small birds in my yard. I hope he doesn't become a nuisance. Nice to see you meeting up for tea time with friends :)

  25. Sounds like you're experiencing the 'wild' side of life, what with hackers and minks and mice ... I am glad you still had the opportunity to enjoy a nice tea out to even things out.

    Wishing you a pleasant weekend, Judith! Around here, it's not feeling like Spring as it's a tad frosty and windy. Still my tulips on my desk remind me to keep the faith -- it really is here. Brenda xox

  26. Judith, I certainly hope you'll have less need to improvise, adapt and overcome in the coming months! Whew!

  27. Ive not heard of Facebook being hacked, how unfortunate. Im so glad it was taken care of quickly. Ive known several bloggers to lose their blogs to spam and they could not recover them. They had thousands of followers though which I'm sure is what made them a target.
    I hope a few of your goldfish managed to survive the mink's feast. Living out in the country, it can be very difficult to let nature take its course. Last yeat we had killdeer nesting in our yard, and close to hatching, magpies stole all four eggs. I was so sad for the parents as well as not getting to see those sweet babies. Well, the magpies are in the same spot and we're not sure the killdeer will return. Do we relocate the magpies? Will they have enough time to nest elsewhere before laying their eggs? Maybe it would be a favor to them if we did move them because last year when they tossed their babies from the nest, each one was killed by our dog. I felt bad for them too.
    Anyway, great post. I really enjoyed the read this morning.
    Have a great weekend Judith.

  28. I'll have to remember "Improvise, Adapt and Overcome" when I encounter challenges at work! You definitely deserve a nice afternoon tea outing after all the troubles you had to deal with.

    Your FB avatar looks sassy. Glad that the hacker business got resolved fairly quickly. Why can't these hackers use their skills for good?!?

    You can check for suspicious activity on your FB account by checking: Settings > Security > Where you're logged in. If you see activity that isn't you, click End Activity to temporarily log the hacker out.

  29. Hi: I never heard of FB Hacker. Really for what reason? I am so sorry you had to go through that stress. I am glad it is all fixed for you. Have a good week. Blessings, Martha

  30. Well my goodness, you've certainly had a go-round with both online and onsite predators! So thankful the FB one was easily taken care of, but the mink, well, that could be a problem indeed. Perhaps contact your local county extension office to see what they recommend? And the high tea, just delightful! I know what you mean about a picture being taken by someone and not turning out as best you hoped, disappointing, but it is what it is :) And the memories are the best anyway :) Hugs to you today!

  31. 'Improvise, Adapt and Overcome' ... I like that.

    So pleased you got the FB hacker sorted.

    Your high tea looks great, it is always nice to meet up with friends.

    Enjoy the remainder of March, this month seems to have flown by.

    All the best Jan

  32. You flower display is so pretty. You're more tolerant of the poor mink than i would be. I just hope he doesn't invite all his friends and family to join him! A few years ago I found out that someone on the other side of the globe had stolen all my web photos and text and was publishing them as his own! I gave him two days to take it down or I would report it to Google. It disappeared, but of course I have no idea if it's happened again.

  33. Ah some good, some bad and some ugly.

    Glad you overcame.

    Keep us posted on the fish - hope some survived.

    So a mink looks like a big rat? Really? Like a mole - and people wore long mink coats, oh my goodness how many of those little rascals it would take to make up a full length mink coat.

    Yuck, I just grossed myself out. Sorry.

    I know you want spring spring spring - it's just aorund the corner!! HUGS!!

  34. Hi Judith, I think the mink is adorable. Of course, I love all wildlife. We have lots of goldfish in our pond and have been feeding various types of wildlife. I hate it but that's nature, there's nothing I can do. I keeping hearing of more and more people being hacked on Facebook, it's a little unnerving. I'm glad you were able to get it straightened out. I love the Avatar picture. Have a great week!


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