Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Spring Tea and Garden Surprises

I seem to have more energy these days and I've started baking again. What's afternoon tea without a little treat on the side?
A new pink teapot in the Royale design by Easy Life and purchased at Bowrings is the perfect size for sharing with a friend. With only hubby and I at home, I've mastered a few six inch cake recipes, above is carrot with cream cheese frosting. The inset circle shows the spring coloured sprinkles on top.
 I was surprised to see the garlic starting to poke through the leaves and fencing I laid across the bed. The previous year squirrels dug up a few of the newly planted garlic cloves so I put an end to that.
 Speaking of squirrels, not many crocuses left but here's a lone purple one about to open.
 I know many gardeners have a love/hate relationship with moss but I love it! The texture alone is enough to let it be and this is something new. Hollow metal rods hold the 4x4's in the ground around the small veggie garden and this one had popped up a bit from frost and knitted itself a mossy neck warmer. 
I hope spring is bringing you nice surprises in your garden!
Take time for tea.


  1. What a beautiful blog!Thank you very much for sharing!

  2. Pretty little teapot.
    The RG is at war with the moss in the lawn.

  3. Hello,Judith,
    Your new pot is beautiful and the cake you made looks delicious. Your small moss is pretty. I too like moss. We have many moss Japanese gardens in Japan. Happy spring to you!

  4. I love moss, and try to get it growing on the rocks in my garden. Your moss is something I haven't seen before, what an interesting texture.
    Have a lovely day Judith,

  5. A six inch cake is a perfect size for two people. May I ask where you got a pan that size and the recipe for it? The moss ring is such a brilliant green! The Bowring store in Moncton closed last year. I always enjoyed looking and shopping there. Have a lovely day Judith.

  6. What a pretty neck warmer, I wouldn't mind one of those!

  7. Very pretty photos. I like your tea and that moss! Beautiful!

  8. Your cake looks good; what a pretty tea setting! I made a carrot cake recently (13 x 9). We have company every Sunday for lunch so I am always making something yummy those days. Great to see plants emerging! Happy Spring! Hugs, Beth

  9. Love your teacup and the carrot cake looks so good. I do have a sweet tooth.

  10. I like moss too. I find it's very pretty and I've noticed more and more, there is some growing in our back yard. Of course there is none at the moment but once winter is behind us, we will be able to enjoy these backyard surprises again. Your cake looks yummy and boy, could I go for a slice! I don't know when I will be able to enjoy treats again. So, I will "imagine" how good it tastes. Are you enjoying the new Anne on Sunday nights? I'm not sure yet how I feel about it. Have a lovely day, Judith, and enjoy your tea.


  11. I have my mother's fancy pink teapot she used for company. I treasure it too.

    The moss looks too perfect to be real. Beautiful!

  12. Lovely new pot and I agree, baking should always accompany tea :) Finally the snow has gone and the spring bulbs are starting to poke through the ground.

  13. Oh I adore your tea pot and yes, something baked goes perfect with tea. Happy Wednesday. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. How pretty, Judith! Yes, I love moss, and we have some fine specimens growing around our gardens in the shady areas. Good idea with the fencing to keep out the squirrels.

  15. Your teatime looks lovely and delicious, Judith.

    Love the lone - purple!- crocus pic and that moss is awesome.

    I get it in early summer after heavy rains on my garden rock wall and in between my pavers - hubs hates it but it makes me feel as though I am in an English garden when it grows.

    Of course once it gets hot it goes away till it cools down again. : - )

  16. Such a nice post for spring. Your tea looks pretty and yummy. I also would like to know your recipe for this small carrot cake.

    Love the moss!

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  17. Hi Judith,
    It is so nice to see signs of spring in the garden again.
    We are always behind you but we do have a few snowdrops blloming
    here and I see some daffodils poking through.
    I love your pink teapot ans a small cake would be perfect
    for two.
    Thank you for your visits and lovely comments.

    Hope you have a lovely spring!

  18. Alas, my garden is still buried in snow. The daffodils have leaves, but no buds...closest to the foundation so I can see them.

    Looks as if good things are happening there, including the baking.

  19. I can see why you couldn't resist the pretty in pink teapot form Bowring! I'm also loving the purple hue of the long crocus.

  20. Your new pink teapot is such a pretty one, Judith. A six inch cake sounds like the perfect size for you and your hubby. How fun that you outsmarted the squirrels and the garlic is safe!!

  21. Love your new pink teapot. You should share some of your 6 inch cake recipes. Sounds like a good way to enjoy baking and sweets at this stage of life!

  22. Your tea table looks so inviting - I like how you downsized the recipe!
    Good luck with the pond life too....

    Happy Spring!

  23. What a pretty tea and yum on carrot cake. I need to get some crocus as I think they are so cute in early spring. I like moss too.

  24. What a beautiful tea cup! I was just participated in a tea and had a whimsical table. Spring is here for sure, along with the allergies! Happy Spring!

  25. Your table is Beautiful and your teacup is dreamy, I adore the little roses. Lovely for Spring

  26. Ooh, I like your table setting. And especially of that moss. Our house back stairs
    grow moss. I've been thinking about ways to eradicate it, but I might not destroy it, not before I've taken a few photos.

  27. Your teacups and new teapot are very pretty. The cake looks delicious, I love the 6" size when it's just the 2 of you, what a great idea. It's so wonderful to see signs of spring. I'll have to get out and have a look around my gardens. I pulled many bulbs up last year planning to move them. Unfortunately, it didn't happen so we'll have so much less this year. I'm enjoying hearing the robins sing...we're almost there. Enjoy your weekend.

  28. So nice to see that someone is seeing signs of spring. We are still buried under snow and had several more snowfalls this week. :( I hope Morher Nature soon gets the memo that it is supposed to be spring now...

  29. Hi glad some bulbs are peeking up! We have done the metal mesh before too..gotta save those bulbs! I have to figure out how to do smaller cakes for the 2 of us...I just tend not to do cakes unless we are having company...and I miss them! Love your pretty chintz lavender of course! Have a lovely week, and hope it's springy!

  30. Well, I think your tea table looks lovely and very inviting.

    So nice to see the moss, such a beautiful green.

    Have a lovely April.

    All the best Jan

  31. What a nice idea, a 6-inch cake! And don't get me started on the squirrels! They are a real nuisance around the bird feeders. If I was a gardener, there would be another reason for me to dislike them! The crocus is so pretty. They're such nice harbingers of spring. Love your new pink teapot! xo Deborah

  32. Such wonderful signs of spring in your garden, Judith! (Here not yet :))
    The carrot cakes are beautiful and tasty and healthy... and your teacup is so very pretty.
    I love moss and fortunately there grows plenty of it around our home. I haven't tried to move or introduce it to new places, but I might do in the future and found for example this site very interesting.
    Have a happy and sunny day! xx


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