Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Snow Day with Sparkle

Hello everyone, thank you for your comments after my previous post and sharing more about about yourselves. How interesting that there are so many introverts in blogland, a platform which fills the need for friendship at our own pace.
As a true Canadian, I like to talk about the weather and we've had snow for many days in a row with accumulations of up to a foot at a time. There's probably been more this winter so far than all of last year but...we're back to normal which means ice thick enough for ice fishing, the snowmobile trails groomed and happy skiers.
Backyard winter wonderland sparkle. (taken another year but looks the same)
My winter participation comes from inside birdwatching and shovelling the back deck for our dog and to get at the bird feeders. Look at these happy faces; a male American goldfinch on the left in winter plumage and a male purple finch on the right. 
Topaz doesn't like to go in the snow at all except for necessary business, he prefers to curl up in his bed with lamby wrapped around his neck. The poor old guy will be 14 this summer and is struggling with sight and hearing issues. It's a good thing he's small enough to be a lap dog for that's where he wants to be most of the time and there are days when he's following so close I'm tripping over him.
With the purging of unwanted or plain old not needed items continuing throughout the house I looked at the kitchen Lang calendar holder and tried to justify buying a new one for 2017. Since hubby and I use our phones for appointments and such and there is a plain paper monthly calendar on the side of the fridge for quick looks, (can't give up paper completely) I couldn't see the point in having another.
I've been tearing off favourite pictures when a calendar was completed and they look pretty good stacked for enjoyment. 
We bought a new faux tabletop Christmas tree for 2015 and not wanting to give up the twinkle lights, I decorated it for Valente's Day then continued for Easter and autumn. It doesn't take up a lot of room and adds some sparkle to our day.
 After colouring this page in my journalling Bible I realized the spent roses from hubby matched and there was also a coordinating teacup which all became distressed with photo editing. I used Distress FX on my iPad.
Last summer I purchased the lavender teacup and came upon a matching mug the other day at the same floral shop. It will be fun to have a lavender tea when the plants are in bloom using the various patterned mugs I've collected. Of course you're all invited!
We cancelled our bible study meeting this morning due to the weather. It seems to me if all the school busses are cancelled it makes sense that a group of grannies can stay home for a snow day. 

Having the day free to myself, from somewhere came a burst of energy and I made butternut squash soup for lunch, tuna casserole for dinner and a Queen Elizabeth cake for dessert. If you like a date based cake with a brown sugar coconut/almond topping, this cake is worth making. The recipe is from the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog and I've added it to my recipe page at the top.
For blogging sisters experiencing the beauty of winter snow stay warm, and for those in the warmer regions,  enjoy your days of sunlight and balmy breezes.


  1. Oh no, Judith! Now I'm really envious! :) These photos are wonderful and it looks you are really enjoying yourself by creating beautiful things!
    I was especially impressed by your Journalling Bible page, and the lavender cup photo, and the cake... but of course Topaz is the best. Such an endearing little fellow. Give him a big hug from me! xx

  2. Topaz is adorable. My little Beni doesn't like the cold as well.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. So many wonderful items in this post. Topaz is such a treasure. I can imagine how closely he follows you!

  4. Perfect re-purpose idea for the calendar holder.

  5. I love all the items in your blog post. Cozy and interesting. Love the birds in you picture.

  6. Hello Judith, lovely photos. I like the shot of the bible and rose petals. The birds are always cute to see. Your Topaz is a sweetie. I am enjoying the warm sunny weather in Florida and do not miss the snow at all. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  7. So much to respond to! I do like the collage you created with your Lang holder. Is it faded beneath your holder, too? If not, it may be something to purge as an antiquated system. Horrors! I must be old-fashioned to the core because I can not get used to keeping appointments, etc., on my phone. My sister is equally old-fashioned and carries a purse calendar planner in addition to her iPhone. I know that you are grinning here.

    Topaz sounds like a love. Very comforting to have a companion for both you and him.

    And may I just say that the yellows in your Genesis photo are scrumptious!

  8. Judith, I love your bible page. Are you finding some coloring pencils that are working? Of course, the yellow tea cup is lovely and some texture layer works too.
    Love the valentine tree. I have a set of light on the top of the bookcases in my living which come on with a switch. They quit before Christmas but now with the tree down I have to find a solution. The replacement set only half the lights work so that is going back. And I press on.
    I always love bird photos. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  9. I guess we're all getting a real Canadian winter this year Judith. Dear Topaz. What a sweet old dog with his favourite toy. I used to save pictures from my Lang Calendars too and just have one now in an antique frame over our bed. I do buy a calendar for the kitchen every year still as sometimes I like a quick glance to see the date. Phones and computers keep us all updated and on schedule now. I don't even wear a watch anymore. How times have changed. Enjoy the rest of the week. Pam

  10. Beautiful snow photos and I like what you did with the Bible/teacup distressed photo. The cake looks good too--a great post!

  11. Topaz is so precious...what a sweet face. I love your idea of using the calendar pages. So many of them have beautiful pictures so this a great way to enjoy them. I also like the idea of keeping a tree up for other holidays. Great way to enjoy the year and still have some twinkling lights in the house.

  12. Hi Judith,

    We've had a big snow here in N.C., too!! I love it! It came last Friday, but I could never find out exactly how much we got. It was beautiful and quiet (I love that aspect of snow). It's also been very cold here (5°F) on Sunday night, but has warmed up today.

    I like your bird pictures and I think it's so interesting how we have the very same varieties here. We have six feeders out back, and they've really been busy the last several days.

    I LOVE your lavender teacup and mug -- they're just beautiful!! I've always loved the color lavender, so those really appeal to me. Can't wait to see your lavender tea ideas. I hope you have a wonderful week, Judith. :)


    Denise at Forest Manor

  13. Your cake looks really good, Judith. I have made sweet potato soup several times recently. It is SO good, and good for you too. I also have been making roasted vegetables (sw.potatoes, potatoes, carrots and onion are my favorite combination) often. So healthy and easy - toss with olive oil and kosher or table salt, bake. We have had hardly any snow at all this year, but we have had a lot of cold temperatures, the coldest being -14 the Sunday before Christmas. I'm ready for warmer temps! We will be going to TX for two weeks in February and are looking forward to that. Love your journaling Bible although I'm not a coloring person. For some, coloring is very relaxing. Enjoy your day! Hugs, Beth

  14. WOW ! Lots of snow your way , it rained here so much and was so warm +7 and windy most of our snow is gone and more rain on its way for tonight and tomorrow seems we will be having more rain then snow this winter now . Oh lovely Topaz I don't blame him for staying snuggled up , he is 14 now ? my goodness . All looks so pretty and yummy there lovely photos and post . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  15. What a beautiful, winter wonderland right outside your door, Judith! Last week, we had temperatures in the teens and today it hit 80 degrees! Your Topaz looks so cute with his lamb. Your teacup and journal photo is so pretty. I remember you making that Queen Elizabeth cake before and I wanted to make it then because of my fondness for dates. I wish I could share a slice with you...guess I'll have to make one myself!

  16. We have lots of snow too, although getting rain today. If the snow keeps up at this rate all winter, we'll be buried long before spring. Topaz looks like a sweet boy, I like his lamb-y.
    Your little tree decorated for Valentines is just sweet. I always treat myself with a fresh flower bouquet in February, makes the long winter seem a tiny bit shorter.
    I LOVE Queen Elizabeth cake! Had never thought of adding almonds to the topping but it sounds good, I'll try it next time. Hubby's birthday is tomorrow, so that calls for chocolate cake.... No substitutions!

  17. Awww, Topaz is too cute! I'm also charmed by your Valentine's Day tree. All our snow here disappeared thanks to Tuesday's rain. I've seen the matching lavender teapot at some gift shops (e.g., Vintage & Memories). Decluttering is also one of my goals for 2017...I may even get rid of some of my teawares!

  18. Your winter sounds much like ours: lots of it. The cake must be delicious. I love dates. My mom always made date-filled cookies at Christmas. Sweet Topaz. He's a beautiful dog. His sight and hearing problems remind me of our Misty who was such a delight for all her long years but had those same issues. It's so hard to see our pets age and not be able to fix their problems or help them understand. Sweet boy.

  19. Winter is kicking my butt right now, but the terrible temperatures are supposed to lift by the weekend and I can get out there again. Smiles.
    That is a fantastic photo of your bible journal.

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. What a delightful post with all that you have shared with us.
    Your Valentine's tree is quite beautiful. We are leaving our beautiful Christmas decorations up for the month of January. I had four trees in the house and they certainly brighten up a dreary month.
    That looks to be like a wonderful devotional coloring book. Wow the yellow is gorgeous!
    I have a number of adult coloring books but not a devotional one. Sounds lovely.
    Your sweet Topaz has a precious little buddy. :-) at that age he deserves to sit on your lap or sleep all day.

    I enjoyed my visit here this evening~~

  22. We, too, have snow on the ground, but not as much as you do. Our mountains are getting feet of snow. Our purging of closets and cupboards does seem to pass the time as we wait for the gardening to begin. I am not very brave when it comes to stepping out in such bad weather. Love the lavender cup and mug. You will enjoy them.

  23. That photo of your bible, the rose petals and tea cup is wonderful!

    Topaz is so cute, what a sweet face! I like feeding birds too, but our cat is a big hunter so I don't do it as I don't want to draw them in, you know? Sigh....

  24. Hello,Judith,
    Looks like you have a cold winter with heavy snow,but I imagine how you enjoy this time of year. Your photos are beautiful, making me smile. Topaz is so cute. I understand that Topaz,13 years old, does not like to go out in the snow. Glad to see he looks comfortable in the cushion! I like your lavender cup and mug. Thank you for inviting us! I too have a lang calendar holder, and Linda nelson's calendar is displayed in it now.I too have stocked favorite calendar pictures! It is going to snow tomorrow finally!!! Stay warm,Judith.

  25. A similar storm kept us home at the beginning of the week. Thursday was quite mild and pouring with rain so most of the snow was washed away. Today it is chilly again, the odd flurry so I made a nice pot of hearty veggie soup, some for now and some for the freezer. Time to finish up my latest Agatha Raisin mystery book and do a bit of crochet. Enjoy the weekend.

  26. What a lovely post. I love your journaling Bible..will have to shop for one online. We are in the midst of an ice storm and I've enjoyed my visit today. The Lavender tea cups make me sigh! I so miss my lavender plants and flowers during the winter months! Stay warm and cozy!

  27. A lovely post Judith and your photo's too.

    We had some snow over the weekend but only a light dusting ...
    Topaz looks so comfortable curled up there with lamby.
    That cake looks delicious.

    Hope the coming new week is a good one for you.
    Take care

    All the best Jan

  28. I always appreciate no matter where one lives ( unless they live in a hole in the ground) there are birds to watch, and birds are such amazing creatures they're worth watching. My husband and I can spend hours in the morning sipping our coffee and watching the birds at our feeders. You have some pretty birds visiting you .

    We've had a lot of snow since November and if I stray off the paths my husband has shoveled the snow goes past my knees. I am enjoying the snow because we're retired and do not have to go anywhere if the roads are to dicey. You're right, if schoolchildren get to stay home from school when the snow gets too dangerous to drive in, then why can't us grannies ? :)

  29. What lovely fun you are having enjoying yourself despite the snow! That is a great use for you calendar holder, it looks very pretty!

  30. Your lavender teacup is beautiful.

  31. Topaz is so cute! I really like the editing your did on your coloring page-teacup-and rose petal photo. It could be framed as art! It is snowing here today. I always enjoy its quiet beauty.

  32. A lovely post Judith with beautiful photos. We had our first significant snow on the 7th and then another snowfall for the 14th, so we still have some of the white stuff on the ground. I enjoyed the virtual bird watching from indoors and seeing Topaz all snuggled away. He seems to have the right idea on this snowy day!

  33. Your winter and bird pictures are gorgeous! We mostly just have chickadees here during the winter with a few woodpeckers. This has definitely been a winter here too! We've gotten lots of snow, but today it is warming up with a snow/ice mix, not so fun for anyone having to get out on the roads. I am staying home :) The Queen Elizabeth cake looks really delicious! A perfect tea time treat :) Hugs to you today :)

  34. Sigh, I can only *dream* of a winter wonderland like your backyard. Gorgeous! And your coloring page in your Bible is beautiful ... clearly, I need to up my game in the coloring department. I love the vintage look you've achieved. Also love the idea of a lavender tea using your pretty lavender mugs and teawares. I'll bet your eye is now well trained in going straight to anything that's pretty and lavender!


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