Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's Tea Time

Hello everyone~
With the gardens lying dormant above ground, although there's lots of activity going on below, my attention turns more to my second passion which is tea.

Two Woman and Tea
Two women met for tea. They talked about life.
Things they were working through and things they were learning.
They showed each other grace and gave each other courage, even though neither of them had all the answers, they knew that God sure did. 
So they laughed and they cried and shared their lives.
And in the end, 
When the cups were empty…
Their hearts were full. 

I ordered these teacup socks online and when the checkout showed they were half price I ordered a second pair for someone special. πŸ’œ

Tea themed items turn up where you least expect and walking past Christmas decor in our local drugstore a light up Tea Shop was sitting on a shelf just waiting for me. 

I won a giveaway of this adorable matching teapot and teacup from Angela who blogs at Tea with Friends. 

They will join the other miniature collectibles on my tea cart.

Sherie who owns Lavender Floral in town has the same love as me for not only lavender but cardinals as well. I picked up the cream and sugar from her shop last week and had a piece of Newfoundland Cherry Loaf (recipe can be found here) with Murchie's Christmas tea one afternoon.

A  #magicmoment from the weekend while at our granddaughter's volleyball tournament. Our daughter and her son were standing together against the wall and I snapped a photo of them. Of course adding a little forest scene from PiZap enhanced the pair. 
Remember to Take Time for Tea


  1. Thank you for sharing that poem about tea. Must send my friend Mrs. Rabe over to read it. Congratulations on your win! Very sweet little set.

  2. Classy socks. I will be trying the cherry loaf and what a wonderful family picture.

  3. Oh Judith, isn't that poem so very true? Thank you for sharing it, along with your darling socks, giveaway win, your darling tea cart, and your special tea for one. I'm going now to check out your teatime cherry bread.....

  4. Judith,

    I love the poem! I am hosting our Ladies Tea at church this week and I will share it during my welcome! This is how I feel about meeting a friend for tea - I always leave 'filled up' and blessed.

    What fun tea things you've found. Your miniatures are so cute. I have a few tea things that I hang on my tree every year. I'll post them when we get our tree.

    Your daughter looks like one of the grandkids! Beautiful!

  5. What a beautiful photo...I need to look at Pizap again. And I got my little Christmas tea pot out to enjoy now. It's a beautiful time of year! Hugs!

  6. What a wonderful post...end to end! Love the socks, your tea cart and the lovely picture of your children. A very special tea time!

  7. Great variety in this post. Makes me want a cuppa.

  8. Love the poem. Fun post ... the socks are too cute. Was happy when I read you won the ornaments ... Happy Tea Day!

  9. My sister sends me the cutest tea things for special occasions. I have a sweet little bear holding a teapot, a miniature teapot, and even cup and saucer earrings. The poem is just how it happens when I join with friends for tea. It's always a wonderful time of fellowship. Have a good week. Pam

  10. What a pretty way you have of enjoying a cup of tea in the afternoon. You give it a real sense of occasion, Judith. The photo of your beautiful daughter and grandson shows them to be a happy pair.


  11. love the tea tree on your cart Judith, so adorable. Grouping all the cardinal and Christmas tea things together looks wonderful.

  12. Your tea time sounds so special. The cherry load sounds intriguing. Love, love cardinals, but sadly don't have them here in the northwest.

  13. Judith...can you email me a copy of that
    Tea Poem? Loved it��

  14. I love that tea poem, I will take it over. Then a wonderful sunny photo of your daughter and grandson and last but not least that cherry loaf looks delicious.

  15. Such a cute poem, Judith! Congratulations on winning the teacup ornaments; they're darling! The family photo is a lovely one and it's nice to see a picture of your family. I love how you have set up your tea cart. I'm going to check out that PiZap because I can no longer use the PicMonkey. For some reason Safari and PicMickey don't like each other. Hope you're having a wonderful week.


  16. What a lovely tea post and lovely tea ephemera too! xx

  17. Hi Judith, Beautiful post and I love the story poem. All the teaware is gorgeous and your win is a treasure. . Love the sweet pic of your daughter and grandson. Lovely enhancement you added too. Have a blessed week. xo

  18. Love that poem
    Love those socks
    Love your post

    ... and finally

    Love the photo of your daughter and her son

    All the best Jan

  19. Congratulations on winning Angela's cute ornaments! I maximized the photo so that I could ogle your miniatures more closely. HA!

    Great minds think alike! I have the same socks and I also couldn't resist buying the matching PJS. The tea shop is also really cute.

    I've been keeping an eye out for a cardinal teapot without any luck.

  20. Love all your little tea time treasures! Congratulations on winning the adorable ornaments!

  21. Wonderful poem. Cute socks. Great little tea set. I like your display of tea-themed items. Tea is a very good thing on these chilly, damp days.

  22. Everything here looks so festive and pretty Judith! I love that you have a special tea every afternoon. I didn't know that about you, and I've been thinking about it often since I found out. As soon as my kitchen is together I think I will join you. Such a beautiful tradition. So calming, too. Your tea cart is wonderful. And that tea bread looks super yummy! You will need to model your socks for us!! xo Deborah

  23. Love the poem--so true that having a friend to share tea with is a treasure! The socks are adorable as well as the ornaments you won. The best of all was the photo of your pretty daughter and handsome grandson

  24. I enjoyed this tea post very much. Great socks! And what a wonderful poem, and so true.

  25. I love your cardinals! Birds and tea are two of my favorite things!

  26. "When the cups were empty. Their hearts were full." That is so beautiful!
    Your tea-themed items are all lovely. Who would have thought that there are even socks! :)
    The photo of your daughter and grandson is beautiful and you have once more added some magic.
    Wishing you and your family a very happy and lovely Advent season! ♥

  27. Judith, your "tea posts" make me wish I was a tea drinker. The little set you won from Angela is just sweet! I'm sure the tea tastes better when served in a lovely cup! And what a sweet photo of your daughter and grandson!
    We just had a foot of snow and a 14 hour power outage; more snow on the way tonight, sure hope we don't lose power again.

  28. Love your little poem at the beginning. Reminds me of many a lunch with my friends - tears and laughter, but in the end, it is all in God's hands, but how wonderful to be able to share!

  29. Oh this is a precious little poem...loved that last line! Everything was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your lovely time with us, Judith! ♥

  30. What a sweet poem! Love your tea time! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  31. What a happy post! ALL your tea themed items - new and old favs - are awesome.

    Your daughter and her son are so cute. Can def. see a strong family resemblance!

    Have a precious and happy Advent Season, dear friend. Hugs and miss you! ♥♥♥


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