Friday, August 12, 2016

The Long Hot Summer

As Canadians tend to do, I'm still talking about the weather. A long hot summer this year, hardly any rain and plants unused to extreme heat for days on end, succumbing to it.
What's a girl to do? I've been doing a lot of reading:
The Moth Catcher by Ann Cleeves (Vera Stanhope police inspector series)
The Silent Girls by Eric Rickstad
The Girl in the Ice by Robert Brendza
The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne
The Lost Sisterhood by Anne Fortier
As you can see I like a good mystery and these titles are only a few on my Kobo ereader. The Lost Sisterhood was about the the fictional legendary history and present day Amazon women which has intrigued me to do research on their folklore.
I've also been working on a few cards, usually they're sealed in an envelope and ready to mail before I realize I've not taken a picture of them.
Here is one that I am sending to a special friend and the bow was created with a new bow maker a fellow crafter's husband made for me.
I've also been baking, using big and juicy peaches for pies and a crisp. 
This dish of decadence is a no bake cherry cheesecake shared by fellow blogging sister Kitty and it was so easy to make. I put together my own graham cracker crust as suggested.  You can find the recipe here.
Fresh picked corn has been at the farmers market for a couple of weeks now and this week I bought our favourite from the Simpson farm - 'White Lightening' which is a sweet variety.
Morning coffee is on the back deck and sometimes if it's not too hot I'll have my afternoon tea here as well while reading. Topaz likes to snooze in hubby's chair.
I subscribed to the digital version of Tea Time magazine to read on my iPad and really like it. Recipes can be clipped and saved with past issues readily at hand.
You may notice I've removed the bean counter 'Follow Me' gadget on the sidebar. Another blogger removed hers and I made mention I'd like to do the same but continued to look at it until I was sure and yup, it's gone now!
A plea to the 'no reply' bloggers that ask a question in the comments - please change this status so I can link to your email and answer or carry on a conversation.
I'll be linking with Maggie for Mosaic Monday.
Happy Gardening, take time for tea.


  1. We are getting some much needed rain this weekend. Great photos. The corn and pie look delicious. Topaz looks relaxed

  2. I will be checking out the Vera Stanhope series. Thanks for sharing. Sweetcorn from our garden has been gracing our table this week, hmm. And I'm intrigued by the bow maker.

  3. As you have a long hot summer, we have a long wet summer with only one hot week. The cherry cheesecake looks so delicious and I´m touched by Topaz head in the best chair, love that.
    Wish you together with Topaz a happy teatime on the porch!

  4. That is a nifty little bow maker, looks perfect for those small bows. The heat and drought continue here and the garden looks a bit worse each day. These 3 days have been the hottest so far, today this morning the humidex is already pushing 40 Celsius. I've been reading a lot too, just finished The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper, a book a friend let me borrow. I just started a jigsaw puzzle, which is usually a winter activity but with the afternoons being too hot to go outside it is another good activity. Stay cool.

  5. Hello Judith, we are having the hot humid weather here too. I have been reading a lot more lately, downloading books to my ipad. The corn looks delicious. I love your sweet dog too. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. What a lovely look at your summer, Judith. We've been waiting for summer to arrive and finally yesterday it seems to have made an 80-degree appearance.

  7. I love Ann Cleves and have just finished the Shetland series. I haven't yet let that Follow Me button go because new readers are still using it - three last week. The whole thing is just too confusing!

  8. Love to see what everyone is reading ... not that I NEED any more books! The stacks are leaning now! And, I'm still reading a real book ... just haven't made the change to ebooks. I did go out and buy the cute Chimpanzee and Tea book .. think it will make a great birthday present for the little girl next door. You've been busy. It's been so hot here, I can barely move. I try to get all my running around done before 9am......

  9. Happy reading ... the summer months can be perfect for sitting, relaxing and reading!

    We have a lovely warm weekend to look forward to in many parts of the UK ... but sometimes storms follow. We'll have to wait and see!

    Take care

    All the best Jan

  10. Today I felt like I could hardly bear the heat. I think it's just gone on too long with out a little break. Even some rain would be good though we had a bit. I'm curious about the removal of the Follow Me tool as I still see it on your blog. Does that mean you no longer see those tiny photos of who are following you supposedly? The idea is appealing to me also. Speaking of curiosity, I'm also curious about your bow maker. Can you put some ribbon in there to give us an idea of how it works? I am hopeless at making bows so it sounds intriguing to me, Have a nice weekend, Judith!

  11. You always make the prettiest cards, Judith! I'm old school and still read real books, although I did download a reader for my tablet (just haven't figured out how to actually download the books!).

    The humidity this week has been brutal! I've been staying cool by eating tons of ice cream. Heh. The no bake cheesecake looks delish.

  12. We just had a heavy downpour, Judith, and next week, the temperatures are not going to be in the 100's! Hooray!!
    You've been busy reading and card making. I'm so glad that you liked the no bake cheesecake. Yours looks so pretty, too. As for Topaz, his photo in Glenn's chair, just made me smile. How comfy he looks!
    Happy weekend, my friend. Maybe you'll get some relief from the weather soon.

  13. Reading is always a good idea {{smiles}} And my, what beautiful cards, but then again, you always make lovely cards and I can say that because I have seen them in person :)

    Happy weekend to you! Hugs!

  14. Hello Judith, you MUST show (to dummies like me) how the bow maker works. :)
    Our summer looks to be very short and not hot this year, but I too have had some time for reading.
    Your cherry cheesecake is something to die for, your deck looks like a lovely place for a morning coffee (never seen a pelargonium with such interesting leaves!) and Topaz looks sweet and tender as ever.
    Enjoy your weekend! xx

  15. Love how comfy Topaz looks...and I love the back porch...wish I had one to sit and enjoy my morning coffee. Thanks for the great post.

  16. It has been so hot here for us to in WV. They say a cool front is coming in next week. I have to get that book, The Lost Sisterhood. I have always love mythology, especially about the Amazons.

  17. Not missing mine at all, how about you? (I do not see it either.) Well the New Guinea Impatien, well watered, etc., could not take the heat and collapsed. I can't believe it. We are, at last getting some much needed rain and the week ahead looks promising for more. Oh my! That pie looks just wonderful. Kitty always has some fantastic recipes. What a cozy place for reading. I never put up my umbrella this year so must do that one day and sit out on the deck reading. I call it my "look at it" deck because that's all the action it has seen. Hoping you get some gentle showers...

  18. We had a little rain but not enough to do much other then make it even more humid . Yummy cheese cake thanks for the recipe will have to give it a go . We have been inside mostly either reading or watching Netflix lots of good series on it and they also produce their own good shows on it to and we also pop out every now and then to fill and clean feeders and baths for the birdies and critters all though the yard has been quiet during this heat and humidity . Hoping for a bit of a cool down next week . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  19. So many comments are made by no-reply commentors! I wish I could email back to them!

    Its hot here, and we need some rain though we've had a lot of rain overall!

    I like Tea Time!

  20. Hi Judith - we are not far from each other so I expect you are enjoying the change in weather, too. It's just been too much to bear, lately. Thank you for the heads up on the digital version of Tea Time. I'll have to look that up. Topaz looks like he knows how to enjoy summer. :) Deb

  21. Yes, Canadians do like to talk about the weather, don't we? :) It looks like you've found lots of wonderful things to do despite the heat and humidity. Stay cool!

  22. Oh, you're making me hungry! Always nice to see Topaz.

  23. Enjoy the rest of your summer. We finally got a good rain here yesterday and still raining this morning.

  24. I could enjoy sitting on that porch with a slice of cheesecake and a good book with Topaz for company, what a lovely image you've conjured up for me.
    Your note cards are always so elegant, wonderful works of art.
    Happy MM from Normandy

  25. You've had a busy summer! I'll write some of these books down to read. I've definitely read more this summer. Happy Monday sweet Lavender Sis, Diane

  26. one of my fav. summer no bake pies..we have them often..
    it is cooler here this week ... in the mid 80's and so much more comfortable...

  27. Judith, We in the west have had regular rain which cools things off a bit. My selection of books at the library my last visit was hit and miss. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  28. Wow...a beautiful cheesecake!!!
    Seems like you are enjoying the reading time.
    And happy Topaz has found a comfortable spot!
    Enjoy your week Judith,

  29. A quiet morning this morning so that I can catch up on my blogging. Interesting that bloggers are removing their Follow Me. I do know that following and responding in email is easier to keep in touch and carry on conversations. I am setting that up with you now. The garden is winding down and I am out of the mood. The mornings are cooler now, the daylight shorter, but I'll not be thinking of fall just yet.

  30. Your Summer looks great. The cheesecake looks to die for. I'm ready for cooler temps.

  31. Though hot, it sounds like a good summer. Oh I do love that cheesecake recipe. Yummm!

  32. Summer sounds pretty darn great up there! And it sure looks like it tastes great too ... Should never have looked at that cheesecake right before dinner )))


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