Friday, August 5, 2016

How Are You Communicating?

Once upon a time I was simply a blogger.
Above is the banner I created and used until a more professional look was designed for me to build a better rapport with readers of my newspaper gardening column.
But then one day a speaker addressing our group of garden writers, who are now known as garden communicators, said we should be on social media platforms to be more effective. So to keep up with the times I signed up for Twitter and FaceBook, not entirely understanding how to use them, however eventually getting the hang of things.
Google + was added to show ownership of my blog when complete posts were being scraped - which means copied and pasted onto another person's blog. (legal proceedings removed said person)

When the paper was terminated by a new buyer I retired from writing and gave up my Garden Writers membership but still like to communicate about gardening on my blog. The cute little pink hydrangea in the heart collage is 'Tiny Tuff Stuff' and above 'Bobo' two of the Proven Winner trial shrubs I received as a GWA member.
 Cup plant, a tall and stately native which attracts lots of birds when it goes to seed.
Joe Pye weed that has a spicy vanilla scent and a great pollinator plant beside the cup plant. These are two plants that have had no supplemental watering and look how well they're doing.
Someone else's way of communicating ...the family dog was hit and killed by a passing car and a pot of sunflowers sits by the roadside as a memoriam to remember it, and remind drivers to slow down.
I mentioned in a previous post that a weekly afternoon class at our library called 'Appy Hour' has been fun to learn about apps for our iPads and phone, many which I've never heard of. Instagram was discussed one week and since I'd been thinking about it after taking a Kim Klaassen on-line photography course, knowing how it worked made it easier  to understand. It appears to be a good social media place to connect with like minded bloggers and oh yes, all of our grandchildren. (no age limit whereas one must be 18 to have a FB account)
This week our library instructor was away so she commissioned a young gal to show us all about the new phenomenal Pokemon Go game.  (seen on the screen above) The communication from the makers is to get out and move - this game takes a lot of walking to be good at it. Also, some of the levels can only be achieved by a phone GPS registering 10, 15 or more kilometres walked.
I think I'll stick to walking the dog and relaxing with a good book thanks.
I am happy, along with millions of others that PicMonkey recently released an app for phones and iPads. A favourite for creating mosaics and adding textures to photos on my laptop, many of the same features are available through the app.
 And finally, nature's way of communicating that although there is a pretty flower, keep your distance for there are many sharp prickles to deal a nasty puncture wound. The thistles popping up in lawns are a sign of drought and compacted soil such as we're experiencing this summer.
Are you posting, tweeting and generally communicating through social media? It can be overwhelming and as our instructor says, choose what you like best and just use them. 
Happy Gardening, take time for tea.
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  1. Wow. You have done well to keep up with the times. My communication skills are nowhere near as sharp as yours. All I do, besides blogging and that not well, is Pinterest. Truth be told, I am growing so tired of Pinterest that even that may be canned. I actually deleted boards last week and may do more. Oh, and I also removed the Friends feature on my blog. (The numbers were dropping depressingly.) I know who my friends are without it.

    Lawns here are looking brown and crunchy. I am so ready for a few days of rain.

  2. Good morning Judith. Pretty blooms and images. My communications have been thru blogging and facebook, I do a little on Pinterest and twitter. It is all based on how much time I allow, family, friends and life in general come first.

    Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Sad about the dog . Yeah I love PicMonkey to and am happy for the app now . I enjoy creating my things for my blog using my photos and different fronts and what not. I communicate through blogging , sometimes texting or FB messaging as well . Nope not a gamer either I spend more time outside with nature then any where else really lol ! Lovely post and photos , Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  4. Learning the lastest in technology is fun when one can keep up with it. You've done well!

  5. Judith, I really admire the way you are keeping up with technology! I blog, tweet, occasionally pin; but that's about it. I haven't looked into PicMonkey yet (but will), will never be on Facebook, Instagram or Google+ or whatever else pops up! Finally got a tablet, so I feel extremely modern now!

  6. Judith, you've communicated well in this post! Love the white hydrangea; it's so delicate.
    I blog, use Facebook (for friends and family), and also Pinterest (but solely as a place for me to bookmark things I like or want to do/use/make, etc). I'm finding a lot of teaching materials through Pinterest. But I don't think I communicate to anyone else that way. Technology changes so rapidly; it's hard to keep up!

  7. Lovely photos, Judith, and the heart collage is enchanting!
    I blog and pin and every now and then wonder if instagramming should be added. I think I like blogging because of the interaction between bloggers but just today somebody wrote that in her opinion there's more communication on Instagram. What do you think?
    Have a happy weekend with lots of gardening and tea! :)

  8. Hi Judith, I admire your skills at keeping up with the times! My only other thing beside blogging, is FB. I don't even do Pinterest because I'm afraid that would take up even more time. I should try PicMonkey, since you said it can be an app on the iPad. I'll look into that. Happy weekend to you!

  9. I am sorry to hear about your dog, but it is good that you keep a pot of flowers there for others to remember to slow down. People just drive to fast and do not pay attention anymore.

    I am not good at social media yet. I am thinking about learning about instagram next year. I do have a FB page, but it is only for family members. What I do love is blogging. It has changed over the years, but I still like it.

  10. Hi Judith. So nice to view your photos and read this post. Blogging and Facebook seem to be where I land for social media and sometimes think of checking out Instagram. Maybe today will be the day.

  11. Hello Judith, You are amazing with your way of keeping up with technology, I'm impressed. Other than my blog and that is not the best I enjoy Pinterest but not quite like I once did. I was on FB many years ago and happy that I closed it.
    My husband and I enjoy PicMonkey and that is what I use mostly with my blog.

    Your gardens are lovely and thank you for sharing them with us.
    Lovely post~~

  12. I am taking a break from Instagram and may quit it altogether, looking instead for more real life relationships. I do FaceBook, and will continue, but most of all I love my blog.

  13. I really like instagram and can see why some do that more frequently than blog. I see we've connected now. Thanks for the news on pic monkey…will have to look for the phone app.
    Have a good weekend!

  14. I resisted FB for the longest time, but finally joined in the late 2000s so that I could keep up with the happenings of family and friends. I also have a Twitter account, but just use it to follow others.

    I've heard of Pokemon Go and appreciate how the game encourages physical activity and has even helped some people with their anxiety and agoraphobia.

  15. Judith, I love it when you show us pictures of your garden, for you are such a talented gardener. I would love to be able to see your garden in person! We photographed Joe Pye Weed on the roadside of our North Carolina mountains a few years ago; it grows as a wildflower there. How neat that you have it in your garden! Of course, I love your hydrangeas -- one of my favorite flowers.

    As far as communicating, I blog and use Facebook and Pinterest, and I think that's about it. I suppose I should learn to do Twitter (I think I'm already signed up for it) but I can barely keep up as it is. ;) Thanks for your visit today and have a wonderful weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  16. I use my blog, FB, Instagram and I have twitter but never use it. I am happy to follow you on several of these social media sites!

    I love hydrangea! Yours are so pretty.

    We have had quite a bit of rain this spring and summer. Everything is pretty lush here in Central Pennsylvania.

  17. Well done Judith! You are way ahead of anyone I know (over the age of 30!). I depend on my daughter to help me learn new skills. I have shied away from Google+ as I don't want my whole name linked to my blog as long as I am working with vulnerable/challenging clients. I find it frustrating sometimes, but it's a small price to pay for a thin layer of anonymity. Instagram and Twitter aren't on my radar at all but Facebook is something I enjoy in a very limited way - mostly the messaging.

  18. I've tried all the various social media outlets, they work if I constantly use them and share on them, but since stepping back from posting over the summer time I haven't been on them, and haven't missed them. I think I've figured out a way to have my Facebook page for family and blogging friends and can choose which group will see my various posts. I must admit to trying out Pokemon Go, mainly because my grandson is an avid user and by learning it I can contribute to conversations with him. Gotta keep in touch with the young generation :) I love my iPad and iPhone and try out various games and apps on them. Have a great weekend.

  19. Do you know ... one of the ways I still enjoy communicating with, is the written way, a handwritten letter, postcard or even note can be most special.

    I do however enjoy blogging and have met many lovely people through this medium.

    I think it is best to choose and do what is best for us.

    Enjoy the remainder of your weekend

    All the best Jan

  20. Your Cup plant and Joe Pye weed look so strong and healthy. Happy gardening Judith!

  21. I just blog...and have trouble keeping up with that! But I do like to learn about new apps for my IPAD. I'll check on picmonkey. If it's free, I'll try it! Happy Mosaic Monday, Lavender Sis! Hugs, Diane

  22. I must remember to bring all my "tech" questions to you! Have a great week.

  23. Such an interesting post covering all the different ways in which we communicate in this ever evolving age. I use FB mainly to keep up with my sisters and their families one in UK and the other in Australia. Don't think I'll try Pokรฉmon I don't need another gadget telling me how much walking I'm doing, my Fitbit nags me enough as it is.
    Love the heart shaped flower mosaic.
    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  24. Judith, I don't use FB, I have a blog and post photos to Flickr challenges. I'm thinking about Instagram but I'm not sure I want to be stuck posting from my smart phone. Love the thistle photo. Sylvia D.

  25. Wow! Judith, you are really staying on top of things in social media. Me, not so much. I don't use many of the ways to communicate. I just stick to blogging because I'm used to it. Speaking of that Pokemon Go, they all gather down at our Victoria Park and really become a nuisance because they are obstructing traffic and they are all over the grounds where families like to walk and throw a frisbee or a fly a kite. We are hoping the authorities will intercede and move them on to other areas. You have some beautiful plants. Thanks for your visit and have a beautiful day.


  26. I have tried most social media sites with the exception of newer ones that require one video oneself. I am too self conscious about my pronounced Brooklyn accent to make in videos. I like my blog the best, followed by facebook and instagram and Pinterest, but Pinterest is more for ideas and not communication I'm on Twitter but don't use it too often. I think facebook is the best way to communicate with family and friends as it's a quick way to share moment and photos. My grandsons like Pokeman Go but I think that is because they are children ;)

  27. Interesting post Judith. I'm on Instagram and facebook and finally do some texting with my kids LOL! My daughter and son in law have done some Pokemon go...
    Have a good week.

  28. I do like social media, but it does take time. Sometimes I just can't keep up.

  29. I recently got on Instagram, but it is one more thing to keep up with! I rarely post on FB, but it is great for keeping up with news from friends and family. I try not to get side-tracked watching animal videos and taking tests (what Disney princess are you? -- haha). Honestly, I can hardly keep up with my blog!
    I use PicMonkey, and will check out that app.
    Beautiful flowers, Judith. xo Deborah

  30. I just got on Instagram (my blog title if you're looking for me) and am enjoying it so far. My niece showed me how to do it in 5 minutes. I'm getting the hang of hashtags and commenting now. I have noticed thistles in our lawn too this year and I guess its due to lack of rain here as well. Have a great week and enjoy the summer weather.

  31. I can't do Instagram as I don't have a Smart phone and can't load pics from my pc....I have a love/hate relationship with FB but use it to stay up with my grands..:)
    I have no idea how to use hashtags.....:(

  32. Dearest Judith, I am so sorry to hear about your family dog... There are several dogs and cats that roam free here and often I will hear cars honking because they are out in the road. I am always fearful for those sweet pets.

    I remember when I signed up for Twitter, but decided to let it go simply because it took a lot of time...time that I would rather put into my blog. I like just my blog and having my blog Facebook page as that keeps me busy {{smiles}} Believe it or not, I don't have a cell phone {my choice} so I can't get caught up in Instagram, Snap Chat, and all that stuff. I think not having a cell phone is a blessing in disguise and while my sweet husband asks if I'm ready to get one I keep saying, "No, thank you."

    Thanks for the lovely visit to my blog today. Hugs to you!

  33. Judith, what kind of shrub is "Bobo'? I've never seen anything quite like it.

  34. I justlove that youare always learning new things. You are really extraordinary, Judith.

    I won't ever do social media - blogging is my way, as I feel I amon the pc too much as it is. I FEAR (knowing myself all too well) to not learn yet another thing keeping me from living somewhat unplugged.

    I haven't been reading much, trying to find the time to read a chapter of a long series, last book - but it is difficult in the summer to read. Good for you.

    Looking forward to (hopefully) a break in this ungodly heat soon, it's been an awful summer.


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