Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Crazy Weather Gardening

Our crazy summer weather continues with alternating hot and humid days that require the AC to be on followed by a few cooler days. A lack of sufficient rain has produced many plants smaller in size and it's a struggle for those with shallow roots.
Here's the butterfly garden with quite a few bare spots which are usually filled by the branches of the butterfly bushes. Some bloggers find these shrubs invasive but this far north they don't reseed and grow back from the roots each spring. I cut the previous year's dead branches back to 6-8 inches when new growth starts and they're worthwhile for the nectar provided.
Photographed through the living room window on the left and from the sidewalk on the right, the New Dawn rose is quite robust but does get a deep watering from a rain barrel every other week.
The pink Invincibelle hydrangea is full of dainty pink flowers.
In the shade acanthus (Hungarian bear's breeches) is flowering while the plant in the sun only has leaves. I like to experiment with plant location because various factors sometimes allow a plant to be hardy where it shouldn't be.
Clematis 'Queen Mother' is a petite showstopper on a pergola in the front garden.
Taking the path on the south side of the house to the backyard are plants that can take the baking sun, many natives which can survive on their own are in here.
Blue vervain, (Verbena hastate) the flower spikes open from the bottom to the top and this year it has appeared in a few other places around the garden.
 Daylily 'Barbara Mitchell' has large frilly peach flowers.
Astrantia is a plant that needs consistent moisture to produce pretty clusters of flowers.
From the kitchen...I baked a Kentucky Derby pie which is pecan with mini chocolate chips. Our grandson came for dinner the day I made this and he, and hubby have a sweet tooth but only a small piece is needed of this rich dessert.
I've been helping our daughter create a hosta garden in a shady corner under trees where grass won't grow. A few divisions from my plants, some pots from the local nursery, a birdbath and birdhouse are bringing it together. A couple of varieties of Japanese painted fern have been added for texture contrast.
Next year more pieces of my hosta collection will be added. 
How are your gardens this year? I know the unpredictable weather patterns are being experienced in many countries.
Happy Gardening, take time for tea!


  1. Your garden looks wonderful despite the challenges of this summer's weather. I love the hydrangea that looks so delicate. How many years before your daughter's hosta garden is filled out?

    My garden has not been getting much attention and so is not looking its finest. I don't have the time or energy for it this year.

  2. Love your garden, Judith. The daylily is gorgeous.

    Your daughter's hosta garden will fill in nicely in no time!

  3. Hello Judith, your gardens are still beautiful even with the heat and humidity. I have made the Derby pie, it is requested every Thanksgiving by my family. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  4. You have many beautiful areas in your garden. I liked seeing the south side and part of the front yard. I like the Hungarian bear's breeches and astrantia. I was not familiar with either of these plants. Clematis 'Queen Mother' is beautiful! It's shape reminds me of 'Betty Corning.' Rain barrels are a very good thing to have. I appreciate mine. Have a great day!
    Hugs, Beth

  5. Oh, that pie! Is there any left over as I would love to come for a slice {{smiles}} Actually, it would be a joy to simply come over for fellowship.

    The flowers are beautiful and there were several that I have not seen here in the mountains.

    Have a blessed Wednesday! Hugs

  6. Judith,the blooms in your garden are beautiful - there are a few there I've never heard of... My gardens are doing fairly well this year but the crazy weather is wreaking havoc with some. It seems we're either getting lots of rain and cool weather or blistering hot weather with no rain for days... no happy medium... That pie sounds sinfully decadent... wish I was closer to come and sample! lol

  7. How beautiful is your garden! I like Blue vervain. So nice!

  8. Your garden still looks so lovely. It's been extremely hot here so unless we have rain, or I water, everything looks very sad. My veggies are not producing, and it might be because of the heat. Thankfully my butterfly plants are surviving well enough.

  9. Despite your lack of rain (we've got it all over here) your garden looks terrific. :-)

  10. Hello,Judith.
    Your garden is beautiful with various flowers. Looks like your flowers are beautifully growing even with the heat and humidity.Your path to the backyard is so lovely. It is always admirable for me to see your garden. They need a lot of tender care. Have a good day.

  11. I'm sorry, I'm sorry I think we have stolen all your rain, she's with us Down Under :) Massive apologies we will try to send her back!! I love having a look around your garden and your sense of what is thriving, and what is just surviving in your current summer. Your garden may not have the best weather conditions but it sure does have care and attention :)
    I love the way your daughter is getting a little bit of your garden with her hosta collection, I'm sure that is something my Mum and I would have really enjoyed had we been on the same continents!
    The blue verbena looks familiar can you make tea with it like my French friends with their lemon verbena?
    Wren x

  12. Our garden is the same and I've been trimming back some plants so the don't use all their energy tring to keep the blooms going. The hosta are flowering and seem to be doing fine in the dry conditions.

  13. We, too have had hot and rainless then a fast storm or two then super duper hot and humid. My plants are doing alright, but I water a lot. I don't even want to think about the water bill!

    Looks like I may have licked the pesks on my roses with neem oil spray - they're going to bloom again any day now, yay.

  14. Judith, I'd love to have you come to my house and re-create your garden right here. It's so beautiful and just might one day get me motivated to get back into the garden!

  15. Judith your gardens look so well tended to and lovely. I guess inconsistent weather is difficult but it does give you a break from the heat! Our lawn is getting brown as happens at this time of year. The question always is how much to water and how much to hope the weather forecast for rain is accurate. It often isn't.

  16. All the areas in your garden look flourishing to me, Judtih. The clematis photos really caught my eye. What a beautiful picture that is! I've made that Kentucky Derby Pie and I'm sure your hubby and grandson enjoyed it. I would've, too, because nothing is too sweet for me, either.

  17. Your garden looks lovely, Judith, despite the difficult weather! I am especially charmed by the butterfly garden and its wonderful colours.
    There are many inspiring features in your garden and the arch gateway is one of them. One sees garden arches often in blogs and magazines, but yours is definitely one of the prettiest I've seen. The clematis is amazing and your pie looks oh so delicious. :)
    Also here the air has been particularly humid, but we have had rain too, almost every day, fortunately only showers. Mustn't grumble.
    Happy gardening! xx

  18. Your garden is beautiful! We had a very strange spring, so a lot of things aren't doing very well this year, most notably, the hydrangea. Last year, they were amazining; this year, hardly a bloom.

  19. My butterfly bushes just grow from the root every year too, didn't know some considered them invasive!

    We've had good rain this year and we're grateful!

  20. What a lovely garden, Judith. The flowers are gorgeous!...Christine

  21. My sweet tooth would love a slice of your yummy Derby pie. I'm glad that we finally received some rain last week!

  22. my oh my, that pie looks and sounds yummy!! What a lovely garden, so gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend Judith. :)

  23. Hello,again,Judith.
    I was impressed with your words that Gardening is a therapeutic activity and you enjoy puttering every day. Thank you for sharing your garden. I hope you have a good summer.
    Take care.

  24. Hi Judith,
    What a wonderful garden! I really like the Queen Mother Clematis and the peach day lily. That is a lovely looking pie and being so rich would be good when one is watching their waistline. My roses didn't do well this year. The bushes were full for only a couple of days and then the cold wind and rain did them more harm than good. Very disappointing as I wait all year for them to bloom. Thanks for sharing your post and for visiting. Have a delightful week, my friend.


  25. Yum, the pie looks delish and so do the flowers! Mine are suffering from heat right now too, and something is munching on them. All out of slug and snail bait so I have to head to the store!

  26. Judith, your garden is just lovely! Even with your crazy weather, you've made a beautiful place there. And yummy, does that pie look good!

  27. Wonderful to have a garden with lots of colorful blossoms! indeed, weather is difficult in this summer. And the pie must be delicious! Greetings!

  28. Your garden has some lovely colour in it Judith, so nice to see.

    We have been experiencing some very hot weather in the UK these past few days, it doesn't make it easy for gardens and gardeners!

    All the best Jan

  29. Your Queen Mother clematis really is a show stopper! I've never seen a clematis shape like that! Your gardens are dong well despite the unusual weather. My gardens are dong well although we've had to water them every other day due to the unusual heat. This evening we had a long thunderstorm so I'm happy my trees got a good soaking!


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