Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Gardening and Tea Parties

I've attended a couple of presentations at our Wild Birds Unlimited Store on Saturday mornings and afterwards I went into a small family owned bakery for tea and a scone.
Although tea is more fun with a friend, having a silver tray delivered to your table makes it a special tea for one outing.
Our garden club tour and tea party is this Sunday and above is the photo that appeared in the newspaper advertising it. The afternoon the photographer came it was 30C in the shade which is the high 80's for those of us who still use Fahrenheit. The perspiration was running down my face and my hair was damp but all in all, I survived for a half decent shot.
My friend Lucy had a sunroom added to the back of their house and she couldn't wait to have us all for a tea party this week. Fourteen of us each had our own teapot to take to the station set up with hot water and a large selection of tea bags. The table became laden with trays of sandwiches and the sweets were decadent. We talked and ate for over two hours and the time flew by.
The hostess gift I assembled for Lucy which was wrapped in cello with lots of ribbon. I didn't take a photo of my thank you card but mailed it that afternoon when I returned home. Do you send a note, or card of thanks when you've been invited to a tea or luncheon? 
This morning at the monthly Christian Women's Club meeting along with tea and coffee we had strawberry shortcake. Now I can hardly wait to pick berries and make this, and a Victoria Sponge again.
In the garden...I've had to trap chipmunks out as we've become overrun with them. I use a Havaheart cage and release them to the forest not far from our house. These two were inseparable and both ran in for the peanut butter bait together. So far, seven have gone and there are still a number of them scurrying about. Some may think it's cruel to trap and relocate mammals but when they cause damage and become overpopulated without natural predators, it's a safe way to alleviate the problem. 
Rocks in my planters is how I deal with the squirrels. 
Purple stones from the dollar store were added to the tufa trough butterfly for some colour.
Clematis 'Josephine' is starting to bloom and I hope others will be in flower for the tour.
I'm linking to Bernideen's 100th Tea in The Garden Party.
Happy Gardening, Take Time for Tea


  1. I like the photo of the chipmunk. We didn't have them here.

  2. I'm so charmed by your post, my Lovely Lady, you always leave me in awe !

    Hope your week is off to a good start I wish you most wonderful days to come, sweet Judith, sending hugs and more hugs to you

    Xx Dany

  3. I love your friend's sunroom, and what a perfect place to have friends come for tea! Good luck with your (quite humane, I think) critter removal. My husband said he saw a chipmunk by our front door just yesterday, but I haven't set eyes on one in years. (They're cute, but not when they're damaging your garden!)

  4. Looks and sounds like you have had a busy yet fun time at all these luncheons and tea parties . We use live traps as we call them like that to catch and relocate lots of critters for if we didn't we would also be over run by them and I wouldn't trap them any other way . Lovely photos and you look good even in 30 degree weather sweltering . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  5. Judith, we had chipmunks in NJ but I haven't seen any here in NC. They are rascals but adorable. I think trapping them and letting them go in the forest is very humane. Oh my, that strawberry shortcake looks sooo delicious!

  6. That is a lovely photo of you, hope the tour goes well.

  7. What a lovely tea you attended. I love the 3 season porch. Your tufa trough is wonderful, Judith! I just made and planted one; I found that it stayed wet constantly so I took out some of the soil and added more pea gravel. Your photo for the garden tour looks great. 'Josephine' is a beauty. Best wishes on the tour! I know your garden will be highly regarded by the visitors, as it is a gorgeous and unique garden!
    Hugs, Beth

  8. Your picture for the newspaper looks perfect, Judith, and I love that you're even enjoying a cup of tea at your pretty table.
    What fun to be invited to an inaugural sunroom tea party, and with everyone having their own teapot! Yes, I like to send thank you notes. We are old school, Judith.
    I think what you're doing with your rascally chipmunks is a very humane, kind thing to do. We have squirrels and bunnies that do damage around here.
    Good luck with the garden tour I wish I could attend!

  9. Tea with friends is always fun, and tea alone can be very pleasant. Your garden is filling up with beautiful blooms - the garden tour is sure to be lovely. Chipmunks are not seen around here very much - the invasive grey squirrels have taken over almost everywhere on the island.

  10. That's a huge tea party table - oh what a delight!

    Funny, I was invited to such a wonderful ladies luncheon today - hopefully my pics turned out from my phone - haven't checked yet, having trouble sending from phone to computer.....but as soon as I came home I wrote out my thank you card.

    Nice pic of you, Judith.

    Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well (blooms, weather, good turn-out, etc.) for your tour this Sunday.

    Huge hugs. ♥

  11. Hello, Judith,
    Your photo for the newspaper is wonderful!
    The photo looks like it was taken even in the cool. Your hair looks neat and I think your smile as a gardener must have pleased your readers. I liked to see you are enjoying the tea party together. It is fun to bring their own tea cup to the party! What a lovely purple butterfly trough is! It is sooo cute! I hope you have a good weekend.

  12. I think thank you notes are dying out--a shame--but I always send them. In fact I got an email thanking me for a thank you note for a luncheon. The recipient was just so pleased to get a handwritten note in the mail. I like to give each person at the table her own little teapot if I have enough teapots for everyone. Then they can make their own pot and refill their teacup as desired.

  13. This reads like a fairy tale. Animals scurrying in the forest, fairies, butterflies, and a cheerful grandmother. Perfect. Yes, thank notes are most necessary. I have story about writing thank you notes ( lost art, by the way), but I'll save it for another day. Have a wonderful garden tour.

  14. Judith, you didn't even look overheated (can't use the word "hot" these days!) in the photo; I would have been melting. Your friend really went above and beyond with the individual teapots! I don't give my guests that many choices! :D

  15. I send written think you notes as it is always lovely to get something in the mailbox. I mail something to the grandkids out west each month and they look forward to getting their own mail. I have rocks in some pots like you do since the chipmunk or squirrel decided he would bury seeds in them. So far it has worked. I love your little fairy in a teacup, just might have to borrow that idea :)

  16. Judith, I think cards and letter mail in general are dying out which really is a shame. Everyone uses the internet now. This is a sign of the times and the main reason why Canada Post is changing their way of delivery.
    Lovely picture of you in spite of the temps {I wish they would come our way!}, and your friend's sun room is perfect for a tea party! I guess I could provide that many teapots. ;-) What fun!
    We are having trouble with squirrels here and we've thought about trapping them and relocating them. But if I ever get my new clothesline up, they won't be able to get in the feeders because we will hang the feeder from the line. Lovely post and thanks for sharing. Happy June!


  17. I like your photo that appeared in the paper ...
    It'always nice to enjoy tea and a chat with friends.

    I always think a handwritten thank you note (or card) received through the post is lovely.

    A lovely post to look at and read

    All the best Jan

  18. I enjoyed this post so much! Thank you for taking the time to share - lovely group!

  19. I wish I loved (or even liked) tea. And I cannot stand coffee. The strawberry shortcake would be mine all mine, and a glass of chilled milk. I have not seen a chipmonk in probably 30 years. I assume they are only adorable when you haven't seen one in 30 years. lol

  20. Such a great idea for tea to bring your own pot. Love this post. I will be back.

  21. I really enjoyed reading about your tea parties! I love how you got your own teapot for the sunroom tea party. I'm also admiring your purple trough butterfly. Did the purple stones come from Dollarama?

    Your promo shot for the upcoming garden tour looks great! We might get a thunderstorm on Saturday, but the weather on Sunday is looking good!

  22. So lovely to see all of the lovely things you have been doing. The tea party looks really lovely. I wonder if the chipmunks are coming back for snacks in the trap! That is something that always occurs to me. Probably not, and I am sure they would far rather live in the wild in the woods and do their chipmunky things than be in a garden. xx

  23. Hello dear Judith, what a lovely photo of you enjoying a tea moment in your garden! The garden looks lush, soothing and very inviting. And I'm sure there will be indeed wonderful plants blooming on Sunday! And a well pruned lilac, of course. :)
    After the harsh winter (that I have already mentioned many times) there are less blooming plants in our garden than usually, but I'm not unhappy. I have learned to love the green plants even more and find the different shades of green very calming.
    The cakes in your photos look delicious and the chipmunks very cute. I think trapping and relocating them is a very kind way to deal with the problem.
    Have a great Sunday!! xx

  24. No, I don't think it's cruel at all! Taking the time to safely relocate an animal is a wonderful thing to do. I really wish that is what they would do with the gophers around here. Poor things.

    Your tea party looks wonderful! The treats all look so amazing. I might have to do some baking today!

    Have a lovely weekend Judith.

  25. Hi Judith, just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I enjoyed your post and what you have been up to! Have fun on your garden tour! I had one here about ten years ago and enjoyed visiting with other gardeners. For the last three evenings we have two porkypines visiting us! On our deck and hanging out in our trees. Hope they go away soon!

  26. Hi Judith, just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I enjoyed your post and what you have been up to! Have fun on your garden tour! I had one here about ten years ago and enjoyed visiting with other gardeners. For the last three evenings we have two porkypines visiting us! On our deck and hanging out in our trees. Hope they go away soon!

  27. Dear Judith:
    What a sweet picture of you and I wish you great success. Goodbye Chipmunks I guess. I can understand that! They will love their new home too! Your garden looks amazing. Thanks for sharing and linking.

  28. Hello, Judith! I like the photo of you, nice shot. Your clematis is pretty, one of my favorite plants and flowers. We have way too many chipmunks, voles and squirrels here, they are do damage. The tea party looks like a fun time. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  29. I must remember rocks in our planters. Tea time looks to be a delight. A nice photo of you too.

  30. Good morning, dear Judith! Ah, what a lovely post The tea party looked like great fun and oh my, what pretty tea cups!

    Those two chipmunks are just too cute, but I understand they can be quite pesky. We have a lot of prairie dogs where we live and they are simply horrendous! The make holes and tunnels in the yard and they multiply like crazy.

    Anyway, have a beautiful day :) Hugs to you!

  31. Wow what an amazing tea party, fancy having your own tea pot, that's absolutely gorgeous and well, fancy! I am just working on a post based on my Mum's wildlife gardens, sounds like this popular idea in the UK might get short shrift at your place :) We have the same problems with our pesky possums which are a protected species. I have always liked the relocation idea, the trouble is round me we are so densely populated we have to travel quite a way to release so that they don't then destroy a neighbours yard!
    Mustn't keep you I can see you have lots to do!
    Wren x


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