Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Decisions and Changes

Throughout our lives we have many decisions to make that often come about from change.
Myself and a few other bloggers have been grumbling about not being able to use Bloglovin from an iPad without having to sign in each time to leave a comment. This came about after a software update and unfortunately this is how I always visited my feed over coffee in the morning. Now many blogs are neglected because they're not on my Google followers list as well.  I've decided I'll have to take some time and remedy this so as to keep in touch with blogging sisters whom I like to visit.
I think my next decision will not come as a surprise.  It's time.... I plan to pass along the hosting of Mosaic Monday to someone else. After two years of hosting this weekly party my InLinkz account is due in August and I won't be renewing. The text only account is free but it's nice to have a small photo from your post to submit but this account costs a yearly fee in American dollars. 
If you are interested in taking over the Mosaic Monday meme, send me an email or at least pass the information along please. There will be a link up on June 27 and the last one on July 25.
Our garden club tour and tea went very well on Sunday and one of the stars of my garden was this white clematis 'Hyde Hall' which I mistakenly told a few people was 'Langdon Hall' - a senior's moment :-) Two ladies posed in front of it for me . 
I'd like to give a shout out to the two women who still read my blog from the days when I promoted it in my weekly newspaper gardening column.  
Thank you for for continuing to follow my garden musings and announcements about local events. If you have FB and live in Innisfil or surrounding area, I invite you to join the closed group of Innisfil Gardeners I started. 
Hosta garden under the crab apple tree.
A little messy at the end of the table but an enjoyable afternoon cream tea spent with a friend. She took home the tea set and 12 cups and saucers in the background for teas she plans to host at her commercial kitchen. (woo hoo, a decision I'm very happy with!) I made the Mock Devonshire Cream recipe (in the bowl on the right) from Laura Child's Sweet Tea Revenge and it was delicious on our scones. We had Paris Afternoon tea from Murchie's of British Columbia.
Happy Gardening, Take Time for Tea


  1. Beautiful garden and lovely setting for tea. Your garden is so much further ahead than mine here in PEI.

  2. Rather prefer Langdon Hall clematis over Hyde Hall ones... =D

    You have been an excellent hostess of the Mosaic Monday. I loved peeking in even when I was having trouble participating myself. Hope that someone who loves it will carry on with it.

    What a beautiful tea table! Now that's called "high tea" right? Must follow your links... A good day to you!

  3. You have such a lovely garden. I must add a clematis this year, to my garden. I know right where I'll put it, too. I just need to decide on color.

    Pretty tea table - I have that book, so I'll have to check out that recipe. I make a mock Devonshire cream from a recipe Emilie Barnes had in one of her tea books.

  4. Hello, Judith! your garden is so pretty. Lovely images. I had a feeling that Mosaic Monday would be coming to an end soon. I hope someone will take it over, I have been enjoying this meme for years now. I would take it over myself but I have my Critter party on Saturdays and two parties would be a bit much for me. Maybe someone will take it over or I will miss it. You have been a great host. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  5. HI Judith, Just a big thank you for the two years you devoted to Mosaic Monday. I had just discovered it when its previous host announced that you were taking it over. Can't believe it has been two years. I've met some delightful bloggers, thanks to this link up, people like Eileen above who I've come to read whether it is a link up or not. I've been inspired by the gardens you all have created even when my black thumb didn't cooperate in my own garden and I've been thankful for those who've taken the time to visit my blog as result of linking up here. Blogger is a continuing - and growing - frustration for many of us and someday, when I decide what I want to be when I grow up I just may have to make some changes but until then will limp along with the Google plan. Again thanks for your time and effort - you impacted many! Jackie

  6. Good morning, Judith! It's a beautiful sunny day here in the mountains and the ky is ever so blue...methinks a bike ride with my son is in order :)

    Your tea time brought a smile to my face - what loveliness!

    I must say that I applaud you for hosting Mosaic Monday for two years. I know it was a party loved by many. I can understand your need to step away from it and I have an idea one of your delightful friends will step up and take over.

    Have a splendid day! Hugs!

  7. Lovely post and photos . It has been lovely weather down here in southwestern Ontario but we are in need of rain and hoping for that either today or tomorrow. Thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday for 2 years it isnt easy keeping things like this going as life gets busy . Hope you find some one to take over . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. Change is 'good', Judith, and you've given Mosaic Monday a very good home for the two years! Thank you for doing that.
    Your cream tea looks lovely, and I found myself enlarging the photo of the hostas under the apple tree - always looking for ideas!

  9. 2 years is a long time...and you did a magnificent job with it. Thanks so much.
    Your high tea looks so nice...good luck in finding someone to carry on would be a shame to have to drop it. Summertime is hard, I think, to find someone but maybe there's one out there just waiting to take it. xoxo

  10. Good Grief! Has it been 2 years??? I am amazed! I understand changes...they happen. Blogger used to be help to stay in contact, but anymore...Love the Clematis!

  11. Hi Judith, Your hosta garden and your potting shed and clematis look so pretty! I'm glad your garden tour went well. Your tea table is pretty too.
    I have used Feedly ever since Google Reader went out of business. It's pretty easy to work with. However, I read my feeds from my laptop, not an iPad. It works great for me.
    Thank you for sponsoring MM. I know it is a very popular meme and you've done a good job hosting. Have a good rest of the week!
    Hugs, Beth

  12. You've been so gracious in hosting your party for two years, Judith, and I'll bet someone would love to take over for you. Your clematis is gorgeous, as is the hosta garden. Your tea looks lovely that you had and what a nice gift that you gave your friend. I'm sure she'll be happy to use your teacups and saucers.

  13. I find bloglovin good for my laptop which is where I do most of my blogging, but on the kindle tablet it is a nightmare so I totally understand! I hope that I will still see you from time to time! I also totally understand your decision about Mosaic Monday. I don't do the subscription thing because of the fee - although it is only small it is another cost! - but it does take an awful lot of time. The amount of time I spend on Five On Friday is phenomenal, I have just been discussing such things with my husband, but it is something I too need to consider. All of that to say that I get it and hope that I will still see you!! xx

  14. Thank you, dearest Judith, for these two years of Mosaic Monday! You are an excellent host. The MM hosted by you was the first link party I participated in... and it has always been THE link party for me.
    I feel a little bit sad now but fortunately I can come to read your lovely garden (and tea!) posts... :)
    Big, big hugs!

  15. So nice the gardenclub was visiting your wonderful garden and from last photo I can imagine how you and your friend enjoyed the delightful cream tea, always a joy in life. I loved to see all the wonderful mosaics of bloggers but I rarely take part in themes, it just takes too much time. Love reading and writing about gardens, teas, flowers and outdoor life, but that's it.
    Greetings from Janneke

  16. Judith, your hosta garden is lovely under the tree. My hubby and I really don't garden any longer. He's far too busy and I'm far too limited to the things I can do. So, I have to be content admiring yours as well as a few others in Blogland.

    Hosting the linky parties is getting expensive, isn't it? I just renewed mine and it seems they only let you purchase for a month and you have to renew it again. It's a bit of a nuisance and is going to cost a few dollars more over the course of a year. I'm not happy about it considering it was free when I first started my parties six and a half years ago.

    I have also made the Mock Devonshire Cream and loved it but unfortunately my hubby didn't. He prefers whipped cream with his scones. I'm sure you and your friend very much enjoyed your cream tea. I like your tablecloth too, what I can see of it. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear Judith.


  17. Well I totally have done a fabulous job with Mosaic Monday! You always create the most lovely mosaics yourself and what a most gracious hostess you have been the past two years! Everything runs it's course and change can be a good thing. I am thankful that we became friends through Mosaic Monday and I will be looking forward to continuing to admire your lovely posts. I hope to be able to link up for the final two and I do hope someone will decide to "adopt" your baby...just like you did a couple of years ago :) Enjoy the rest of your week!

  18. Thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday for the past 2 years, Judith. Your thoughtful comments are always appreciated and I enjoyed picking up Mosaic tips from your linky parties.

    I'm loving the purple and turquoise-themed tea. How kind of you to pass on your tea set to your friend. I also need to start thinning out my teaware collection...

  19. I've enjoyed participating in Mosaic Monday although I've done so much less frequently this past year due to time constraints. But I've met so many lovely bloggers along the way - in fact, I think I met you through the first host. I hope someone takes it on, but I can imagine it's a fair bit of work, in addition to the expense.
    Your garden is a lovely spot. The tea party looks to have been a great success and beautiful in looks as well as yummy things to eat.

  20. I really appreciate the work you've done to keep Mosaic Monday going strong! It's the first linky party I ever participated in and have enjoyed it the most! I sure hope someone can take it on! Thanks for doing a fabulous job! Hugs, Diane

  21. MM has always been my favorite and I was so glad when you continued it through your hosting. Sure do understand that you are ready to pass it on. Thank you for hosting these two years. I enjoyed your post. Your garden is lovely and the tea looks yummy. I wonder how different the mock Devonshire Cream is from the Emilie Barnes recipe. I need to make it next week for a tea for 40 people. Hmmm

  22. Judith, thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday. I've met so many Tea Sisters through it. I hope someone can take it over. Your garden and tea table are lovely.

  23. Love your posts and I really like the pretty purple plates in your last picture above--pretty. Thank you for your consistent motivation to get out and appreciate the beauty of life with friends, family & food!

  24. I am so happy to learn your garden tour went well. What a relief and nice to have behind you now, I bet!

    Hope someone takes over Mosaic Monday- it is a neat concept. Wish it could be me, but I'd fail miserably at it, for sure.

    Your Cream Tea tablescape looks so pretty. Love your Lavender Rose RA china!

    Big hugs! ♥

  25. I love the lavender rose teapot on your table, and of course, the pretty lavender glass plates. I haven't read a Laura Childs tea mystery in a while; I should get over to the library for a couple of them.
    Two years is a long time to host a blog party; hopefully one of the participants will pick it up. I know everyone seems to enjoy it.
    The clematis is lovely! xo Deborah

  26. I too have enjoyed Mosaic Monday, it has been a brilliant success and Judith you are a wonderful host as you can tell from the above comments - we've all loved it! I totally get it in terms of needing to move on. I've always been of the firm view that blogging should add to our lives and not detract from it :) Hence I am an 'as and when I can' blogger. I will enjoy keeping up with your blog and I will enjoy continuing with Mosaic Monday if it does!
    In the meantime I can see we have both been enjoying some wonderful tea parties - Here's to more Paris tea with friends!
    Wren x

  27. Good decisions on your part Judith. I haven't participated in the Mosaic Monday meme for a long while nor any other memes as I just don't have time to visit. My blogging is slowing down too. Such is life. Your tea looks lovely and I'm glad your garden party was a success. The white clematis is gorgeous and so full of blooms against the brown wood backdrop. I wish you a lovely weekend. We're finally in for some real summer weather!!

  28. Judith, your hosta garden is lovely and I do like your clematis too.
    I'm so pleased that your garden tour went well.
    Your tea table looks a treat.

    Wishing you a happy weekend

    All the best Jan

  29. Your tea looks like it was enjoyable, and also very lovely.
    Beautiful hosta garden photo.
    What a pretty clematis!
    You are a busy woman, Judith!
    Have a nice week ahead.

  30. When I got together with the women from the Garden Club, it was always such fun. Although, I have to admit, we never did "tea"...:)JP

  31. Thank you so much for taking up the hosting of Mosaic Monday 2 years ago to keep it going. It was the first link-up I ever participated in and I have "met" some lovely people through it. I do hope that someone will take it over. I understand though your decision. It has to be right for you. I know I feel the pressure of blogging at times which is why I only blog once a week, but sometimes even that is too much. Thanks so much Judith for bringing us into your home and garden. Take care and enjoy the spring.

  32. Your garden and table are so lovely and inviting Judith. I have enjoyed your meme but understand about busy and not having enough time to manage everything. Thank you for hosting for the past two years and doing such a magnificent job. I will still come by to visit your lovely posts!

  33. I can imagine how much time and money it takes! Just came over to post, crazy busy (as always) so I haven't done much blogging lately! Thanks for hosting for the past two years. Your table is gorgeous and of course, my favorite colors!

  34. Hello,Judith,
    I have been a long reader of your blog. I always like to see your garden and lovely tea party! I am not fast in English, but I understood what you are writing here. Thank you very much for hosting beautiful Mosaic Monday for the past two years, Judith.
    I am a late visitor. I was a bit sick but I am getting better.

  35. Hi Judith, it's been awhile since I've visited ... it's been a bit crazy going between Caledon and the city homes ... and so much has happened over the past year or so that I'm finally starting to be able to blog more regularly. I have certainly missed some of the virtual tea parties and linky parties and seeing all the inspiration from the lovely ladies who participate. I'm sorry to learn Mosaic Monday is coming to an end... I'm hoping some of the afternoon tea linking parties are still going strong ... will be trying to catch up with you all now that I'm able to blog more regularly. Wishing you a beautiful week ..


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