Monday, May 9, 2016

My Garden Journal and Introducing Fotojet

Our weather has been in the 50s of late with a frost advisory last night.
This is a species tulip blooming in the butterfly garden; I've always liked the pink with purple and white centres.
A small variety that rarely gets to bloom because of being eaten by the rabbits and the day after I took the photo, squirrels had lopped their heads off.
'Leonard Messel' a stellata magnolia full of blooms despite cold temperates after a warm spell in March.
A new and much anticipated container garden for herbs on the deck just outside the back door. I love the fact that there will be no bending down to harvest them!
 A couple of new doilies I ordered from a FB friend who also loves purple.
Judy makes all kinds of patterns and if you're interested in ordering for yourself, email me and I'll put you together.
Many thanks for this gift from tea blogging sister Angela McRae at Tea with Friends with a kind shout out in the acknowledgements for introducing her to the app Waterlogue. Angela's book is available from from the link on her blog.
I've been playing with a new and free software program called Fotojet that is pretty close to PicMonkey. Sign up for a membership and all the upgrades are free at this time. The above collage was made from a template and there are many others to choose from, great editing tools as well. 
I'll use if for Mosaic Monday that will be up on the 30th of this month to give it a good test run and would love you to try it as well and see what you think.
Happy Gardening, Take Time for Tea


  1. How distressing to have your flowers' heads lopped off by a squirrel. Have you ever tried fox urine crystals in your garden? I am trying to decide if they'd be worth the expense and effort. The squirrels here are taking over the world. Miserable rodents.

    Your friend does beautiful crochet work. I've never seen a more beautiful doily.

  2. We had frost last night, too! I had to bring all of the plants to the garage....again!! The doilies are beautiful, much detail in them! Rabbits are chewing the leaves of the lilies's so frustrating! Last year the Japanese Beetles made a mess of my roses!(we've been dealing with them for the past three summers). My daughter raises Bantams and I am seriously contemplating bringing up a couple for bug control this year. The Seabrights only reach a pound and a I think I could keep them for a little while before the neighbors figure out what they They don't even look like a chicken. They look like a type of pigeon, actually...with longer legs, haha.
    Have a nice week!

  3. Hello Judith, I think our cold days and morning are over now. We some have some plants hurt by the frost earlier. The doilies are pretty. I love the magnolia blossoms. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  4. I've never seen a tulip like that first one. Very exotic! Your garden is so beautiful, and I'm amazed at how up-to-the-minute you are with the technology for your photos of it.

  5. Love the container for your herbs and I would use three types a lot. The magnolia is so very pretty. Wow.
    We are supposed to have one more day/night of warm before we go into a few days of cold with frost overnight. I think I'll just move all the plants from the greenhouse back under the grow lights for a few days.
    Have a great week!

  6. It really looks like Spring there now with the pretty flowers. And I love those beautiful doilies! My favorite color too! lol I put a mosaic in my post today...can't give up my Monday habit after all these years! Have a beautiful day! Hugs, Diane

  7. Pretty tulips! I like your new herb garden container. It is very nice with the built in liner. The view beyond it of your yard, patio and garden is really nice. It is still cool here and actually very cold today. Have a great week!

  8. I love the tulips and pretty crocheted doilies, Judith! I miss weekly Mosaic Monday but I fully understand being busy this time of year. I have been planting flowers and trying to get my yards into shape between babysitting duties -- smile. I will try to look at the new photo software---wish I had more computer time!

  9. Those pink & purple tulips are so sweet! Gorgeous magnolia too. I see you and Margie received the same book ;) The doilies are so pretty. I'll have a look at the photo editor you have suggested. I find mosaics take a long time to create as picmonkey and my computer don't always see eye-to-eye!!

  10. Judith, I love your tulips with pink in it. Never seen in Holland. Very nice. Nice big containers do you have for your herbs! Very helpful that you do not have to bend over! So gardening is more fun! Enjoy your beautiful magnolia!

  11. Lovely to see what is happening in your garden right now. I will try and look at the photo editing thank you for the tip.

  12. Your tulips are stunning Judith, l've never seen tri-coloured ones before...your magnolia is magnifique all smothered in her "star" flowers.

  13. OH my goodness, Judith, those first tulips look like kaleidoscopes! They are just gorgeous! Those pesky squirrels and they're eating habits! If it's not them, then it's the rabbits that make a meal out of our plants and flowers. I like the idea of your herb planter. I have a planter that I could use for that, but I have zinnias starts in it right now. The doilies are gorgeous...what beautiful work your FB friend does!

  14. This is the first time that I've seen those species tulips. So pretty! I'm also loving your beautiful purple doilies and teacup. Thanks for sharing Fotojet...I'll have to give it a test drive this month!

  15. Those pink tulips with the purple and white centers are gorgeous!
    I do not plant bulbs in my yard anymore due to the squirrels either digging them up or eating the flowers after they bloom. Tulips are my favorite flowers, but there is no sense in planting them here.
    Those doilies are absolutely stunning. Such beautiful work.

  16. I am attracted to the magnolia. I saw them at a local nursery the other day for only $40. I almost bought one. It had beautiful two-tone pink flowers. I may have run over there to see if they still have them. I will check out the new photo editor. We have rabbits, too, but they seem to leave the garden alone--so far. And oddly enough we don't have squirrels like we did at the other house, which is just as well. Cool and rainy here too. I need sun! Love the crochet heart. Wish I were that good, but I'd rather be in the garden or the dollhouse. Have a nice week.

  17. Wonderful tulips and magnolia blooms, Judith, and your container garden is the most stylish I've ever seen! :) Oh no, do squirrels eat flowers?!
    Thank you for letting us know about Fotojet. I don't normally use online editors, but that one looks like great fun! Your Tea Time collage looks very elegant.

  18. LOVE those tulips - never saw ones like that before. I can grow only specific few things because of all the rabbits and deer around here. Grrr. One thing I have been trying - but always forget to refresh once it rains - and it is Ohio so it is always raining and grey and cold lately - is dried chili pepper - that's supposed to help.

    I think that is the prettiest doily I have ever seen.

    Whoo hoo - love Angela's book, isn't it the sweetest hostess gift ever, as well?

    May check out Fotojet. I have had computer problems lately and have to reinstall everything, and it's been killing me so I have been trying to stay calm and just not be on it much lately. I will check it out. Big hugs. ♥

  19. Those pink tulips with the purple and white centres look lovely, so colourful.
    I like your doily's too.

    Wishing you a good week

    All the best Jan

  20. That is such a pretty doily. What precise work your friend does. The pink tulips with the dark purple centers make such a striking photo. Lots of things are blooming now for you, and soon that herb planter will be lush and green. Spring into summer is a wonderful season.

  21. What a pretty doily! Love the magnolias and your tulips are beautiful, Judith. Ours are up but not blooming yet. Everything is running behind this year because it has been so cold. The trees behind our house are at least two weeks behind. We used to have a nice big kidney shaped garden out in our back yard but every year the crows bit the heads off the flowers, mostly tulips. They wouldn't leave the pansies or astilbe alone either. We tried everything to prevent that from happening but nothing worked. So we finally dug out all the plants and planted grass seed. I miss the pops of colour back there but what can you do? I love the little creatures but not so fond of crows any longer. Angela's book will give you hours of wonderful and fun reading, I'm sure. I will check out Fotojet. Thanks for an interesting post.


  22. The doilies are amazingly beautiful! Love the species tulips too. Lovely magnolia! Sorry you are having squirrel/rabbit problems. Grrr... Happy for spring's arrival and the beauty it brings. Hugs, Beth

  23. I have never seen a tulip like that before. How pretty! I also like all the lavender in your pics. :-)

  24. I was looking at a planter just like your new one and thought 'no more bending'. I didn't buy it because things are still in flux in the developing garden.
    Thank you for the tip regarding the new program you're using. I will have to take a look.

  25. Such lovely shots of the flowers, and hoping that your spring is there for sure!

  26. Hoping your garden is braving the all looks so lovely, I love that doily!

  27. Judith that heart shaped doilies is just gorgeous!!! Thanks for the heads up about the photo program too. However, I really love the first set of Tulips...with the pink, white, purple...perfection!...:)JP

  28. Hello, Judith.
    The pink tulip with purple and white centers are so pretty. How lovely your purple doilies
    are! They are tooo beautiful for me to use them. I do not want to make spots on them!
    My spring blog break will be over soon. I will visit you again!! Have a good day!

  29. Hello Judith
    Meeting you again has been a pleasure.Your flowers are beautiful and I love that book about Tea time tales


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