Monday, May 30, 2016

Mosaic Monday #91 Looking back over May

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Goodness but May has flown by and we're already heading into summer. It's been a dry spring where I live and hopefully there will be enough precipitation over summer for the trees and plants.
A tea friend had gifted me a copy of her latest book and I sent her a thank you note and bookmark. Card making has also taken a back seat to gardening but it will be nice and cool in my basement studio during hot weather to start crafting again.
Snippets of May in a couple of collages.
Two lilacs I have blooming so far are 'Josee'...
and 'Beauty of Moscow'.


  1. Happy Monday to you. Your floral shots are awesome and your collages are beautiful.

  2. Hello Judith, pretty images from the past month. The blossoms are lovely and I always love seeing the Oriole. Thanks for hosting! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. Hello Judith
    It's so nice to be back sharing mosaics on Monday with you!
    If I lived in a colder climate I would add the Lilac 'Josee' to my list - I'm always drawn to delicate flowers.
    The Bleeding Hearts make a great show too but again they do better in a cooler climate - Auckland is a temperate climate with barely a frost in Winter.
    Thank you for hosting, I'm sure you're finding it less of a chore now MM is a monthly meme!
    Enjoy your special Spring/Summer months in the garden.

  4. You are ahead of me a bit....we have had a heatwave so we are catching up now. It was very dry here too, but we had lots of rain finally yesterday and now more late spring temps instead of high summer. May looked beautiful where you are, and your stunning collages showcase it perfectly!

  5. Good morning, Judith, now that I've started blogging again it's good to be joining MM once again.
    I have a lilac tree growing near the potager but as it was here when we arrived 20 years ago I don't have a clue what it's name is. Your Josee is a much prettier colour and the Beauty has such gorgeous blooms.
    Happy MM from Normandy.

  6. Gardening and enjoying the outside are taking over most things around here too Judith. The month has flown by and is leaving in a bit of a heat wave and dry spell. I sure hope there is some rain soon. The fields are so dry around here there is always a big cloud of dust when the tractors go along.

  7. May has been brought beauty as evidenced by your photos. See you next Summer.

  8. Hello,Judith,
    Your colleges are so lovely in colors and patterns! Also the thank you note and the bookmark You sent your friend are very pretty. The word on it"faith" is a beautiful word.
    Thank you for hosting. Happy Monday for you! I am pleased to join you!

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. I hope you have had a great month. Summer there and winter here. It's lovely to see the blooms in your garden. Enjoy.

  11. It's such a beautiful month to get outside with our cameras! And I'm SO happy to have Mosaic Monday today! YAY!!! Enjoy your day and thanks for the most fun party! Hugs, Diane

  12. I can't believe that May is almost over, Judith. I loved seeing your pretty photos, and seeing your handmade card and lovely bookmark.

  13. Our lilacs bloomed in April this year - everything seemed early and prolific, think the plants were overjoyed to have sun and warmth instead of our usual soggy spring in the Pacific Northwest.

  14. Your lilacs look lovely and I know they must smell so wonderful! I wish they could last all summer, don't you? We had a busy month for family celebrations--the month flew by!

  15. Dearest Judith,
    I'm so delighted by visiting you here, sweet friend !
    Both your lilacs are wonderful, but the 'Beauty of Moscow' won my heart a few years ago, and I love it more and more ... I'd love to plant it during next fall ...

    Hope you had a lovely weekend and you're having a blessed Monday I'm wishing you all my best for your days to come, sending much love with the most heartfelt gratitude


  16. Such a pretty card and book mark and your lilacs are such a pretty shade. Hopefully you are able to sit back and enjoy the fruit of your garden labors! Thanks for hosting!

  17. Beautiful, Judith. Wish we could grow lilacs here. It's been a beautiful month here though with much needed rainy days. June is knocking at our door, and the hotter days of summer will be upon us soon. Happy Week!

  18. Wonderful photos, dear Judith, and mosaics full of beauty!
    Your lilacs look lovely. Just today I took some photos of our lilacs. The flowers are only few, perhaps because of the harsh winter, but they are always such a delight.
    Thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday! Have a lovely new week and a June filled with flowers and happy gardening moments! xx

  19. Beauty of Moscow is really a beauty.The lilac-blooming is soon over here for this year. Have a nice week.

  20. Hi Judith, I love the card and bookmark you made. Beautiful - and so are your flowers! We are getting some pretty hot days now too. Weeding is mainly happening in the mornings. I have mulched heavily and think I have a better handle on the weeds now. Loved seeing your oriole, Judith. We have just begun to see butterflies now too. Have a great week! Hugs, Beth

  21. Judith,your lilac is gorgeous......beautiful perfume too no doubt...
    Interesting collages - the second is my the golden bird!
    Thanks again for hosting and sharing.

    Happy Mosaic Monday!

  22. Where did May go?!? I normally wait until June to turn on the A/C, but I caved and turned it on after the long weekend. Love the Mosaic with the bird and bleeding heart flowers!

  23. Dearest Judith; Oh yes, May had flown away for me as well since we are starting to sell my late parents'empty house :-)
    Beautiful collages, lovely Lilac♡♡♡ Thank you SO much for hosting wonderful meme♪
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in Canada, xoxo Miyako*

  24. Hi Judith, I have so been missing you and all of the friends we have met along our pathway. Yes May few by for me too, but not much accomplished here. I love the "Beauty of Moscow" Lilac bush and I am thinking that I may have one to. For me having so much shade, it takes forever to see blooms. Take care~

  25. You are on the countdown to the garden tour. Are you ready? I do have a question for you. We are treating the algae growth chemically. Do the chemicals really work, especially on a pond so large? I am thinking that we should drain it and start all over. The water lilies aren't even growing a they should, too cold so far perhaps. The water is so bad that I don't think the chemical treatment will clear it up. I have added some water lettuce and water hyacinths, but they are, too, are not reproducing too fast. So I am wondering if we should drain it and put in fresh water? What would you do? As for leaks, our small front water garden again leaks, draining out half the water before I discovered it. It is small and the water fall is small, so it will be easy to disassemble it. I do think the leak is at the top because the soil around top of the waterfall is damp so that's where the leak is, I assume. Enjoy your week.

  26. Judith, your mosaics are lovely. I'm afraid I don't quite know how to make a mosaic to join the party but I look forward to visiting the links of others. & I adore your lilacs!

  27. Everything in your gardens is as wonderful as ever ... I scrolled back. And I love the cards and wall hangings you show in this post. Busy here as we close up the Canal Cottage for the summer.... Thank you so much for sharing your beauty and talent .... And for hosting MM ... See you next time from another part of the country!

  28. May certainly was a beautiful month for you. I hope you get some rain. We've been dry too.


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