Monday, April 18, 2016

The Enchanting Rose Teacup Exchange

Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose hosted a spring teacup exchange which I participated in; she's an inspiring and warmhearted host. This week we are sharing the joy that arrived in our parcels.
When my parcel arrived at the door I had a neighbour over for tea and only glanced at where it had travelled from...and then realized I knew the sender, a dear blogging sister!
On the envelope is the distinct hint that the handmade card on the bottom left is from my friend Kitty at Kitty's Kozy Kitchen. Inside the box was a wonderful variety pack of teas...
a lavender facial mask and a Lady Walton chocolate filled wafer cookie which was delicious!
Also handmade, a purple mug rug featuring a cupcake on a sea of butterflies, a microwave potato bag, and a dishcloth which I'm using as a doily.
If you read Kitty's blog you know she often has tea from hand painted teacups by her late great Aunt Kitty and I was honoured to be gifted a teacup in my favourite colours that this great aunt's teacher had painted, estimated to be done in the 1960's.
As you can see a lavender candle, teabag holder and fairy were also tucked in.
Kitty, you surely spoiled me with the special teacup, crafted items and other goodies. Thank you again for your generosity and friendship.
Afternoon tea the day my parcel arrived: sipping from my new teacup and the gifted wafer cookie as the fairy looks on.
The recipient of my parcel, Lisa OConnor is not a blogger so I've shown what I sent her that was all neatly wrapped and placed in the rose memory box. The teacup was from my own collection and there were chocolate bunnies hiding inside. The maple leaf cookies added a Canadian touch.
Visit Stephanie's blog on Wednesday to see what the other ladies received.


  1. Oh so beautiful! What fun this exchange is!

  2. It was such a pleasure to find special gifts for you, my dear blogging sister, Judith! This exchange of our dear hostess, Stephanie, is pure delight for the giver and the receiver. I have your handmade thank you card on display in my kitchen where I can enjoy it, and the bookmark is being used for one of my daily devotionals. You're so thoughtful!

  3. I forgot to mention what lovely gifts you sent to your recipient! I'm sure she was thrilled!!

  4. Oh my goodness what lovely treasures you have received! How grand!

  5. I love how you presented each photo. Wonderful gifts!

  6. The tea cup exchange looks to be quite fun and I am sure bonds friends even more so. A hand painted cup and saucer is a unique and very special gift. Here the snow didn't do as much damage as I worried that it would. The tiny blooms on the red bud are opening up. I don't know about the fruit trees. We will see if we get fruit. I must thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday. I have had fun posting each week. The weekly meme gave me structure, a deadline, and goal to meet each week with the blog. I also felt that I did not want to disappoint you for not submitting. Oh, I know that you certainly understand when one doesn't have time to do a post in time for the mosaic, but I know how hard you must work to get the blog read to accept mosaics and wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated the opportunity to participate and look forward to the monthly projects. Yes, it is time to get in the garden--weather permitting.

  7. Good evening, dear Judy! Ah, what a delight to read this post and see the beautiful things Kitty graced you with. The tea cup is simply lovely and it went to the perfect lady for I know you will enjoy and cherish it.

    The handmade items Kitty sent along are delightful and I can see they were made with lots of love :)

    Also, I love the things you sent to Lisa. The tea cup is quite the beauty! Lisa sent me an email with a photo of the things you sent her and she seemed quite happy and pleased.

    Thank you for joining the exchange once again. Love and hugs to you!

  8. What a fun exchange and that teacup you received is a work of art! I'll be back to Mosaic Monday after I return from our Greek stay as it appears my Open Live Writer doesn't work with Blogger on 8.1 Windows and I can't get PixMonkey to work with Blogger directly - as a result not only are my photos not in a mosaic, but they hook horrible as well! Love visiting you all though ~

  9. How beautiful and so thrilling to receive such an exciting parcel. :-)

  10. What an enchanting and fun filled share Judith...the hand painted tea cup is so beautiful. I hope that you enjoy your week and that you can have many more lovely days of sweet remembrances to share~

  11. Such beautiful, precious and unique gifts from Kitty to you and from you to Lisa! Both parcels have been prepared with so many thoughtful details. You indeed received gifts in your favourite colours and the theme of pink flowers to Lisa is so beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week! xx

  12. Those are the sweetest gifts, Judith; our Kitty is a real sweetheart!! I love the hand-painted teacup -- it's a real treasure. Also love the mug rug and the pretty dishcloth. She showered you with things in your favorite color, didn't she?

    You gave some lovely gifts to your recipient, as well. She's a lucky lady!! Thanks for sharing these with us, Judith, and have a great day!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  13. Judith, you received one of the prettiest teacups I think I have ever seen...along many other lovely items! Being a participant in Stephanie's Teacup Exchange is just as much of a blessing to send the gifts as it is to receive them!

  14. Oh Kitty knows you all too well - what a special thing to have a teacup painted by a friend of her family in your special colors so long ago. That makes it priceless to be sure. I think her lavender/purple handmade items and touches were just perfect choices.

    I love the package you sent out, too - glad you remembered to do that....I sure never can remember...........all in all this was a happy time, indeed! Thanks for sharing your treasures coming and going with all of us.

    I love the card you made your recipient swap mate. : - ) TOO CUTE!!

  15. What a treasure trove of beauty Kitty has blessed you with, Judith.
    Such an honor to receive something hand painted from a dear friend of her mothers. I'm sure you will cherish it for years to come.
    Your gift to Lisa is darling! I love everything about it, and the cookies from Canada, well, that is special in deed. Your hand crafted card is just too sweet. :)
    Enjoy your blessings~~

  16. I am swooning over the exquisite teacup that sweet Kitty sent you! I've always admired her aunt's handpainted teacups. Is the background a light turquoise colour? I'm also loving the purple goodies that Kitty included in her amazing package.

    I'm sure that Lisa appreciated the lovely items that you sent her!

  17. It was actually your post on the last teacup exchange that made me pay attention to when the next one came up. Once again you've received a lovely collection - and such a thoughtful one too.

  18. Judith,
    Your package from Kitty is lovely! All that lavender!!!! I was so lucky to have received a package from Kitty during the teacup swap last fall! I have enjoyed getting to know her and her blog is my "GOTO" for recipes! The package that you sent off is so nice. I am sure that Lisa was thrilled to receive her package in the mail! Enjoy your tea!

  19. I don't think Kitty could have sent such a beautiful handpainted teacup to a more appreciative tea granny Judith ;) What a special gift! You were definitely spoiled by your dear friend. You also sent out a wonderful package to your partner ... mmmmm maple cookies (a camping treat here). Have a great day Judith!

  20. What a lovely package of treasures, with you and Lavender Cottage in mind. What a special treasure to receive a hand-painted teacup; it's beautiful. I have one of Kitty's potato bags and dishcloths -- it's extra special to get handmade gifts, isn't it?
    Being the recipient of a package from you, I know how much Lisa enjoyed her package, too! Your little handmade card is adorable.
    I hope it's warming up there, Judith, and you can be soon at your beloved gardening. Love, Deborah

  21. Hi Judith, oh what a pretty cup you were blessed with in the exchange from our dear Kitty. I love the soft color of purple in your gifts. Perfect for your Lavender Cottage. How special to receive something hand painted like this and vintage too.
    Kitty truly blessed you with pretties. She is such a dear friend and I have been blessed to meet her twice in person.
    Love the package you sent off to your recipient too. I know she loves her gifts.
    This has truly been another wonderful exchange thanks to our dear Stephanie and all the work she does to pull this all together. It blesses so many all around the world. She is a wonderful hostess.
    Enjoy the reveal day and be blessed. xo

  22. Hello Judith, My lavender friend : ) All so very pretty. We have been blessed by like minded ladies, haven't We ? Love all Your sweet gifts

  23. You received a beautiful package as well as sending one! Isn't it such fun!

  24. Isn't this fun to be a part of. You got some nice stuff. Such a pretty teacup and that little fairy is adorable.

  25. The handpainted teacup is so beautiful - what a treasure to receive from Kitty. Lovely gifts received and given. My parcel is coming from Australia and hasn't yet arrived. I'm enjoying seeing what's been in the parcels that have been flying about the world.

  26. Kitty sent you such a lovely teacup and accompanying gifts, Judith! I know you will treasure and enjoy them. I hope to join the exchnage next time--it looks like so much fun!

  27. Such beautiful treasures from sweet Kitty! I always enjoy looking at her great aunt's teacups on her blog and now for you to be gifted one is certainly wonderful. The artistry is incredible! Enjoy your new teas!
    (By the way,the handmade envelope and card you sent Kitty is lovely. Just saw it on her blog.)

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  29. There can be no better excuse to sit, down, relax and have a lovely cuppa in your week - perfect after a backbreaking few hours of gardening! Lucky Lisa, to receive your beautiful parcel. You never know it could be just the encouragement to join in the wonderful world of blogging!
    Off for a cuppa myself now!
    Wren x

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  31. Hi Judith,
    What a pretty teacup you received from Kitty and I do like the one that you sent too. I think I have seen that pattern before - so lovely . It does look like such fun to participate in the teacup exchange. Maybe next year. Have a Wonderful Week! Karen

  32. What treasures you received. The teacup is a real beauty!

  33. What a gorgeous package of teacup loveliness you received, Judith! Kitty sent you such beautiful things and oh! What a treasure this teacup is...the design is simply breathtaking!
    I love how this exchange brings bloggers special!
    And what gifts you sent Lisa...I am sure she was thrilled to receive each carefully wrapped item...
    With love,

  34. What a special parcel you received from Kitty, Judith! The teacup is so pretty and how lovely that it is hand painted. It suits you to a 'tea.' All the lavender goodies certainly look like Kitty put a lot of thought and love into her gift. Everything looks right at home at Lavender Cottage. I'm sure your recipient enjoyed her gifts as well. The teacup exchange is a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your goodies.


  35. You both received and put together beautiful packages. I love both those tea cups.


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