Monday, October 5, 2015

Mosaic Monday #62 - A Dwindling Desire

I've hit a slump that many other blogging sisters have posted about and that is a dwindling desire to blog. It sneaks up on a person and and blatantly stares you in the face. Why blog, who's really interested in what you have to say?
Knowing I was losing interest, I signed up for a mini series of blog motivation hosted by a fellow Canadian blogger and if you're interested in Barb's first post about it, you can read it here.
Our first prompt is to write about when we first started blogging and why we chose the name we have for our blog.
If you look at my date for starting on Blogger it will say June 2008. That is the year I began trialling flowering shrubs for Proven Winners and our Canadian supplier started a members blog for our reviews. This was my introduction to blogging and I began to think about how one of my own could serve a purpose.
At that time I was writing a weekly newspaper gardening column, quarterly magazine article for the same publisher and for a couple of other enterprises. How neat I thought it would be to have a blog as  an extension of my column, to show colour photos of what I wrote about since the paper only published black and white.
For instance, trying to describe the brilliant sunlit petals of this autumn mum when the paper would only print this:
And to note here: since upgrading to the new Mac OS El Capitan, every time I use software to try and save a mosaic, my computer is freezing. Even PicMonkey. :-(
In July 2009 I started Lavender Cottage with this header that I made myself.  Where did the name come from? Drawing from a quaint English custom before the Postage Act of 1765 which assigned numbers to houses, it was customary to name your home for visitors to find it. I had already planted the lavender hedge across the front, love the colour lavender for inside and out so naming our home Lavender Cottage and subsequently my blog came to me quite easily.
To summarize, as an active Master Gardener and member of the Garden Writer's Association of course my blog would focus on gardening. To further a professional look for my blog I hired a designer who later suggested purchasing my own domain name.
Since 2009 I've had emeritus Master Gardener status and when the newspaper was purchased and shut down by a larger publication last summer, I decided to pack in writing a column after thirteen years.
I still like to write about gardening yet as winter approaches I ponder what my posts will be about and 
have to figure out how I want to move forward....
To shake things up I first had to have a serious look at Mosaic Monday. Not wanting to cancel it, I've decided to redefine my role as host. I feel I had imposed too much on myself time wise as a host, so will continue to provide the link and pay the fee for the option of adding photo icons to submissions. However, I will now become a participant along with everyone else as of next week.  This will give me greater freedom for posting, linking and less obligation for commenting. I hope everyone understands and will not feel slighted if I don't visit your submission. Please try to visit a few other posts to leave a comment as I will do. 
I am interested in how others may have dealt with blogging stagnation rather than taking a prolonged break and encourage a comment for everyone to benefit.  It's sad when a blog you follow doesn't have any new posts for months or ever again. Hopefully nothing happened to the person and they just got tired of blogging and walked away. I appreciate how my friend Beth who blogged at Beyond The Garden Gate handled it when she said on her last post that it would be more than likely be the end as it wasn't bringing her joy any more.
Now let's get on to sharing the mosaics you've created and thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.


  1. I found your background information very interesting, Judith. I once looked at starting a blog meme until I realized what a time commitment it was. Even so, blogging takes a lot of time and effort. Lately, with so much going on in life, I've felt very much like my blogs were almost cheating, for they lacked content and enthusiasm. Part of my blogging problem is that my blog really has no main focus. It's mostly ramblings of a 60-something woman who lives in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin and who tends to simply ramble.Still, I find it difficult to walk away and never return. Mosaic Monday has such a nice group of participants. I'm glad you're keeping it. Thanks for all the time and effort you've spent on it.

  2. I'm new here but your blog is just lovely! Hope you find your 'groove' soon! Lovely mums!

  3. I have been blogging since June of 2008 although, I have stopped my original blog and started my present blog just over 2 years ago. I post almost every day but last year I was quite sick for a few months and didn't post much. I kind of lost my momentum then but when I felt better I started back up again. One of the things I love about blogging is the chance to be involved with other bloggers. I love seeing how they decorate their homes, the other parts of the world they live in, the outdoor world, the spiritual aspects, the way their families live...the thing I have noticed I wish there were more of is back and forth interaction. People post but do not comment. People add their links but do not visit the other links. It does seem rather silly to think that every one is posting and no one is reading....
    So.....what I do when I am feeling less than enthused about blogging I visit other blogs. Blogs I haven't visited before. Blogs that are not like the blogs I normally frequent. I find one I like and I look at the comments there and their blog list (if they have one) and I visit those blogs as well. In other words, I spread out. I always find lots of inspiration. OK, now I'm going to check out your prompt link.

  4. Thanks for sharing what's on your heart and mind regarding your blog Judith. I have felt the same way the past year but plod along for now. I'm not in it for the money so that's not an issue, but almost hate to let down my faithful followers - the few that still visit and comment and feel like 'old' friends! We'll see. I hope that your participation in Mosaic Monday works for you. I was surprised to read about the issues with El Capitan. I haven't signed on to it so will avoid it. They keep changing things! Did you get a notice about Picassa changing along with Google photos? What's that all about? I haven't done it yet. You can private inbox me re this as I'm not sure what to do with it. Have a good day and a great week!

  5. I first started blogging at Lunch Break, i was already retired and doing contract work, during my lunch hour i would sit outside and just absorb the lovely trees in the park the the wonderful blue sky if it was not raining,, i write haiku, so i decieded why not blog my haiku and thus my first blog was created. Then later with visits to blog friends my circle widened. To friend posting photos and friends posting longer poems and so my second poetry blog Verses is on stream, from which i linked in here as i also carry a Monday meme at verses

    have a gorgeous week

    much love...

  6. I too have been blogging for a long time, since 2007. It started as a lark. I thought I had something to say. In the last two years I've lost some interest in blogging but not wanting to give it up entirely I participate in a few MEME. Your's is my favorite. I have wishing you well and hope you will continue to grace us with you work.

  7. I know this feeling so well, but for me it's not so much that I don't want to blog, it's a struggle for wanting a change. My first blog was a family history blog and I truly messed that one up when I tried to move it to my main blog. My photo blog is a constant push-pull of being strictly photos only, or revealing my feelings and truly personalizing it. I think it's the Gemini in me! LOL!~

  8. Hi Judith. I fully understand your feelings about blogging.As you may have notticed I am not blogging as much as I used too. I think I also started in 2008 and have been blogging so much but it feels asif I have no inspiration any more. And what you did visiting everybody that commends, that is a lot of work Mary who was the former host didn't visit everybody and I know Beverly from Pink Saturday doesn't either.It is too much to ask.
    Thank you for stil going on hosting Mosaic Monday because it is my favorite meme together with Blue Monday.
    Thank you again, Riet

  9. Judith, What a wonderful post full of insight. Thank you for sharing. I'm glad Mosaic Monday will continue with a little adjustment.
    Explaining color with a b/w photo; now there's a challenge.

  10. I can understand burnout since you've been blogging since 2008! I have seen one popular blogger, Diana from Nana Diana Takes a Break, actually take some breaks over the last year...saying she was on break and would be back in a month or two or what-have-you. I think announcing a change makes sense and this was just perfect :)

  11. I love Lavender, the smell ist so stunning ...
    Greetings, Frauke

  12. I'm in the same boat as you Judith, and I've decided to just post when I feel like it, not to a set schedule and lately have cut down to once or twice a week. I feel I've covered everything I want to say and more so now than ever I'm posting for me. Hosting a meme is really time consuming, I've thought about it in the past but hate the restrictions it puts on me. I know that a few other memes I participate in have more than one person to help do the visiting as it is impossible to do it all yourself. I actually find that I get less and less traffic from memes now as I think everyone is so busy.
    I haven't done the latest update for El Captain yet, usually wait awhile till all the issues are worked out.
    I totally understand your decision to participate and I'm sure it will work out for you.

  13. I can totally understand the blogging slump...after 5 years I sometimes wonder if I can keep going especially with other new goals for writing I have for my life. I usually get out of my slump by starting new series based on my interests or finding a new meme or website that gets my creativity going. Even my meme is tough and its only 4 times a year. Perhaps as Linda says a co-host would help.

  14. I've never (and will not ever) host a weekly party. A monthly link party, maybe.
    Judith, I think the reason everyone tires of blogging is the constant need TO LEAVE COMMENTS.
    That seems to be the thing that WEARS US OUT. I don't host anything but I do get frustrated at how much time it takes from my day just to leave comments to those that were nice enuf to leave comments for me. If we can ever come to the fact that we need to do something different, blogging might just go on forever.
    If, somehow, we could just CLICK ON A "DID YOU ENJOY THIS POST", YES OR NO...we would all benefit from it.

  15. I've been blogging since 2007. I've had a few slumps, but I always get some kind of inspiration and keep on. I am interested in your knowledge on gardening. Maybe we could write in and ask you questions about plants or ideas for our gardens and your could answer in posts? I'd love to have your knowledge and experience available to me!
    I think too, that some times we just need to be able to visit a blog without feeling we must comment, but I know I have a lot more visitors than commenters on my blog and just a quick work or "hello" is nice.


    ps - my blog Creekside Cottage is named after our house too!

  16. Hi Judith. I am sure that the Blogging Blues hits all of us from time to time. Family life, work and other commitments and interests take priority sometimes. It happened to me from January - June this year. I just posted just once a month. The solution for me was to revamp my blog so it looked and worked the way I wanted it to. I tested things out, I tried Blogger, I signed up for Wordpress 101 and 201 and learned loads of new things. Most importantly I realised that I am blogging because I enjoy it, I like writing, taking photos and connecting with new people all around the world. I hope you get your sparkle back. Sending you a big hug. Gillian at

  17. Very interesting Judith. I think of my blog as a place to store things so that my family or I can look back and remember, especially with my daughter living abroad. Also it's to let others know about places I've enjoyed so they can share the experience or even visit. I've only been doing it for a short time so I'll no doubt run out of ideas but then I can go back and read the blog! I hope you carry on and enjoy blogging again in a different way as there are always new people ready to read your posts and see life through your eyes. Many thanks and don't worry about commenting, it must take you ages. :-)

  18. Very interesting Judith. I think of my blog as a place to store things so that my family or I can look back and remember, especially with my daughter living abroad. Also it's to let others know about places I've enjoyed so they can share the experience or even visit. I've only been doing it for a short time so I'll no doubt run out of ideas but then I can go back and read the blog! I hope you carry on and enjoy blogging again in a different way as there are always new people ready to read your posts and see life through your eyes. Many thanks and don't worry about commenting, it must take you ages. :-)

  19. I fully understand the feeling of having a blog slump, Judith. The entire blogging community has grown by leaps and bounds and seems so focused on younger bloggers who desire to grow their blogs very large in order to make an income on it. The early years of blogging were more intimate friendship wise, and more sharing and fun I think.
    I feel my blog is primarily a hobby and I try to keep it pleasurable for myself so as not to give me stress. Don't worry about visiting everyone ,or writing often -- make it fun and pleasurable for yourself and I think you will get the blogging grove back. Enjoy this beautiful autumn season!

  20. I enjoy writing and editing my pictures, but my crazy life gets in the way. I want to be more scheduled with my blog, but with two teenagers and moving across the country this past year, other things took precedence. I have so much content just sitting in my computer waiting for me to write about. I hope that when my kids head off to college I will be better with my schedule. I'm glad you are keeping up Mosaic Monday. I enjoy it. :)

  21. I understand completely - I marvel at how meme owners manage to be up to the challenge each week. When I've hit a blogging slump it affects no one but me (unless my sweet followers miss me) but I don't have to force a post just to be on time. I hope you will continue to post - I always learn so much from you and enjoy the photos and subjects you post about.

    Some memes have two hosts - have you considered that? They take turns alternating weeks and I think it puts less stress on one lone host. I hope you get this figured out to your satisfaction and we get to keep on reading your posts. And thank you - I don't say that often enough.

  22. Such an interesting post, Judith and I found as I was reading the comments I was nodding my head in agreement so many times. Your story is wonderful! You are a writer and wrote for a newspaper! and your blog name makes perfect sense. I totally understand about the meme ... I've hosted two and both were pretty much a no-go ... not much participation ... so I moved on. I also agree with bj about commenting. Often I'll visit a blog, read it, but feel too tired to comment. Forget the ones that make it hard to comment! I think a "like" button would be perfect ... going to look into that! Thank you for hosting this meme and allowing me to participate!

  23. Hi Judith, Kudos to you for blogging since 2008 and just now hitting a slump or lack of desire. I began my blog in Jan. 2012, and I find posting six days a week is more than I ever anticipated. Some posts require hours of work. Readers, unless they are a blogger themselves, don't realize the amount of time a single post requires. I began my blog for two reasons: [1] To give credibility to my interest in tea and [2] To journal my tea activities for my family when I'm no longer alive. It is difficult to find creative content on a daily basis, and after a while you do begin to wonder if it's worthy of the investment of time. I've too have found myself asking, do people even care, but so far I'm hanging in there. Thank you for the time you've invested in your blog. ~ Phyllis

  24. I understand what you are saying. My reasons for blogging have changed over the years, and I have thought about giving up blogging many times. However, it has been an escape for me when dealing with other things going on. I told my daughter to keep sending pics so I would have something to blog about. She does not have time for a blog with her children, their activities, etc..
    I have often wondered about some that have just stopped with no explanation. But then they did not owe us an explanation.
    I have always appreciated your hosting each week and understand how it is taking up so much of your personal time. Thank you so much for what you do.

  25. You are a wise woman, Judith, and I admire the stand you're taking for your party....I may have to try that sometime soon :) It is very time consuming to visit each person that links up and before you know it the visiting becomes a "must do" rather than a "get to."

    I am at the same crossroads right now.... I love blogging, I truly do, but I am tired and feel worn out with trying to keep up with everything and take care of my home and homeschool my son. I will be taking a break in the next week or two {after the tea cup and mug reveal} to simply breathe and relax. I am not planning on quitting my blog because I love it and my blogging friends too much. I just thinkg a break is in order so that I can come back refreshed and renewed :)

    Hugs and blessings to you!

  26. Great post, Judith, and the comments are very interesting as well. Hosting a meme must be a really time-consuming activity. You have done it in a lovely way, with beautiful posts and always leaving meaningful comments. I don't know how Mosaic Monday was before you started hosting it, but I know it's one of my favourites because of the wonderful host and participants. From now on it will be different, but I'm confident it will continue to be enjoyable.
    As to your blog, I like Deanna's idea of questions and answers about gardening. That would be very interesting!
    Thank you for hosting and have a lovely week! ♥

  27. Oh Judith I could have written that same post. . .and interestingly enough on another link up I just read a similar post. Maybe it is the season that is prompting this introspection on why we do what we do -- and for whom. I was so consumed with blogging in the beginning and followed all the rules and suggestions of three posts a week and keeping a social media presence and yet over the years my readership grows by one or two every so often. My followers seem to remain without change (except I lost two last week - a dagger through my heart, btw). Yet, I research and write and re-write as though my posts were appearing in the New York Times travel section. . .I want people to feel they've not wasted their time when reading the posts. I've backed away from those blogs who've eliminated comment sections ('too much spam' they say) and those who bargain for followers or likes or shares - I don't want to be a barter chip, but something someone really wants to read and follow. Well, I guess that was a true confession and didn't offer much advice on how to keep up the blogging enthusiasm. For that I'd have to point to the many wonderful distance friendships that I have developed thanks to blogging and linkups like these. I consider so many to be friends and miss them when they aren't regularly appearing in my life. Thanks for continuing to host and I certainly understand if I don't see a comment from you on posts that I've linked. Continue blogging - yours is a great one. Hugs and thanks, Jackie

  28. Oh Judith I could have written that same post. . .and interestingly enough on another link up I just read a similar post. Maybe it is the season that is prompting this introspection on why we do what we do -- and for whom. I was so consumed with blogging in the beginning and followed all the rules and suggestions of three posts a week and keeping a social media presence and yet over the years my readership grows by one or two every so often. My followers seem to remain without change (except I lost two last week - a dagger through my heart, btw). Yet, I research and write and re-write as though my posts were appearing in the New York Times travel section. . .I want people to feel they've not wasted their time when reading the posts. I've backed away from those blogs who've eliminated comment sections ('too much spam' they say) and those who bargain for followers or likes or shares - I don't want to be a barter chip, but something someone really wants to read and follow. Well, I guess that was a true confession and didn't offer much advice on how to keep up the blogging enthusiasm. For that I'd have to point to the many wonderful distance friendships that I have developed thanks to blogging and linkups like these. I consider so many to be friends and miss them when they aren't regularly appearing in my life. Thanks for continuing to host and I certainly understand if I don't see a comment from you on posts that I've linked. Continue blogging - yours is a great one. Hugs and thanks, Jackie

  29. We must have all started blogging at about the same time ... 2008. When I started it was more journal like and I wrote a lot. Now it is mostly pictures. Blogging takes so time. Time that I might want to use in another way.?!?! I've gone back and forth ... do I blog, do I not and back again. FB seems easier and quicker. Who knows.... Enjoyed your post ... make us think!

  30. Judith thank you for 62 Mosaic Mondays. Appreciated. Reclaiming time. So many of us (bloggers) are making changes in the when/content/slowing things down of blogging.

  31. Let me start by saying good morning. I stop by now and then and read and dont comment anymore. At first i visited often and got rsponses they later none came back so i just didnt say anymore. Ive noticed people are funny like that. If you miss a time or two they stop returning the comments. I started my blog years back my daughter told me.. I noticed many people do give aways to promote i felt that it wasnt going to be me. I was writing for myself to be able to express my thoughts it started out as my open diary.. Then to mz witherspoons cottage but i still write as I wish. Im grateful for the people i have met and who visit oftenbreaking your neck to please everyone is what tires everyone I believe. I also have no set anything I post what i feel when I feel.. Isnt that the point of blogging and to share and enjoy each others company and meet new people and friends... Today i posted but not to much talk ... I wish you the best hope you stay around. Happy Monday with love Janice

  32. Glad you are sorting this out Judith and hope you find a new rhythm which suits you. I find blogging a very intuitive process and I stop and start as the mood takes me - usually it has to do with art work I'm doing at the time. Above all it needs to be fun!

    Best wishes,

  33. Dear Judith

    Hats off to you for being open with your dilemma on your blog.
    From time to time I have thought of hosting a french themed meme and some time in the future I may still do so. However, my time is precious as I am still working at least three days a week and my energy levels are not so high as the years increase!
    Blogging is a great platform for sharing knowledge on many and varied topics.
    I particularly enjoy gardening blogs, especially when they share plant names and habitat.
    I also love creating fabric and paper books and collage items so I gravitate to blogs in similar vane.

    Mosaic Monday is my favourite party as I've mentioned many times before.

    Ultimately, the decision is yours Judith but if you are feeling trapped by the committment of a weekly party, then why not change it to a monthly meme, just an idea.
    My other favourite party was Vee's Note Card monthly and I enjoyed gathering my photos over the month to make note cards.

    Whatever you decide to do will be the right decision for you.

    Thank you for hosting this week!!
    Shane x

  34. I totally get where your at as last year I stopped blogging for over half a year.
    My friend Joy at a Vintage Green encouraged me to think about posting again which is amazing since I'm terrible with computers so she helps me out when I have a problem.
    My husband also said since I enjoy it I should start again but sometimes I find there isn't enough time to get it the way I want and I don't have enough time to check out other people's posts and I feel guilty about that.
    So I think you need to do what works best for you.
    Love the pictures.
    Have a wonderful week and a great Thanksgiving weekend next week.

  35. That was a very thoughtful post, Judith. I wondered when I didn't see a tea related post from you last Thursday. I also agree that Beth did an excellent job of how she handled her departure...very thoughtful and kind.
    Do what you love!

  36. Dear Judith!
    It was interesting to read your blogging history.
    I have been blogging since 2009; not every day and not every week, but when I had felt for show and share my thoughts and photos to other people, and look around on other blogposts. With facebook and instagram the blogtraffic has changed - it's a pity, but it is how the internetlinks work. I don't think that the blogging will die, it will change, and people can make their own choice of how they will use their spare time: reading books, writing or reading blog posts, visiting friends, looking for their iphones etc etc.
    So us other blogpostwriters comment to you: do what you love, Judith, and do it with love!
    Best wishes,

  37. Your interesting post has stimulated great discussion, Judith. I hope that the insightful comments and motivational blog course will help you figure out the path you want to pursue in Blogland. Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into hosting Mosaic Monday!

  38. Hi Judith, Blogging has been good, hasn't it? In my own experience, I can relate to past hobbies/interests that I no longer participate in; for example, Toastmasters, National Association of Insurance Women, rock's okay to let something rest for awhile or even forever if it feels right. Life presents us with many opportunities and only 24 hours a day to enjoy them! I hope I never lose interest or tire of gardening!!!
    Hugs, Beth

  39. What a thoughtful post! I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s been reconsidering blogging. My thing is, I still enjoy it very much, I just haven’t had much time to devote to writing longer posts and/or commenting on other blogs, and reading the other ones is one got me involved in the first place! At any rate, I do hope you find your blogging “sweet spot” (me, too) and will be around for a while to come. I find it reassuring that I can tap into the wealth of knowledge of my Canadian tea friend when I have a gardening question!

  40. I seem to get these same bouts of slow blogging. My trouble is I always want to leave a decent comment and take too long over each blog I read. Then I can't keep up with all the reading and commenting and still have time to write my own post and reply to the comments there! It's simply a lack of time. I still like to share my photos of places I go (usually just northern Ontario) and things that I have made. When I look back at my old posts, I'm glad that I kept a bit of a record on the blog, and that encourages me to continue ... even if I don't post more than a couple of times a week.

  41. Your blogging journey is one that is familiar to many of us, it seems. I blog less than I used to, although when inspiration comes I'll put up two posts in two days if I feel like it. I think blogging can become obligatory rather than a fun hobby. I always enjoy the comments left on my blog, but completely understand when people read without commenting for it does take a long time. I've given myself the freedom lately to read and not comment. I think I prefer to leave a longer, more thoughtful comment on a blog that has said something to me rather than a cursory remark just to let the blogger know I'd visited.
    I enjoyed reading about your start with blogging and how your cottage was named. I do hope you continue blogging in some form - what about changing Mosaic Monday to a monthly link up rather than a weekly one?

  42. Judith, Thanks for your honest post about where you are with the blogging experience. I would miss Mosaic Monday if it no longer existed. I have been inspired by your tea related posts with celebrating the drinking of a tea cup. I very much appreciate your sharing in this area. Do what you have to do!! Sylvia D.

  43. I still enjoy blogging after 10 years, mostly because it gives me a reason to use Photoshop. I sympathize about commenting; it is impossible to keep it up to date. And yes, if someone stops blogging suddenly, I worry about what happened.

  44. I can understand the "slump" feeling, and wondering why you are blogging. I feel like that too from time to time. And then I feel guilty if I haven't blogged every week. I've limited my blogging to once a week, it is the only way I can keep up and still have time for life! I do wonder sometimes why I bother, but then it has given me a feel little sales along the way when people have "discovered" me in blogland.
    I congratulate you in taking up the Mosaic Monday mantle. It is a huge undertaking I am sure. And I appreciate you wanting to take back some of your time. Take a rest and enjoy the next stage of Mosaic Monday.
    Have a wonderful week.

  45. Judith, Oh yes, I've been in 'the slump' several times since I started blogging in 2008. Part of that was health issues, part was working part-time at night cleaning with my husband, and part of it was the sense of not knowing if I should continue to blog in the vein and theme I started with. Did I still have something to say on that line.

    But I'm out of the slump ... wellness returns to my body, I'm no longer working at night or anywhere except from my office at home. My new life means I can actually focus on writing and blogging. So I'm excited to be blogging more again. I realize I have things I want to say. And, since I took a memoir writing course a couple of years, I find that there are old stories coming up that want to be listened to and written down. So little bits and pieces are beginning to show up on my blog, and I think more will come as time unfolds.

    As bloggers, we really do have to listen to our bodies, our hearts, and the seasons we're in. I used to blog just about every day or several times a week; this past year I only posted 3-4 times a month. It was enough. I felt free from the pressure to post when I didn't feel up to it, but I still had an online presence. During this time I tended to stay in touch with some blogging friends offline too.

    Judith, I hope this shift in the Mosaic Monday will help ease the burden and stress for you. I just joined this meme and am really enjoying it. I'd be happy to see it even once or twice a month, as Lorrie suggested above, if that helps.

    Wishing you and everyone who has commented here a beautiful day and hearts to know what's good for this season of our lives.


  46. hello
    mon blog n'est pas trop vieux , mais biensur une sorte de lassitude arrive
    on se désole ne pouvoir aller sur les autres blogs , de laisser des commentaires::::::
    je me limite à 1 billet par semaine peut-être 2 si je me sens inspirée
    je vais à mon rythme
    j'aime bien faire des mosaïques par thémes ou par couleurs
    je vous souhaite un bon repos et une joyeuse saison d'automne
    edith ( iris ) France

  47. Dear Judith
    I admire your thoughtful post, Judith. I fully understand your feeling.
    I started blogging 6 years ago. Originally, my blog was a tool for posting my English homework of the online English class held by our local University. The class was opened for the local seniors. It was just a fun hobby for me and other students as well. When the class ended after a half year, our teacher inspired us to start blogging. Nobody in the class expected that we would start blogging. And then the students started blogging any way, but most of them gave up soon.
    As many say here, blogging takes a lot of time, and writing in another language is a hard work especially for seniors who learn anther language as one of their hobbies.
    I also struggled with writing. But I was very busy taking care of my paralyzed brother-in-law and mother- in- law at home. Blogging was a good way to help ease my stress while I was tied up with my family-in laws.
    I also found that blogging was fun and widen my eyes. My brother-in-law has entered a nursing home since 2014. My mother-in law has become quiet. She never wanders in the neighborhood these days. Now I have more free time than before. Life is short. I try to take a balance, and enjoy my hobbies. Blogging never has to disturb your freedom.
    I always appreciate your sincerity and friendship.

  48. Hi Judith, It been interesting to read all your comments and see how many are feeling similarly to what you have so well expressed. I think your change in MM is a good idea and I always was amazed that you would comment on all the participants because Mary did not and I didn't realize that was expected. Still that was great of you to do but it's good that you've let yourself continue the very favorite (of mine) Meme without all that pressure.
    As far as blogging I think you express what many of us feel. I have felt the same--sometimes I just don't seem to have the time to blog or to comment on others, even though I love both things. I find great joy in my blog friends and being a small piece of their lives and they mine. I miss certain ones when they stop blogging or have months between posts. But if I quit blogging I think I would miss it. I'd miss the friends and the conversations and the creativity it allows me in two of my favorite things: writing and photography. So I have decided not to quit yet but to slow down and post only when I want and visit when I can. I can't believe I have been blogging just short of 10 years and I am close to my 1500th post. Wouldn't you think that would be enough? Yet I always find one more thing to blog about. As I look back on the early years, I find I wrote a lot more, and now do more photos, which might mean I've said all there is to say! Sometimes I want to repost some early post, and I might do that sometimes as very few were reading my blog in the early years. Thanks so much for your honest, thoughtful post and I hope you are having a good week and thanks again for your blog friendship!

  49. Wow Judith, just look what you have started, I've had to take a bus to the end of your comments all of us nodding profusely in agreement, all recognising the pleasures and potential toil of blogging. All of us happy that you have found a solution to continue with what most of us will say is one of our favourite memes. I took the view that I control my blog, and not it controls me and I visit when I can... it works for me.
    Have a lovely week Judith, enjoy all theses comments of support and see you as and when!!
    Wren x

  50. First of all, I don't think any of us give our hosts enough thanks and appreciation! Thank you for being here every week without fail . I so appreciate the time it takes you to visit everyone and especially when my interests are not always the same as yours. ( You beautiful pictures always make me wish they were, until I remember how much work a beautiful garden is and how old I am)).

  51. I have a built in excuse to take blog breaks a couple of times a year, when we travel and I do find that it refreshes me . I've also cut back on the number of times I post, which gives me more time to visit others.

  52. It was very interesting to read about your start in blogland and what motivated you and why. I think that the slump that you talk about is a common thing in life. I don't know about you but when I have been doing anything for years I wonder if I should continue. Should I continue with this work, that volunteering and so on. I think it is quite natural. Somehow though with blogging I think that we handle it differently. If you stopped a certain hobby you would just stop and probably think little of it because no one other than you would probably know or notice. If though you stop blogging you feel that others will know and notice. Also we make friends with bloggers, so I can imagine it would feel a little like walking out on your friends and saying that you didn't want to be friends with them anymore. That isn't of course the case, but I can see how it might feel like that. So, I don't have any wise words or advice, other than to do what makes you happy, in blogging, and in life. If something isn't bringing you joy, evaluate why, can you make changes, will they bring happiness and if not, do as Beth did and give a little explanation that you are moving on to pastures new. Plus, just because you stop blogging or have a break doesn't mean that it has to be forever, if your blog is still there you can easily return in a day, a week, a month or a year and there is a very good chance that your old readers will reappear I should think because they will probably not unfollow you! Gosh that was a long sentence! I will stop babbling on. I wish you well whatever you decided to do for YOU! But if you do decide to stop, please let us know so that we know you are OK. I am sure that you would. xx

  53. I appreciate this post very much. I began blogging when ...well, I won't bore you or anyone else now, but blogging helped me when I needed it and did not know I needed it ! Blogging is really a way of venturing out into the world where writing letters and interacting with people is difficult or non-existent for many reasons. In some ways it is like sitting on a bus and the stranger next to you begins sharing their lives and I wonder "why are this person sharing such personal things with me, and what do they expect ?". Well, usually the person expects nothing more than a listening ear, a chance to be heard. Blogging allows us to be that stranger , but ( hopefully ) in a good way. Mostly we NEED to share with someone who'll listen. Blogging is even better because it provides a community of people who DO respond with kindness, offer posts of inspiration and beauty, pleasant distractions ,and give us a way to connect in this age of on-line communication.

    Many of my blogging friends gave me good advice, and one in particular gave me great legal advice through unknown to me resources because she cared. ( BEST ADVICE EVER ! ) Where else can you venture out and communicate with so many like-minded people for free? Best of all. blog- land is filled with kind and helpful people like you Judith ! Whatever you decide, you matter to me and I am thankful for your posts, your gardening advice, and you.

    I have not participated in any link parties lately because I know I do not have the time to respond in kind. However I do read many of the blog posts in the linked-in parties. I appreciate them too. Blogging is a pleasure for me but I also determined I would not compromise my family relationships, care of my home, livestock, and gardens for it, or spend inordinate amounts of time blogging. Why read about caring for my gardens and livestock instead of actually CARING for them ? Thus, I read your blog and many others late at night when all else is done, when I am not too tired. Because I LOVE to read your blog and others. Thank-you Judith.

  54. I forgot to add~ blogging can be done while I am wearing my pajamas and drinking my mint tea , in my own home. Reading and sharing inspiring pictures and posts at 1:00 a.m. Blogging is good, WHEN it makes you happy. After all, it is your blog, done in your home, in your time , if at all. Bless you.

  55. Dearest Judith,

    I appreciate everything you say here and understand completely. I am not in a blogging slump at all - just a life-won't-give-me-enough-hours-in-a-day to blog......a completely different reason for being gone so often lately. It drives me nuts because there is sooooo much I want to share! But then again you have five years on me! That is A LOT of posts, so I get it!

    I like how you may have solved the mosaic Monday dilemma. A lot of hosts just share their "most viewed features" or "first caught my eye" type features - thus eliminating the need to always have a post of their own for their own linky party.

    If I had a dime for every time I wished I could mosaic - then I can't and I feel so sad - and the week flies by and I promise myself NEXT time.....only to find it happened yet again. I hope you know I am always here in spirit. And I DO catch up on the missed reading. I adore your gardens and your tea times and your decor....but mostly adore YOU and your sweet posts. Hugs. ♥

  56. Dear Judith,
    Being creative comes in cycles. It's natural to feel there is nothing left to say. As a painter, I don't give up and usually that's when I have a break through and find myself painting at a different level.
    Look back on your blogs, if you had not written them they would be missed.

  57. Hi Judith and Happy Canada Thanksgiving Day for you. I have had a rough patch lately due to the untimely death of my beloved niece, as well as my desktop with all of my stuff was in shoppe for 2 + weeks. During that time, I would think about my blog and missed it. I enjoy photography so much and to be able to share it with others always makes me happy. I enjoy the comments so much and they encourage me. However, in saying that, there are often times when LIFE gets in the way and I will visit a blog, but leave either no comment, or one that I feel is inadequate for all of the time one spent in sharing. Other times I comment like crazy and I always hope that my blogging friends will understand. My blog is really who I am and what I am about in so many ways and it warms my heart that it has gotten any recognition these past 6 years at all. The friendships are my golden charm. I so enjoy your blog and all that you share so much and I would never tire of it, even if you just shared one mosaic a week, you have to do what you can~

  58. Judith, so well put, posted, and published! I enjoyed reading about the beginnings of your blog, and I found the history behind naming one's home, very intriguing. Now, I probably could have researched this in cyberspace, somewhere, but discovering it here, at your own lovely, Lavender Cottage, makes it more memorable, indeed! Case in point: blogging, for me, is about budding and blooming friendships, plenty of beautiful images and words, all warmly shared by a community that connects!

    I hope you continue to wander in our wonderland, and although I truly enjoy Mosaic Monday, I don't want to create a collage solely for the sake of linking my post to yet another party. For me, the mosaic has to make sense, and thus, it is in your next one, that I have shared some seasonal thoughts and images.

    Take care!



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