Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tea on Thursday - My Week of Baking and Tea

I know many blogging sisters are familiar with, and likely make recipes from the Mennonite Girls Can Cook Blog. Recently I made their pumpkin toffee tarts and they are so good I'm going to make them again for a pot luck luncheon next week.
As you can see in the photo, toffee or Skor bits go in the bottom of each tart - so yummy!
My youngest daughter wants to make a special cake covered with fondant so we spent a day together playing with it for practice. Her cake above...
a few of the cupcakes I made. We used a homemade recipe shared by Jacqueline at Purple Chocolate Home and it was so tasty we kept eating bits of it. 
This is the card I made and tucked in the package sent for the teacup exchange hosted by Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose. Her button is on my sidebar.
Yesterday hubby and I took a drive to The Blue Willow Tea Room for lunch that is in Gravenhurst, an hour or so north of us. We had been there previously and all the decor and china is Blue Willow. This is my lunch plate with potato leek soup, beet and cheddar salad and a cheese and chives scone. My tea of choice was Earl Grey cream. 
Unfortunately the service was slow, I was never offered more hot water for my teapot and both hubby and I found the noise level beyond tolerable. What has happened to women that they think a tea room is a place for loud talking and boisterous laughter?  The room was packed and every table was talking loud to be heard above each other. We gave up trying to have a conversation ourselves and left as soon as possible.
Has anyone else encountered this poor behaviour in a tea room? 
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  1. Hello Judith, your pumpkin tarts looks delicious as do the cake and cupcakes. YUM! I am sorry your lunch at the tea room was a bad experience. Maybe it was bad timing and it is not always packed with loud people. Have a happy Thursday!

  2. All looks soo YUMMY ! That's a shame about the noise in the tea room I guess some people have no tea room etiquette I find tea rooms to be at a slow pace when it comes to service . Hope the next time or next one is pleasant . Thanks for sharing lovely photos . Have a good day !

  3. Oh, Jusith, I am afraid that women have lost that gentile quality. Your tarts look so good. I have been trying to get my daughter to use fondant, but we buy the stuff and it does not have the best flavor. So your daughter will a cake artist. She is well on her way.

  4. You and your daughter's work with fondant was successful! What fun to do things like that together. Noisy tearooms rather defeat the purpose of going there, don't they? Your card for the teacup exchange is lovely. I'm headed to the post office to post my parcel this morning.

  5. Mmmm.... Your tarts look so tasty! Seeing them remind me of my dear Grandma Betty {my dad's side of the family are from Ontario}. She would always have tarts made and ready for us to eat and they were always extrat tasty. My grandmother was a big tea drinker - tea in the morning, at lunch, in the afternoon, during supper, and a cup before bedtime. She was also a sweet eater {I think I take after her} and she always made cookies, pies, and tarts {{smiles}} Anyway, your one image took me down memory lane.

    The cake and cupcakes are simply lovely! And they do indeed look yummy. And your card is truly beautiful, Judith. It was a joy to visit with you today. Hugs!

  6. The pumpkin toffee tarts look pretty as well as delicious. So do your cakes! What a beautiful card you made. I know it will be treasured. :)
    Sorry your tearoom experience wasn't more positive. The food looked good though.
    Hugs, Beth

  7. First off - your fondant practice is beautiful! WOW! I have never made fondant - never had a tasty fondant, but I think I need to kept eating bits b/c it was GOOD? Well if that isn't awesome inspiration I don't know what is! Your "practice" pieces were perfect!

    I love the idea for those little pumpkin tarts - going to try that, hoping to have an autumn tea. It's just so difficult to want to do much with this boot on, I feel heavy and tired, and you already know how much moving about one does to prepare and host a proper tea.

    Speaking of that, I am so sorry it was rudely loud at your teatime - what a lovely place, such a shame - it's things as such that keep you from going again, thus those wonderful spaces close down. Oh, don't you feel you are just living in the wrong century? I sure do, nearly every day. : - (

    I *adore* your card for tea cup swap - I made one too for it but didn't take a picture of it. I made a few recently, using new paper and stamps recently acquired. Love that, been a while since I have done so.

    Well, I am in the middle of swapping out summer decor to fall, and hubs is on a staycation so his To Do list is being worked on.......supervision is the key to no disappointments I have found, so am doing that today and in next few.


  8. I don't even know of a tea room around here to go to; the one we had went out of business but it does not sound like a pleasant experience, though I would love a blue willow tea room since I love those dishes. Your daughter's cake is lovely, as are your smaller ones

  9. Oh that does not sound pleasant. I wonder if the hostess/owner would be helped by a nice note explaining your experience. I suspect that people are becoming less and less civilized. =\

    What fun to experiment in the kitchen along beside your daughter. We would love to see the cake she creates! You, two, are talented!

  10. Oh man...those little tarts look so good and they are so cute...but not quite as cute as the fondant cupcakes. You girls did a great job on them. And what a lovely blessing someone will receive when the open up your's just beautiful, Judith!

  11. The little tarts look so tasty, Judith, and you and your daughter did a fabulous job on the fondant.
    The tea plate looks so pretty, but I'm sorry about the noise level. I don't enjoy loudness, either. Tea should be sipped in a quiet environment.
    Love your card for the exchange!!

  12. I enjoy the Mennonite Girls site too, so many good recipes. Your fondant inning looks wonderful, great idea to practice and you'll have to taste them too :) That is too bad that the noise spoiled your time in the tea room.

  13. All your baking looks wonderful. I am sorry you had such a poor experience at the tea shop. It would have ruined it for me as well.

    Do you have another one you can go to?


  14. Oh the cakes are so very pretty. And what a pity about the tea room. Manners are just not what they used to be. Too bad the owner doesn't put discreet signs on the table asking that people use their inside voices. I'm never fond of any place that is noisy - especially if it is a cafe, restaurant or tea room.

  15. Gorgeous post, Judith! Just look at those tarts, cakes and cupcakes! The card you made is very beautiful. Love the colours. :)
    That's a shame about the noise in the tea room. The place is surely beautiful and one would really hope to enjoy a peaceful tea moment there.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  16. Love the fondant, just beautiful. I am having a couple of ladies over next week for tea, I'll use some of your ideas..especially the card, love it.

  17. Hi Judith. Sorry, but I'm a bit erratic with my blogging these days. Your baking looks so delicious, and inviting. I have such a sweet tooth!

  18. You are filled with talent, Judith!! The fondant cakes are so pretty! I love the butterfly ones! and the card you made is just beautiful! You use such detail in all of your work. You inspire me!
    I'm sorry your lunch at the tea room was spoiled by boisterous conversation, and laughter. I don't think women have the courtesy that they used to have in such establishments. There is a time and a place for everything. A tea room is not the place for that kind of behavior.
    Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend.

  19. Love the beautiful decorated cupcakes, look wonderful and taste delicious I think. That Blue Willow china is so pretty......such a shame the tearoom was so noisy and the service slow.
    Have a nice weekend!

  20. I'm drooling over all the pumpkin treats that I'm seeing on Blogland. Your fondant cupcakes look amazing! I also love the purple card that you made. I mailed my package earlier this week and I've been obsessively tracking it ever since. Hee!

    It's too bad that the pretty Blue Willow tearoom's ambiance was ruined by the sloooow service and other noisy patrons.

  21. Such a lovely card. I think the fondant cake look so beautiful but I'm afraid anything I would attempt would never look that beautiful! You are so very gifted ad talented. Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. Oh yummy Judith and you did a fabulous job with the fondant....very creative!

  23. Those tarts sound good. - The fondant looked so pretty. Bummer about the noise in the Tea Room.

  24. Hello, Judith
    Your pumpkin tarts looks delicious! They are too pretty to eat. Such a lovely card. I am smiling to them.

  25. Mercy! all those treats look so so so good! I'm with you......people have just plain forgotten their manners in nice calm/quiet/gentle settings like tearooms, or many places, really. It is so sad. I dont blame you one bit for feeling that way.

  26. All your baking looks delicious! Great work on the fondant cakes. Fondant makes everything look so professional. Too bad the long drive to the tearoom was a disappointment. Maybe it was just an off day with loud groups. The meal sounds yummy though, and I love the idea of all the china being blue willow.

  27. Your baking looks quite delicious and beautiful! Well if it was too noisy at least the china was pretty and the food does look wonderful...sorry you hit it on a too crowded and loud day.

  28. Yum! I do love pumpkin! Your cake creations are really fabulous, Judith! The card is really pretty too. You know, I took a card making course once but I was very disappointed in the way it was taught and the cards looked so juvenile. Needless to say, I lost interest. Sorry you didn't enjoy the tea room. I wouldn't have liked it either although your food looked good and of course the china is lovely. Enjoy this new week.


  29. My husband and I prefer to go out for breakfast rather than dinner because of the noise levels! And a tea room definitely should be genteel and quiet. The food looks like it was delicious though.
    Those little tarts look so yummy -- I'm struggling to maintain my 30 pound weight loss, and this is the season of baking for me. I will have to content myself with little to no baking this year. sigh.
    The card is lovely -- I pulled out all my card-making stuff last week and made one for the teacup exchange too. So much fun!
    Have a lovely week Judith.


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