Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tea on Thursday - The Crafted Garden

I was sent 'The Crafted Garden' written by Louse Curley to review and right off I liked the appealing cover. The book contains some great crafts inspired by nature as promised and if you're like me and collect things from the garden for decor or crafts, you'll enjoy this book.

There are project lists with instructions and suggestions on where to find some of the items. From a simple autumn leaf bunting to a stylish twig floral frame and a hessian plant pouch, there are crafts for every level of experience.
The plant pouch (bottom left) is created by a form of bonsai known as kokedama that utilizes a moss ball. An intriguing form of Japanese culture and easy to put together.
The projects are divided by the categories of the four seasons so that one can always be creating something out of doors or inside.
The end of the book shows how to frost leaves and berries for winter arrangements! Photography is by Jason Ingram and often above the hands of Curley illustrating a craft.
'The Crafted Garden' would make an excellent Christmas gift for the gardener on your list.
A couple of weeks ago we came home to this. The glass in our deck table shattered in the heat and there are still small shards in the garden below.
The colchicums (autumn crocus or bare naked ladies) are popping up in all the gardens. In the spring the bulbs send up green strappy leaves that die down along with the tulips and then the bare flowers push through the soil in late September. On the right is Cimicifuga simplex (bugbane) that is flowering in the back and scenting the whole yard with a smell of grape crush. The bees and other insects love these bottlebrush flowers.
Yesterday a group of us from my garden club gathered for a pot luck luncheon to celebrate friend Johanna's 90th birthday. A party crasher tried to take over the couch beside me on the screened porch where sunbeams danced on his head.
Time to pull out the autumn teacups I bought last year and nibble a pumpkin tart while I browse through The Crafted Garden again and mark a few pages with special projects.
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  1. All looks wonderful . 90? wow looking good she is . Love the kitty party crasher lol . Lovely photos . The weather has been beautiful hasn't it? Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. Oh your book is giving me ideas already! What a mess all that shattered glass made. I am sorry that you have that to clean careful!

    What a pretty lady your friend is...a fine time for a celebration! Wishing her a wonderful year.

  3. Hello Judith, wonderful crafty projects. They look so pretty! Happy 90th Birthday to your friend. Happy Autumn, have a great day and weekend ahead!

  4. Hello Judith, the book looks really beautiful and interesting, what stayed of your glass table looks scary, and the birthday girl looks absolutely radiant. Belated happy birthday greetings!
    Your colchicums are beautiful. I have always found them fascinating, also because of their name, remembering Colchis in mythology... and in a Carl Barks story. :)
    Thank you for sharing and have a lovely weekend!

  5. What a marvelous book; now I am wondering who has time time to create these days? I have yet to haul up my autumn decor tub from the basement. I missed Mosaic Monday again. Twice in a month. Here few fall colors for it has been miserably hot and even dryer. Rain is in the forecast for next week; of course, it is. We have had down. Your autumn cups are so pretty and the tarts look absolutely delicious. I hope you are having a good week.

  6. What a mess the glass made of your deck and garden! Happy 90th to your friend! That's a real milestone and she looks lovely! Pretty teacups and pumpkin tarts would sure taste good with a cup of tea. All our Co-op stores closed this year which is where I always bought my canned pumpkin. And Libby's and York hasn't been available here for years so I'm in a bit of a pickle to find a good product to replace them. I'm very particular about my pumpkin and I don't relish the thought of cooking it from scratch. I guess I'll see what I come up with. Have a beautiful day and Happy Autumn, Judith!


  7. So nice to have a 90 years anniversary celebration of a gardenfriend. Our gardenclub consists next year 25 years and we had already twice a 90 years birthday celebtration. The Crafted Garden must be quite a nice and interesting book, there are always new ideas. Your Colchicums look promising, I planted them some years ago, and there is only one left as far as I can see. Enjoy your pumpkin tart, they look delicious.
    Wish you a Happy Autumn!

  8. Happy birthday to your friend! My mother in law is nearly 94!

    I love to browse pretty books, and this one looks very nice. I also love a glimpse of your autumn garden. Sorry about your table. :(

    Your autumn tea cups are lovely.


  9. What a good thing no one was around when the glass shattered. That book looks really interesting - something to put on my birthday/Christmas list. I've been thinking of making a leaf bunting and I like the simplicity of the one you've shown.
    Pretty teacups for autumn. Have a great day, Judith.

  10. How wonderful to be able to celebrate the birthday of your friend. And I do love the autumn crocus, as I love the "spring" crocus. They just don't visit long enough. Have a grand weekend!

  11. So sorry about your table. We had one break a few years back and are still finding bits of glass in the garden. Your book looks like a great one for a crafty person like you. Your little pumpkin pies are cute. I love pumpkin pie, and will have to make one soon! Hope your week is going well!
    Hugs, Beth

  12. Oh wow, I really like that little twig frame! The bugbane thingy is so pretty and love the smell of grape soda too. You just reminded me it's also time to get out my fall coffee mugs! :)

  13. It looks like a good book and a nice 90th birthday! And your table--what a mess for you to clean up. I've never heard of that happening.

  14. I'd be hooked by the cover of the book, too, Judith. It looks like it's filled with wonderful projects. Happy 90th birthday to Johanna! She looks wonderful...such a pretty lady.
    Oh dear on the shattered glass...what a mess, indeed! However, your teacups are so pretty for Fall and your tarts look tasty. I'm going to make some of those small ones. I need to look for the small shells. Who makes those or did you make the pastry?
    Happy Fall!

  15. What fun garden crafts! So sorry to see what happened to your table. Please wish Johanna a very happy 90th birthday! Love your Autumn Tea Cups and your snack looks delicious.

  16. What an amazing milestone birthday to celebrate! Your pumpkin carts are too cute. Your fall teacups are perfect for sipping pumpkin teas!

  17. Oh I like the crafts soooo much. Your pumpkin tarts looks so yummy and I love your fall cups. I think I may have one like yours. I haven't gotten mine out yet....hope to start celebrating this weekend.
    Fun birthday party.

  18. Yikes - sorry about your table - we had not one but TWO tables shatter in storms in the last couple years - what a mess.

    Love your pretty autumn tea cups, and your dessert and book look awesome.

    Been a crazy busy week, and have to be offline until next Monday pretty much - watching my nieces at their house - so hopefully I can catch up when I am able, soon I hope!

    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

  19. Those little Japanese plant pouches were featured on a UK gardening program earlier this year and I was fascinated by them then, they are amazing aren't they! Sorry about your table, I am glad that you were not sitting at it when it happened. Hope you can get all the glass cleared up safely. Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope you have a great weekend! xx

  20. It looks like you have a beautiful garden with lovely flowers. I too enjoyed the photo of the party crasher! How fun to celebrate a friends 90th birthday. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  21. The book looks amazing, quite inspirational. Loved the look of the pumpkin tarts with Autumn leave and pumpkin pastry crust. How wonderful to organize a pot luck lunch for a friends birthday, the party crasher made me smile. Have a great weekend.

  22. I enjoyed your Five on Friday. The book looks wonderful. So sorry to hear about your table.
    I love the China and little pies.

  23. A wonderful time to look for crafty ideas using the garden!

  24. Just popped over from Amy's blog. That book looks great. Your friend does not look 90. I would love one of those pumpkin tarts. Joan at

  25. The book has a beautiful cover, I bet it's full of good ideas. Such a shame about the table, you'll be finding glass for ages. :-)

  26. That is one of the most beautiful books I have seen in a long time Judith! I love those projects,especially the one on the cover, they are so fresh and pretty, I might have to check and see if my local library has a copy, or suggest that they bring it in.

    Wow, what a mess that table made...scary isn't to realize that glass can shatter like that...imagine if someone was nearby when it happened, they might have been cut badly.

    I love the Fall crocus..on my walks I pass by the house with the Pepto-bismal pink hidden bathroom that we looked at before settling [thank goodness] on this's only redeeming feature, the yard is stuffed full of those beautiful pink colchicums. It's so hard not to knock on the door and ask if I could make a exchange a few of them for some plants in my own garden....

    Looking forward to seeing you in the Aspiring Bloggers FB group, it's starting to meld together and we have some wonderful bloggers who are part of it. And I'm looking forward to taking Barb's course also...she is an amazing photographer too, have you checked out her blog?


  27. Hi Judith. We have had a very difficult week and I am just now getting my mind to settle into life as we move forward. It looks like you have a nice new read with some nice ideas. Turning 90 and having tea with friends, what a sweet birthday celebration for your friend.

  28. Your new book looks like a great read, Judith. I especially like the natural frame.
    Celebrating 90 years with your friend sounds like a fun, and blessed day for all.
    Lovely images of your Fall flowers. My roses are making a come back before the frost gets here.

  29. What a wonderful looking book Judith! Thanks for sharing ;)
    Your friend looks amazing for 90! Does she have any secrets to share? Lol
    Love the tea cups and tarts - perfect Fall beauty and yumminess.
    Blessings on your weekend. xoxo


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