Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tea on Thursday - Autumn Approaches

The cooler weather is back!  However, the last couple of days while it was in the 90's and the A/C was on, I started my fall cleaning. Windows, shutters, pictures, baseboards - you get the up the dirt that has blown in the windows over summer.
Once the living room and dining room were done I brought out the autumn decor - early for some perhaps but in Canada our Thanksgiving is on October 12.
Last year I won a set for 4 of Villa della Luna dishes by Pfaltzgraff in a blog giveaway. I added my own charger, cream and sugar for this photo. The sunlit autumn bouquet is silk and adds a nice touch of fall colours to what is usually pastel pinks and purples.
Outside my wreath sits on a bench for now, a project I made a few years back and a basket of beaded pumpkins are by the front door.
I almost stepped on this baby mourning dove in the backyard sitting still as a statue as prompted by mom's soft hooting in the background.
The cup plant in the side garden is going to seed and this is part of the feeding frenzy of goldfinches I captured through the window.
I just finished this well written book that my daughter lent me and I recommend it if you are a canine lover. A fictitious story of how our furbabies could possibly have evolved from wolves. 
A spot of tea in the garden using a special autumn mug that was gifted to me from a library for a gardening presentation I did. It came with chocolates tucked inside!
I've seen a couple of other bloggers pulling out their autumn decor, is it too early or do you love this season like me and begin burning the fall Scentsy melts now?
Happy Gardening, take time for tea. 
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  1. Hello Judith, your autumn table setting and flowers look lovely. And the baby mourning dove is just adorable. My goldfinches have been enjoying our purple coneflower seeds. Have a happy Thursday!

  2. Well, dear Judith, I have been trying to hold off with the Autumn feeling, pretending it isstill summer, but I think I will give in! Everything looks calm and lovely in your home and garden, with rich Fall colours. I love the china plates, very appropriate for the season.
    Dear little dove, too.
    I do love dogs and wolves, I had a German Shepherd who was my special boy and will never forget him. The book looks a good one, might well try it.
    Very happy Autumn days to you over there in Canada! x

  3. Looking at your lovely fall decor is greeting me excited! Going to get mine out tomorrow and fall clean as I go along. It is going to be a somewhat rainy weekend that is supposed to usher in a cold front....gee, I hope so. The goldfinches have also returned to our feeders and I love seeing them!

  4. What a lovely post in every way.

    I wish our Thanksgiving was in October - in late November one has little time between the few weeks then and the Christmas season - it's a silly rush and not very "harvest season, let's give thanks" of the government to choose that date. Canada has it right! : - )

    Your home looks all ready now, Judith! Hugs!

  5. Oh, I'm still enjoying the summer, Judith. Lots of time for the Autumn decor to come out. I don't do a lot of autumnal decorating anyway. The goldfinches have turned their greyish colour in your neck of the country, I see. Ours are still yellow although fading a little. Pretty setting with your hydrangeas in the background. Have a nice day.


  6. Hello, Judith!
    Your autumn decor looks lovely - oh how those colours are beautiful! For me, autumn starts when September starts, and autumn is the most spectacular of the seasons - also indoors. (After the Christmas season of course.)
    I hope all was well with the sitting baby bird... The photo of the goldfinches is really cute.
    And the gardening mug is really, really pretty.
    Happy Thursday!

  7. Your decorations are beautiful. I rarely do much decorating for autumn - the colors just don't go well with much of anything in our home. Our autumn is slow here in the Pacific Northwest - lasting about 3 months it slowly winds down to a rainy winter. The saying is that we have 5 months of spring and 5 months of fall, with a month of winter and a month of summer thrown in there in no particular order - and that about covers it. I do enjoy the cooler evenings for sleeping and the "tea time" feel in the air. Wish our Thanksgiving was in October - this year it is less than a month before christmas - such rushing and cooking.

  8. It's not too soon! Especially since your Thanksgiving is less than a month a way!

    I've started because I decided that this year I will have fall decor for September and October then take most of it down for November. It will match the reality of the barren trees outside and prepare the house for Christmas, also.


  9. What a delightful treat to see your gorgeous autumn pretties. I was in town the other day and was surprised to see many of the trees have changed over to yellow and orange - such a beautiful sight!

    My dad and his side of the family are from Canada so my mom usually puts on a good ol' Thanksgiving meal here in the states in honor of Canada :)

    Have a lovely day, Judith! Hugs!

  10. Such a delightfully welcoming post! Thank you!

  11. I loved seeing your bits of autumn decor, Judith. It's still so hot here, but I've managed to put out a few transitional things because I love Fall so.
    You'll never believe what was inside one of my bird houses yesterday!!! I walked by it and saw two eyes looking out at me. Hmmmm, I thought, that's the strangest looking bird! Only it wasn't a bird, but a snake curled up inside, and not a little one, either!!! Eek!!

  12. Hi Judith, Your table looks pretty. I like your silk flowers. I placed an autumn wreath on my door, and also on Mom's apartment door. I also planted 2 mums and put a pumpkin in the garden for decoration. So far, that's all of my autumn decor. I did have a cup of David's pumpkin chai today - it's so delicious - have you tried it? It's still hot here; I'm enjoying the last days of summer and working a lot in the garden. 4 hours out there today! Love doing that!
    The baby dove is adorable and I am so glad you didn't step on it!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  13. Very pretty . Lovely photos . is that blueberry cookies with your tea or raisin cookies both are YUMMY with tea anything with tea to me is YUMMY ! lol ! Not quite ready for fall yet but getting there , the weather has been lovely today with no humidity and cool breezes this morning it was down to 8C here oh it was lovely ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

  14. Well, Judith, you certainly are putting me in the mood to bring out the fall decor. Your table is lovely and welcoming. We have thick cloud cover this morning, a welcome relief from the heat. Enjoy the week end.

  15. What a beautiful table setting and Autumn décor, I have been introducing a few little bits here and there I am not quite ready for the season and am still hopeful for a bit more Summer.

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  17. Love, love love your fall decor and table setting! And the tea setup. Both are wonderful. Your encounter with the baby mourning dove is wonderful! Great photo!

  18. We've had the best sunny day for ages today so I am still holding on to summer but your photos have a real autumn feel with all the rich colours, something to look forward to. :-)

  19. I'm really looking forward to the cooler temperatures they are calling for this weekend. I, too, might start getting out my autumn decor items. I've missed my pumpkins and wooly blankets!

  20. Beautiful pictures! I usually prefer fall over summer (I know, heresy), but since I've taken an interest in growing things in my yard, I find myself embracing summer even with its heat and humidity. And so, for the first time I can remember, I am dragging into autumn reluctantly. It could be because this is the first year my nest is empty....:(

  21. Autumn looks good at your house. I too have brought out my fall things earlier than ever before!

  22. Such lovely autumn moments around your home! Your china is very pretty! Thank you for joining Five On Friday! I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  23. Well I am burning the Autumn scents but I am denying the end of summer, especially because we didn't have much of one this year in England. Your tea in the garden looks good and how lucky that a baby dove was that you didn't step on him. Have a lovely weekend xx

  24. Your fall touches are lovely, Judith. I haven't done much around here yet. We've had such hot sunny weather that it hardly feels fall-ish until the sun goes down in the evenings. Then I'm happy to make a cup of hot tea and light a candle for atmosphere. Your autumn tea in the garden looks very welcoming.

  25. Very nice, Judith! I don't have much fall decor but I like to bring them out in early September too! I'm looking forward to trying out all the pumpkin flavoured drinks and treats!

  26. Hello,Judith.
    Your table setting is beautiful. Yes, I am impressed with your autumn decoration! Autumn has already come here too. Glad to see that you almost stepped on the baby dove and snapped it. The book title will be listed in my book list. Hope I could search the story in Japanese.Thank you!
    Have a good weekend.

  27. Hello. Your tablescape is so pretty. I do love autumn and decorating for this special time of year. The little dove is adorable. I wish you a wonderful weekend. My best to you :)

  28. I do love the change of seasons but this year I am not ready. Summer has been so cold here that I've already lit the fire a few times. Love having tea in the garden. Hope you enjoyed it

  29. Cute baby bird! Well its still hot and summer here and will be til around Christmas probably...but i usually like to try and get out our fall decor the first week of September so we can enjoy it fully before its time to put up the Christmas things...but this year i am. lagging behind . Maybe soon!!?? Lol

  30. All of your Autumn photos are just as pretty as ever, Judith. Since your holiday is earlier than ours, I would decorate earlier too. The place setting is very nice for the nice that you won it!
    Enjoy getting ready for the changes coming.

  31. Hi Judith - You can't bring out the fall things too early for me. I'm an autumn lover and look so forward to the fall colours. Your table-setting is very pretty and welcoming. Your front door basket is so pretty. The baby mourning dove...ohmy goodness. I hope mama took it back up where it is safe. What a fabulous shot of the finches. I can't wait to have our house-building completed and be able to photograph from the kitchen window. Right now our carriage home is too high and too far from my feeders. I do miss a lot of great opportunities if I was behind glass. lol Have a great week. The warmer weather isn't gone yet. Deb

  32. Oh what a beautiful tablescape and post. I was coming over to get the link for my post tomorrow.
    I'd love you to come over and link your post and your party at The Fabulous Fall/Linky The Linky Party.
    This party goes all the way to Halloween week. Come by and link any Fall post and link your party every week. Come party with me!
    I'll be back tomorrow to link! XXOO

  33. Sounds like a great book....and what a sweet baby dove.


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