Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tea on Thursday

On Tuesday of this week my Master Gardener emerita group met for our annual tea and we had a wonderful time catching up, eating and sipping.
Luckily I got some of photos of our host Marion's garden before the skies opened up and poured rain.
Not a clear shot and I used my iPhone camera that day but caught movement behind some plants and thought it was a cat at first. Turned out Marion's neighbourhood has had a pair of foxes move in to the area and are keeping the chipmunks and squirrels in check.  They like to sleep on her roof at times which they access by climbing up an arbour.
The Royal Doulton store moved to a different and much nicer location in the outlet mall near us so I went to have a look and purchase a hostess gift of tea to take to the gathering. A clerk pressed a 40% off coupon in my hand when I entered the store so I bought the above tea caddy which is a close match to my Lennox Butterfly Meadow summer dishes.
The highlight of my week was when our oldest grandson Cam finally had tea with his grandma and he knew I'd snap a photo of him for my blog. Hence the thumbs up and cheshire cat grin. LOL
Notice the sturdy mug he was given, no way a dainty teacup was going to be part of this tea party!
Happy Gardening, Take Time for Tea


  1. Good morning, Judith
    Your friend's garden is beautiful. I love the gorgeous pond and waterfall. Your tea caddy is pretty. And your grandson is handsome, so glad he stopped by to have tea with you! Wonderful photos, enjoy your day!

  2. Beautiful gardens - the pond corner is very pretty. Foxes sleeping on the house roof? Yikes. :) Your grandson, Cam, is a handsome young man and I'm glad he joined you for tea in a mug. Love the pretty tea caddy. Our RD store closed this spring. Have a beautiful day!

  3. That 's a 'man's man' mug :)

    Your hostess's garden is gorgeous ....while I wouldn't want them eating my squirrels it would be fun to have foxes hanging around! :)

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  5. What a handsome grandson you have ! Tea with grandkids is always the best .

    Your friend has such a beautiful garden , and foxes to watch too. Looks like a small patch of earthly paradise.

  6. Marion's garden is beautiful. How fun to have foxes sleeping on your roof - I think. A water feature in a garden adds to the tranquility and peacefulness. The tea canister is so pretty.
    Cam is a handsome fellow - love his big smile!

  7. I so enjoy seeing pictures of gardens, Judith, and Marion's is so beautiful. What a sweet gift you found, too.
    Cam is one handsome grandson. His mug for tea is perfect! My late beloved never drank tea from a teacup, either. It was only a mug for him, too.

  8. The garden is so lovely. It looks pretty close to perfect and such a lovely place of tea and company. Love the grandson photo; I am sure he will long remember Tea with Grandma, a special moment. Yes things are winding down in the garden. Soon, though, I will order my fall bulbs. Do you have any favorite daffodils or tulips that you like to plant. I am always partial to Mount Hood. Hope you are having a fine week.

  9. Very pretty garden, and foxes! Good thing there are no neighborhood chickens, or there'd be no neighborhood chickens!

    I miss my Royal Doulton store! My friend has those Lennox dishes, they are so pretty!

    How fun to share tea with a grown grandson! He's handsome, and the mug is the perfect fit!


  10. Beautiful garden and I love the little waterfall. It's nice your grandson took the time to have a mug of tea with you!

  11. What a beautiful garden! I hope that Tea Time with your grandson becomes a new tradition!

    I'm trying to resist the urge to run to the nearest RD store to take advantage of their 40% off coupons, as I'm running out of space for my teawares.

  12. Your friend has a beautiful garden doesn't she! I especially like the pond area with the acers and hostas all around. How great that your grandson had tea with you! He looks very happy with his mug of tea. xx

  13. Oh my word, what an amazing garden she has - I am so sorry it rained, cutting your ooohhs and ahhhhs garden viewing. What dedication and hard work that had to have been!

    Love your new tea caddy - what a pretty pattern that is!

    Last but certainly not least - your handsome grandson having tea with his granny is awesome. He is so cute - love the mug, my youngest Katie would never EVER drink from a dainty teacup either - and my goodness, does he resemble his Grandma Judith! He has very strong features of yours. And that is a very good thing. : - )

    Hugs. ♥

  14. Lovely photos, Judith, as always! (And the small flowers you add between the photos look marvellous.) Your friend has a beautiful garden.
    You must have had a very nice tea party with your grandson. :)
    Oh oh, it must be fun to visit a Royal Doulton shop with a 40 % discount... The tea caddy is really pretty.
    Have a nice weekend!

  15. Rain or shine, Marion's beautiful garden must be heavenly for a spot of tea. Sightings of those neighbourhood critters certainly add to the experience of sipping al fresco!

    Your new tea caddy is very pretty, and so 'you', I believe, as is your handsome grandson, Cam, who bears a lovely resemblance to his adoring gram!

    Hope you have a sunny weekend, Judith. It's cold and damp and grey in York Region, today!


  16. Hello Judith, what lovely pictures and I envy your rain! Thanks for sharing that beautiful garden.
    That tea caddy is to die for! I have never seen one like that.It is grand.

  17. What a wonderful grandson! And Marion's garden is stunning!

  18. I love Marian's garden, especially her dahlias and pond. The tea caddy is really lovely. What a nice hostess gift. Loved seeing Cam too. Glad he agreed to pose for you with his cuppa.

  19. You sure took some lovely shots of Marian's gardens!
    What a pretty hostess gift.
    Your grandson is a handsome young man, Judith. So nice that he visits with you, and shares a cup with his grandmum.
    Enjoy your evening.

  20. Beautiful gardens...the hosta garden looks so shaded and cool...we are in the muggies again this week. Your new tea caddy is very nice! How could you deny yourself with such a nice coupon? Oh my! Those grandsons really do grow up, don't they?! He looks perfectly content with the mug and with visiting Grandma.

  21. The gardens are so beautiful and what a handsome young man. My youngest Grandson was over yesterday. He is 15 and getting so tall---of course everyone seems tall to me. haha

  22. Judith your Grandson is a very handsome young man. Nice hostess gift. Beautiful takes of Marion's garden.

  23. Marion's gardens are lovely, I especially like the pond area. You are lucky to still have a Royal Doulton store, ours is now closed. Your grandson is a handsome young man with a beautiful smile! He does look like you!


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