Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tea on Thursday - A Little Bit Country

Whew, we've had temperatures in the high 80s along with humidity so needless to say in the morning I walk the dog, water the pots outside, feed the fish and stay indoors with the cooling A/C after that.
I don't know how our blogging sisters to the west with this weather day after day survive.
When we moved to this house the area was more rural than it is today but at least most of the farms are still here and active with dairy or beef cows, sheep, goats, horses or chickens. (along with the crop farmers)
I've always had fond memories of my maternal grandmother's farm so added a little bit of country to my decor. I hung framed farm scenes in the kitchen and had placemats and mugs with cows on but my favourite piece was my holstein cookie jar.
Isn't this sweet? I once saw a teapot on display in a tea room that looked like it would go together with my piece.
I purchased a welcome sign and made a few crafts myself. The mugs and placemats are long gone, given to Value Village but I can't seem to part with the cookie jar or the two display milk cans, the small one seen here.
My gardens need a good rain and hubby assures me one is on the way in the next day or so.
I just finished reading 'The Girl on the Train' which my daughter recommended and I couldn't put it down. Now I'm about to read 'Hush' by Anne Frasier which she said is just as good.
Reading mysteries and sipping tea...a good way to pass these hot days.


  1. Hello Judith, I love your farm scene mosaic. And your cute cow cookie jar is adorable. We are having a thunder storm now, the first rain we had in a while. I will have to look for that book, I like the books that are good they can not be put down! Have a happy Thursday!

  2. Your cookie jar is cute, Judith. I hope you get rain soon. We have finally gotten rain here, and now it is intensely humid and still in the 90s. Well at least we're getting rain.

  3. Love the farm scenes. The older I get the more I appreciate them. That holstein cow cookie jar is wonderful! Where I live it's generally very comfortable but we climbed up to the upper 80's and low 90's recently and the humidity was terrible. I do the same thing- get the outdoor watering done early and head back in to the AC. I guess we don't tolerate it because our bodies aren't used to it.

  4. Hello, dear Judith!
    Your cookie jar is really pretty and cute, and I think reading mysteries and sipping tea is wonderful way to pass the hot days!
    Here we have enjoyed some sunny and pleasant days. Nights are getting cool, there have been frosty nights in some parts of the country. It means that soon we need to start carrying pelargonium pots in and out... :)
    Happy morning gardening!

  5. Good morning Judith!
    Your photo's remind me of our farm we lived on before moving here. I especially love the horse photo. It really made me miss ours. That was where I had teas for the ladies in our church many times. What special memories.
    Thank you for this lovely post.

  6. Ahhh...yes, the country! I wish my neighborhood was a bit more is a subdivision in a rural area but I could live in an old farm house if it was long as it had A/C. I am hoping we see the end of our high 80's and 90's weather any day now! Love the cow cookie jar :)

  7. You are so right. We long so much for summer, but the extremes are difficult to take!

  8. Your cow cookie jar is too cute!

    It rained heavily for a couple of hours here this morning, but it cleared up beautifully by the afternoon.

  9. That cookie jar is adorable.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. I wouldn't want to part with the cookie jar either...hope that you get a cool front soon. We had several days of steamy hot weather but this morning there's a refreshing no humidity break : )

  12. They are charming. I'd have a hard time parting with them too if they were mine. Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Indeed the best things on these hot days, tea and books and....keeping cool. Love that cow cookie jar, never seen such a thing before.
    Wish you a great weekend with some rain for the garden (at night).

  14. I'm always happy to get more book recommendations, so thanks for the ones at the end of the post. Love your little cow, too cute. And stay as cool as you can...only a bit more summer left to enjoy I guess...those days are fleeting, hot but


  15. I'm always happy to get more book recommendations, so thanks for the ones at the end of the post. Love your little cow, too cute. And stay as cool as you can...only a bit more summer left to enjoy I guess...those days are fleeting, hot but


  16. I liked The Girl on the Train too. I believe it was Jane (Blondie) who recommended it in a post that I read a few weeks ago. It is indeed a great book! Loved it! Your cow cookie jar and little milk can are adorable. I have an old rusty cream can in my garden. I grew up in a town of 400; it was "almost" rural. My favorite aunt and uncle had a farm and I visited often. Happy memories! :)
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  17. Hi Judith,
    Your cow cookie jar is adorable! I remember the cows on my Granny's farm too. They had jersey cows and the calves always reminded me of little fawns when I was a very little girl. They had the largest farm in the community and so there was always someone there visiting and enjoying Granny's wonderful baking. Ah, such fond memories!
    We are having the hot humid weather now and little sleep is to be had because of it. I don't like A/C as it doesn't agree with me for some reason but in the car, Hubby insists on using it. I just have to 'suck it up' as they say. I need a good mystery to read right now as I am re-reading a Tea Shop mystery yet again. Thanks for the interesting post and I hope you get your rain soon.


  18. I grew up with farms all around me in the midwest so I love the farm look too....and yes we needed the rain that came and the cool down although heat is coming back....oh and I love a good mystery.


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