Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tea on Thursday and my Garden Journal

Randomly from around the garden top L and clockwise: rudbeckia glowing in the sunlight, crocosmia 'Lucifer', lobelia cardinalis and an unnamed daylily.
Echinacea and browallia by the pond, a big pot of browallia that was a trial plant from Proven Winners. I highly recommend browallia, an annual if you like purple and have a shady spot for it.
Pinks and purples in the butterfly garden and butterfly bush patiently awaiting butterflies.
A couple of new shrubs to trial from Proven Winners, my little fig tree valiantly putting out more leaves, the oak leaf mountain ash almost bare of leaves and my small garlic harvest hanging from the rafters in the garden shed. 
I almost didn't see this little guy on the Joe pye weed, did you know the flowers smell like vanilla?
While on vacation our oldest daughter gifted me with this fairy and butterfly garden stake.
And last night when I went to the mailbox there was a mysterious package for me.  Blogging sister Michele from Nest at Finch Rest decided these pretty lavender items would be happy with me and she was right; thank you so much.  
Michele is a kind and thoughtful gal known to surprise her friends with gifts now and then and a pretty card of appreciation for our friendship was included, how sweet is that. ♥
On Monday morning I picked blueberries with a neighbour and a friend picked later that day as well and gave me a couple of pieces of her homemade blueberry coffee cake, one of which I had with my tea. I froze most of my berries but plan to bake something too.
Hard to believe we're into August already isn't it?
Happy Gardening, Take Time for Tea


  1. Good morning, Judith! Your flowers are just lovely. The cardinal flower is one of my favorites. I wish I had the Joe Pye growing in my yard, the butterflies love it! Pretty tea setting, the fairy is cute! Have a happy day!

  2. Your garden is providing some lovely blooms. The surprise gift of the little lavender items is adorable. We went to an amazing old schoolhouse tearoom yesterday, I could of spent hours in there.

  3. Judith, Thank you for showing some red flowering plants along with their names! Red is my signature color and I have zero in my garden! I will look for these!


  4. Everything looks so beautiful! So vibrant and colorful! HAppy summer!

  5. Great garden photos. I need more red in my garden, I think I'll look for that lobelia cardinalis next summer.

  6. Lots of pretties growing in the garden and that little fairy is cute.

  7. Gorgeous flowers. Love your new fairy. Michele is a sweet gal and she knows your love of purple! :)

  8. So many lovely blooms in your garden, Judith and anything baked with blueberries sounds wonderful!

    I am not much of a tea drinker...just some coffee in the morning, but I was just reading about formal Japanese tea ceremonies the other interesting to think about that and our afternoon teas derived from the Engllish tradition...

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  10. I enjoyed seeing all your flowers in the garden and the darling fairy stake, Judith. Your gifts from Michele are so perfect for you, and so thoughtful, too. Blogging sisters are the best!
    Your blueberry coffee cake looks so tasty and so pretty with your blue and white teacup and teapot. You'll enjoy those blueberries in the winter months.

  11. Love your new lavender teawares. What a sweet gift from Michele!

    I recognize the aqua napkin. Hee!

    I was at HomeSense this afternoon and saw a white teapot that said something like ``Home is where you have tea in the garden.`` It reminded me of you!

  12. Oh yay, nothing broke getting to you way up there in Ontario! : - )

    Pretty purple flowers will ALWAYS remind me of you. Hugs.

    Garden looks great, love the new stake and yummmmmm on the blueberry dessert! ♥

  13. Your gardens are lovely ! Oh sweets and tea my fave , Oh that garden ornament is cute . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  14. I continue to be amazed at your garden's beauty! Wish I had your touch!

  15. Everything is looking lovely. I love this time of year when everything is so beautiful. You are gifted in the garden!
    The Blueberry Coffee Cake looks so luscious too. I bet it was fantastic.

  16. Good morning on Friday. Michelle does seem to be a sweet and thoughtful friend. And your flowers are lovely. I'm thinking you must find such joy looking out your windows and walking in your wonderful garden.

  17. You do fine work, indeed. I'm feeling lethargic today. Not much done!

  18. Lovely photos of beautiful flowers!
    The lavender items are very pretty, as is your teaware for Thursday. We love blueberries too and they are said to be so good for the health. This year, however, ours are less tasty than usually, because it's raining all the time...
    Happy gardening!

  19. You just keep coming up with more flowers that are growing in your many garden spots, Judith! So lovely.
    What a sweet friend to surprise you with those pretty lavender pieces for your tea time.
    I like the garden fairy from your daughter, also.
    It's been rainy here. The gardens look pretty messy right now. Not nice like yours.
    I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  20. What thoughtful gifts from people who know you.

    Your flowers are beautiful. We have some of the same flowers in our gardens.

    We've been away so much lately it has been hard on our gardens, yet the plants and flowers have persevered. We are harvesting blueberries, and still getting lettuces, beans, squash and cucumbers from the garden in spite of the extreme heat and lack of rain,

    Always an inspiration to visit your blog, thank-you.

  21. the garden s are looking beautiful. I've never heard of Joe Pye weed abd wonder about the the name, I made blueberry muffins for breakfast. Our daughter and SIL grow them . We help pick sometimes. And eat often!

  22. Stunning flowers and thanks for the tip about browallia. I am always looking for new purple shady annuals.


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