Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tea on Thursday and Fairy Gardens 101

Have you made any fairy gardens yet? They're the hottest growing trend in gardening for four reasons:  inspiration, imagination, innovation and resourcefulness.
I give presentations on fairy gardens and become enthused when I see my audience bringing out their inner child.
My first fairy gardens were pretty much medium to large figures placed in the garden as seen below.
There weren't many fairies available and certainly not small ones. Now, there are lots plus accessories on the market making it easier to fulfil the demand for those who believe.
Do you believe?
The trend is not for putting statues and figures throughout your gardens, although this is fun too. It's about creating miniature gardens in containers, large and small so let's have a look at how to begin.
Anyone who creates dollhouses knows about ratios and with fairy gardens the suggested is 1:12. This means that 1 inch = 1 foot so a 7 inch arbour would be 7 feet in reality.
Have a look at the photo on the left - would you put this fairy with the house beside her? Or, would the little girl on the right be a better fit? 
Personally, I don't measure and to be honest, the fairy on the right is likely still too big but as with all guidelines, that's just what they are. The fairy gardens I construct appear to be in proportion and I'm happy with them so that's all that matters. 
When choosing a container and planting it with soil, drainage holes in the bottom are essential so all your work doesn't float together in a heavy rain. Where you place the finished container will depend on the plants in it which can be sunk into the soil in their little pots or planted right in. This garden was planted for part shade with only some morning sun which the polka dot plants and hosta  like. The blue-eyed grass will grow in full sun but is happy under these conditions as well. The little green shrub at the back is a spirea 'Little Princess' seedling. I keep it, and the blue-eyed grass small by trimming with scissors.
Look around the house and garden for accessories you can construct yourself. I glue pruned branches into the caps of acorns for mushrooms and made a gazing ball by glueing a marble atop a branch.
Pea gravel, coloured stones, sand and flat rocks help for a base with furniture or to create streams and pathways. My small pea gravel came from the neighbourhood play area, coloured stones from the dollar store and the flat rocks are broken pieces from the waterfall. I do purchase fairies, furniture etc.
Many nurseries are selling fairy garden accessories and there are on-line sources as well, I have a couple of favourite Canadian websites I've ordered from.
Inside a moss basket filled with soil I've used a bag of moss from Michael's to cover the surface and inserted a piece of driftwood that has air plants pushed into the crevices. Pruned branches around the garden keeps my dog from running through and knocking everything over.
The fairy house teapot is made of resin but I've seen some homemade houses of wood and moss that look pretty good.
Source: Pinterest
Make fairy gardens in wagons, wheelbarrows, overturned clay pots, bowls, birdbaths...even a teacup!

 And don't forget a fairy garden or two for indoors. This is just a small one I made in a saucer to use  the Tea Room figurine I've had and wondering what to do with. Underneath the moss is sahara (dry foam) to fit the bottom so I could stick in the flowers and shepherd's hook with the silver teapot.
I have another indoor one in progress...did I mention that creating fairy gardens is addictive?
Hopefully you've picked up a tip or two or maybe you have something to add in a comment.
Now I'm off to make myself a cup of tea in this pretty cup.

Happy Gardening, Take Time for Tea!


  1. Good Morning, you have some wonderful and creative ideas for the Fairy gardens. They are so cute! I love all the photos, especially the second shot from the top! Your teacup is pretty, enjoy your tea!
    I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day. Enjoy your Thursday!

  2. I love this post, Judith! All of your fairy gardens are wonderful. I especially love the one on your deck with the tea set and white furniture. Adorable. This was helpful and informational to me; I have just purchased houses, fairies, and other accessories and set them in the garden. One is on an old stump and I kind of like it. But I need to make miniature gardens for my fairies, as you say. I'm bookmarking this post for reference later.
    Thanks!!! Hugs and blessings, Beth

  3. Wow! Beautiful fairy gardens! I love the teacup too :-)

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  5. These are all adorable ! I did not do one this year but I did them for two years prior with the grands...nothing elaborate but the kids enjoyed it! :)

  6. Thanks for the info Judith....if i can do a collage one sixteenth as lovely as yours someday ill be happy!! Enjoying this fairy gardens post! Arent they the most FUN??!!

  7. What a delightful post!!! Would consider planting a fairy garden if not for the two cats...Have a grand day!

  8. Thanks for this cute and informative post, Judith! Every day's a school day in blogland!

    P.S. I also love your Fairy Dell teacup!

  9. Judith, how special are these adorable Fairy gardens. And the teacup is such a special addition. I love Fairies and enjoyed this post. Oh, and I Beieve!

  10. Very pretty and cute , I wouldn't be able to have any of this as the chipmunks and squirrels would rearrange it all on me lol or would be the fairs ?? Lovely post and photos. Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  11. Fairy Gardens are just so sweet! And your teacup is cute too!


  12. Luv the fairy gardens! and can definitely see the addictive creativity involved - enJoy!
    My TeaTime celebrates Canada Day! welcome...

  13. I so enjoyed seeing your Fairy Gardens and also your cup for Tea. What fun.

  14. Love this! I've dreamed of doing this for a long time and maybe now I'll be inspired enough to try it with my grands (once construction is finished at their house and they are back to normal in their yard.) Thank you!

  15. Dear Judith
    Your fairy gardens are so sweet and the tea cup by Fairy Dell is pretty. I always enjoy your post
    Have a good weekend!

  16. What great guidelines you've shared, Judith. I do have a fairy garden in a big galvanized tub, but I'd love to make one for indoors, too, because I'd enjoy it more. You deserve that cup of tea after working with your fairies!

  17. Very interesting topic! I have considered this and probably will not actually create one, though I do have an idea for a fairy door. My favorite is the steampunk teapot and my second favorite is the tea cup one. Totally charming!

  18. Judith, your fairy gardens are magical! I love how you created a gazing ball using a simple marble. A fairy garden is something I have always meant to create myself but never seem to get around to it. I've really enjoyed having a peek at yours and your directions are super. Enjoy the rest of this Canada Day week.


  19. Judith, these gardens are just darling! I'd love to try one, I'll have to look around for accessories. Thanks for sharing these sweet gardens with us.

  20. Hi Judith - LOVE your tiny fairy gardens...and that fairy photo is really sweet. I'm home from Alaska, I think I have my photo program up and running properly again with an update I did on the iMac.

  21. Hello, dear Judith!
    Your lovely, magical post has more than convinced me: I will try to create a fairy garden too. In these weeks I don't have time, but it will be a fun project for the end of summer. I will try to use only items I already have, and it makes it challenging in a nice way. I too bookmark this post for future reference.
    Thank you and have a lovely week!

  22. I have one in an old white ironstone urn - don't have much but a thatched house and a little bird but my plants are on the smaller side and it's kinda cute. I put a new ivy plant in there as my old one was getting too scraggly. I also have a bonsai (very old) that I am slowly redoing - I neglected it and the branches and leaves got much too it's fun to see it get more leaves and more compact. This will take a long while due to the fact that every a leaf gets too large I snip it. A little Yoda lives under the tree with a clay terrapin a friend made us and a tiny dragonfly.

    But my big miniature obsession is my dollhouses. I can't believe I have never shown them on the blog. Guess I don't hurt for future posts, but I can't get around easy right now to get out the lights and such to get good pics. So it will be fun to share a little later I guess.

    Always love your fairy posts, sorry this is so long. Hugs. ♥

  23. I love fairy gardens too! Your creations are fantastic, I like them all. I also tried to make one a few days ago, just a simple one, and I'm quite satisfied. Haven't uploaded yet.

  24. Hi Judith, what a fun post! I like to make container fairy gardens too! Yours are so cute and the teacup so darling!

  25. Hi Judith, what a fun post! I like to make container fairy gardens too! Yours are so cute and the teacup so darling!

  26. I love fairy gardens and would love to start one with my Grand daughter. :)
    Joy @ Books and Life

  27. These are adorable I do not make these gardens, but I do have fairies in my garden! :)

  28. Dearest Judith; Oh My, your post is always feast for the eyes♡♡♡ BEAUTIFUL fairly garden and gorgeous tea cup; I sometimes have green tea with coffee cup p;-)

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in Canada, xoxo Miyako*

  29. This is absolutely wonderful. I love the idea of them I've never actually seen one, but had heard that one of our local greenhouses was going to be selling a few fairy items. They didn't have much though. I would like to try this though.

    By the way, this is Diane from My Cottage Garden. ;)


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