Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tea on Thursday and my Garden Journal

Let's take a walk around and see a few of the flowers blooming this week. I don't want to photo overload so will start with some roses along the front walkway.
 light pink carpet rose
dark pink carpet rose
an unnamed beauty
 (climber 'New Dawn' died back to the ground over winter so will be flowering later than usual)
and in the backyard bird garden, Candy Oh 'Vivid Red'
The walkway continues along the south side of the house where there is no turf grass.
'Happy Returns' is dotted along the slope by the house.
Evening primrose in the backyard.
A garden club plant sale purchase which appears to be a form of euphorbia but I cannot find a name for it. Any suggestions?
Blogging sister Vee suggested I should mention what I do with my peony petals. Many years ago I wrapped some ribbon around the handle of this small wicker basket and added a bow and rosebud. Each year I collect a few handfuls of spent petals and toss them in to dry out. On the left is last year's faded and dusty collection and on the right, a fresh addition. They don't keep their fragrance for very long so I will add a couple of drops of a scented oil now and then. Homemade pot pourri.
I went strawberry picking earlier in the week, came home and baked a Queen Victoria sponge cake. A sliver with my afternoon tea is all I need as there's lots of whipped cream and calories involved.
 I was wanting an infuser to fit a couple of teapots that didn't come with one and found this at David's Tea.
 A perfect fit for my birdie teapot.
Steep with the ceramic lid on, then lift the whole thing out and put the teapot lid back. It's a fine mesh that keeps rooibos leaves and their powder contained. I'll show the iced tea infuser pitcher I purchased as well another time. (anyone who doesn't have a David's Tea nearby, they have a mail order service)
My newest fairy garden. I've been thinking about how to use the miniature tea room house and decided to put it in a saucer. The bottom is lined with sahara (dry medium for flower arranging) so I could stick the rose and iris garden in. The terra cotta pot has a face moulded on the front and the shepherd's hook has a silver teapot hanging from it. Such fun creating these!
Next week I'm going to write a fairy garden 101 post as a few bloggers have expressed an interest in creating their own. 

 Happy Gardening, Take Time for Tea!


  1. Good Morning, Judith. Your roses are gorgeous. The carpet rose is my favorite. And what a cute idea for the homemade potpourri. I think we have a David's tea around here somewhere. Your cake looks delicious, wish I could take a piece for later.. Have a happy day!

  2. Your garden is wonderful and your cake must be very good!!!

  3. Lovely photos and gardens Judith , I think that plant is Euphorbia mellifera, commonly known as Honey Spurge or Canary Spurge,. That cake looks YUMMY ! oh always time for gardens and tea here that's for sure lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. I love your post today. You have a wonderful garden; filled with so many beautiful flowers and plants. Your basket with petals, is a great idea. The petals of peonies are so soft and pretty. I will have to check out The tea Shop online; as we don't have one near us. You created a wonderful fairy garden. Look forward to your post on fairy garden 101. Oh yes, the strawberry dessert looks delicious.

  5. I love your roses. I planted 3 last year and because of the very cold unusal winter we had I lost two of them. Love your fairy garden. I plan on making one later this year. They are so cute.

  6. Simply delightful. The roses are amazing looking as well as your cake!

    Mersad Donko Photography

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  8. Your garden is delightful, and what a treat to see so many beautiful pink roses...I love them, and how on earth do you keep them so bug free? Mine are like lace this year.


  9. Beautiful gardens! Such a treat to see them.

    That is a nice infuser for your tea pots. I'll have to check out the online shop!


  10. What a sweet summery post - beautiful garden flowers, a scrumptious teatime dessert, an idea on potpourri, an adorable fairy garden and a new tea accoutrement. You nailed about all my favorites all in one post, dear Judith!

    So sorry I have been absent - losing my friend Linda, then jury duty then my little niece staying a couple days - there's the week, aye?


  11. A walk around your garden would be such a treat and this virtual tour is the next best thing. Your roses are so beautiful. We have a David's Tea here, but I've never been into it. Looks like they have lots of interesting and useful things.
    Yay for the fairy gardens post!

  12. What a darling fairy garden! I have long wanted to create one of these, but, as always, the time has gotten away and my favorite plant buying places have closed until fall. I did find a little shop that sells tiny things to use in a fairy garden, so maybe I'll just get a couple of trinkets and wait until next year to plant. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I can almost smell the fragrance of your roses!!! They are just exquisite! I found an infuser like that one and do so enjoy it! Have grand day!

  14. Your roses are GORGEOUS! And Cathy is right... I could almost smell them. Beautiful.

  15. What gorgeous roses! I like the path through your garden. Everything looks beautiful and lush. Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Lovely roses in your front garden! And....the Victoria sponge cakes is tempting.

  17. Hi Judith I adore your new fairy garden and in fact, all of your fairy gardens! I'm glad you're going to post on how to do it...mine seem kind of plain Jane. Your roses are beautiful. We got 4" of rain yesterday and there is a lot of flooding about town, although not in our area. Crazy weather! Hugs, Beth

  18. What gorgeous flowers! The new fairy garden with the teahouse is so cute! It's hard to find a good strainer for rooibos so I'll have to check out Davids Tea next time I'm in their store!

  19. Your garden is looking very pretty....lush and full! I planted a few new roses today that I bought on sale.
    I would let your lupines reseed~ I am hoping they spread around the pond. I have them in the garden too and haven't had to worry about them spreading too much~ but then our garden is full already!

    We have had hundreds of Japanese visitors again this year but the busiest time will soon be over until fall.I enjoy their visits!

    Happy Canada week to you also!

  20. I don't think I could pick a favorite among the roses you pictured. they're all so beautiful, are they all fragrant ?

    Your walkway appears to lead one down a softly winding path to mystery, or fairy gardens ?

    I and my granddaughters have made a few fairy gardens these past few years and are always thinking up new ideas for them. It will be fun to read the next post !

  21. Oh, Judith, I would have liked to see many, many more flower photos from your garden. I love especially the pink ones (gorgeous roses!), but you have also beautiful yellow flowers in your garden.
    Your strawberry cake looks lovely and your fairy garden looks so sweet that soon I need to try to create one too. :)
    Have a great weekend!

  22. hello
    splendide les roses
    et le gateau super appétissant
    bonne journée

  23. I love what you do with those peony petals and now next year I can keep mine too as I wondered how they would keep...I have the perfect basket and spot to keep them...thanks for this beautiful idea Judith!

  24. I love your flowers. The strawberry dessert looks so so amazing! YUM

  25. Your roses are stunning!!!!!! I love your new fairy garden too and look forward to the tutorial. xx

  26. I just love your peony petal idea...hope that I remember next year. It is always nice to take a stroll with you through your garden. Can't wait for your tutorial on fairy gardens.

  27. Those roses were so pretty. That cake/strawberries looks delicious.

  28. I loved this post, Judith! Strolling through your garden was a beautiful time, and then ending with tea, cake and your fairy garden, was perfect! Thanks for the info on the tea strainer, too, and how you make your peony potpourri.
    Happy weekend!

  29. Judith, What a find. An infuser for teapots without one! The roses are great! Sylvia D.

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  31. Dearest Judith; Wow, your carpet roses are so beautiful and others as well♡♡♡ I admire you making Homemade pot pourri, how wonderful! I had a little irritation for my trouble with my face, I had eaten more sweet I should have p:-) (Bought some cakes etc) Your cake looks SO yummy(♡˘◡˘♡)

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in Canada, xoxo Miyako*

  32. Those are really gorgeous roses. I just love them. I hope someday I could start a garden and plant roses like yours :-) I like David's tea as well, isn't that infuser great?

  33. Your roses are just beautiful!

  34. Hi Judith,
    I am very late visiting your post but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Your blooms are lovely and the fairy garden, adorable. I have the same David's Tea infuser and I really like it. I would love a slice of that delicious looking sponge cake! Yum!! Thanks for sharing all the eye candy and Happy Canada Day!



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