Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tea on Thursday and my Garden Journal

I think my favourite spring perennial is the peony,  especially a heavenly scented frilly double.
'Sarah Bernhardt' 
Unknown pink
'Festiva Maxima'
Unknown white
Itoh 'Bartzella'
There are couple not in bloom yet and one is a first year plant that is too young to flower. As much as I like peonies in the garden, they are a must to bring inside for bouquets or on a tea table outside.

Over the kitchen sink is ideal too.
I have other photos from the garden for this week but I think sharing my peonies are enough and I'll leave you with this poem.
This morning the green fists of the peonies are getting ready 
to break my heart
 as the sun rises 
as the sun strokes them with his old, buttery fingers
and they open–pools of lace, white and pink

and all day the black ants climb over them 
boring their deep and mysterious holes 
into the curls, craving the sweet sap

taking it away to their dark, underground cities

and all day under the shifty wind, as in a dance to the great wedding
the flowers bend their bright bodies, and tip their fragrance to the air

and rise, their red stems holding all that dampness and recklessness
 gladly and lightly
and there it is again–beauty the brave, the exemplary, blazing open.

 unknown author
On the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting another blogger and this time it was Wendy from September Violets. We had a great time antiquing at the antique market in Innisfil where I live. Wendy found some treasures but nothing caught my eye. Afterwards we nipped over to Tim Horton's to have some lunch and a leisurely chat. It always amazes me how one can meet another person for the first time and feel so at ease, it's as if you've known each other all along. Of course we do through our blogs but the atmosphere changes when you're face to face.
We exchanged gift bags and I love the pretty mug mat and flower Wendy crafted for me.
I took them outside for my afternoon tea one day with a homemade blueberry muffin to photograph in the teahouse beside the pond. Thank you again Wendy, the mug mat sits beside my computer now.

Happy Gardening, Take Time for Afternoon Tea!


  1. You have so many different Peonies, so beautiful on the vase too. I love that poem and so nice to meet other bloggers.

  2. What wonderful peonies you have ! I missed out on taking good pictures of mine between the rain and the company that is redoing the pathways .. yet another Spring I missed that !
    I love how you have them all in different vases and in the kitchen window .. the light will dance through them : )
    PS .. perfect mug and mat .. so nice to meet bloggers in person !
    I came over from Jen's blog

  3. Hello Judith, I love your pretty peonies. Gorgeous variety of colors. It was nice that you and Wendy were able to meet, go treasure hunting and have lunch. It sounds like a great time. I love the pretty mug and flower. Have a happy day!

  4. It is nice, to have possibility to participate a little bit of your good life!
    Have a nice day
    yours Pippa

  5. Your peonies are so beautiful ! I remember you gave me advice on how to get mine to bloom years ago. I think I have finally found the perfect spot for my peony. what a pretty mug mat Wendy made for you! Have a lovely day.

  6. What a beautiful variety of peonies! Love that cute little mug rug; what a nice gift :)

  7. Your peonies are so beautiful. I'm enjoying yours as much as I enjoyed mine. How fun to meet up with a blogging friend.


  8. Beautiful post... Your peonies are amazing..They are one of my favourites from my Grannies I'm inspired... Such a lovely cup and handmade flower..It's so nice to have special friends...Thanks for sharing the beauty...Hugs

  9. I love peonies...and yours are gorgeous! So nice to have tea with a blogging friend too!

  10. Hello Judith,
    your peonies are really beautiful and your photos of them gorgeous. Oh, I could scroll this post up and down for ever.
    It sounds that you and Wendy had a lovely meeting, browsing the Antique Market and enjoying the lunch together. I have now visited "September Violets" too.
    A homemade blueberry muffin sounds... and looks... wonderful. Happy afternoon teas and happy gardening! :)

  11. You are killing me with these pictures! I do not miss my former house one bit, but I do genuinely miss the peonies that we used to have growing alongside the house. I was at Trader Joe's yesterday and saw bunches of pink peonies ready to burst forth and, like a fool, failed to buy any. I've been kicking myself ever since.

  12. Your peonies are gorgeous. Lovely to meet up with Wendy for a chat and a shopping trip. She made the cutest little mug mat for you. It is a nice day today and we are getting the lawns cut and trimmed.

  13. I'm so glad that you and Wendy got to meet, I hope you can do it again someday. Your peonies are beautiful aren't they!!! I love peonies, one of my most favourite flowers!!! xx

  14. You have so many different peony blooms to choose from, and all of them are gorgeous! I don't always remember to cut a few to bring inside, and they're finished so quickly! It was such a pleasure to meet you Judith, and I've been using my owl mug every day and just love it! Thanks again for a wonderful day :)

  15. Your peonies are so gorgeous, Judith. I sure miss their romantic beauty as I don't see them here in Texas. I remember them from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan,however.
    How fun to meet a fellow blogger and to enjoy some time together. You received such a lovely gift to be used at your tea time. I always take time for tea, too, and your blueberry muffin is making me hungry!

  16. Wonderful variety of peonies! I feel like taking a drive and stopping every time I see one blooming in someone's garden. Or I could just fly to your house and take photos. I will have only two peonies this year. I'm in shock. What do you suppose I have done wrong? It is always fun to meet a blogger. Tim Horton's is one of my favorite lunch spots.

  17. Beautiful! The yellow peonies are my favourite!. I have some pink peonies in my garden but I've never thought to bring them inside. Clearly, I need to remedy that!

  18. Beautiful peonies... I wish I could grow them...
    Your pictures are amazing.

  19. Your peonies are so beautiful! I don't have any in my garden, but do love them, they remind me of my Mum who had a whole row of them along her driveway. I think one of the loveliest bridal bouquets I have ever seen was very Victorian looking with peonies and other garden flowers....

  20. Your peonies are just amazing. I love the smell of these!

  21. What a stunning array of peonies you have. I have five different ones and love them all. I love the poem you posted too. How sweet. All the peonies look wonderful the way you placed them together well.

  22. Dear Judith, how positively beautiful your peonies are! My word, wow - so so pretty.

    How wonderful you and Wendy were able to meet up - I am happy jealous of her. : - )

    Been crazy around here, had my daughter's bridal shower this weekend, then two days' worth of wedding florist appointments, then babysat my youngest niece and tomorrow going to the state one over to the left to visit my tea society besties for a tea party, then home sunday morning for my nephew's high school graduation party. Whew.

    I will hopefully blog again before folks forget me! ♥

  23. Your 'Festiva Maxima' caught my eye and I love it !

    You're so fortunate to be able to meet another blogger who loves so much that you do. Your gardens, your musings, they are all encouraging to me and I thank you .

  24. Judith, your peonies are gorgeous! I especially like the frilly ones. And I never knew until today that there were yellow (my favorite color) ones!

  25. I have been crazy busy the past week or so with my son coming home next week, a grandson's birthday to celebrate, along with a few other things. Whew!
    I love peonies too although I haven't grown any. I love all the colours but I have to admit the pink ones are my favourite. They look so pretty lined up along your window sill and arranged in that pink container.
    How nice to meet up with a blogger! I'm sure you two ladies had a wonderful time. Her gifts are lovely. Have a beautiful day, Judith.


  26. That poem says it all! I love the ant part. Our peonies broke my heart this year as they were pitiful. I like your variety of jars and splitting what could have been a large bouquet into smaller ones --more to enjoy!

  27. Wonderful post, gorgeous peonies and so sensitive words about the meeting of a friend!! I love all the aspects shown...and so much sensitivity in pictures and in presentation and well related to the lyrics, too!!!
    Have a sunny weekend!

  28. hi Judith, I ADORE PEONIES and those sure are some gorgeous ones! I have never ever ever ever saw YELLOW PEONIES, i didnt know they existed! wow, the neat things we learn through our blogs!! So glad you got to meet a fellow blogger. I have not met any bloggers, but years ago met many many pen pals. This is so similar, but you dont have to mail things or wait on letters, ha ha ha Still, I miss the old fashioned letter writing. I still pen pal a few, but they are 'friends' now, not so much pen pals. Anyway.........the peonies are gorgeous, I want to get some but we only have a courtyard and no yard!

  29. Your peonies are all beautiful, Judith however Sarah Bernhardt simply took my breath away.
    Blogging friends are 21st century pen pals and just like when we were young girls it's a great treat to finally meet them in person. Looks like the two of you had a lovely time together.
    bon weekend.

  30. Hi Judith - your Peonies are so beautiful - so many pretty colors! My neighbor just off our back deck, has a bunch of bright pink peonies blooming right now.

  31. "This morning the green fists of the peonies are getting ready to break my heart as the sunrises " . I know I've already commented, but this poem struck so many heart strings . So many...

  32. Your peonies are really beautiful, Judith! I have always been fond of the peonies that have just a touch of red in the center like your 'Festiva Maxima' and 'Sarah Bernhardt.' 'Bartzella is gorgeous too! I like how you've displayed your peonies in the green and blue Mason jars. By the pond in the teahouse is the perfect place for a cuppa tea. Glad you and Wendy had the chance to meet. I enjoy her blog too.
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  33. I adore peonies too and wow when they open....yours beautiful colorful glass vases make them even more beautiful Judith!


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