Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tea on Thursday and My Garden Journal

This is me!
Proven Winners sent us these pins a couple of years ago and it sits on my desk to remind me what a plant geek I am. :-) There's always room for one more, isn't there!
Last week I showed the two boxes of annuals that arrived from Proven Winners to trial - they're mostly trailers (biddens, calibrachoa, supertunias, verbena) along with browallia. Later this summer I'll share how they're growing.
However, when I removed everything from the boxes, I discovered a nice surprise.
'Pink Paradise' potentilla, 'Pink Mink' clematis and 'Tuff Stuff', a serrata (mountain) hydrangea. Well, they sent pretty pinks to the right place although I did pass along the potentilla to a friend that grows a few of my trial shrubs for me.
 Baptisia 'Lemon Meringue' has loads of blooms this year.
Finally, lupins appeared from all the seeds I planted, sent by Pam (Playing with my Camera) in New Brunswick.
Japanese maples don't do well with our severe winters so this is the next best thing, a cutleaf golden elderberry.
Part of the hosta bed under a dwarf crabapple tree. Already two are knitting together and one will have to move to another spot. The story of my life - leave enough room for mature size, but it's never enough. Have you had this happen to you?
I planted some pots of herbs and veggies on the deck and this is the 'Astia' container zucchini from Renee's seeds. There is supposed to be only one seed in the middle for a container this size so I may have to remove two of the plants. It's covered with netting to keep the squirrels from digging.
The pink ceramic watering can had bulbs in it for Easter and a small geranium looks at home in it now.
We recently finished 'From Dreams to Destiny' by Robert Morris at Bible Study when I happened upon this book at a garage sale for $1. To quote Morris "words good or bad - last forever".
Vanilla earl grey tea with a couple of Peak Frean biscuits and I was into the book in no time.
What are you reading right now? 
Happy gardening, take time for afternoon tea.


  1. Good Morning, Judith. I love the pretty pinks. But the lemon blooms are beautiful too. Your hostas are gorgeous. I like the cute display with the watering can, birdhouse and the pretty bird. Enjoy your Thursday!

  2. Lovely plants to try out. I never seem to leave enough room between plants. The hosta are huge this year and will have to be divided. I'm reading a book in the Meg Langslow mystery series by Donna Andrews. Today is library day so off to get some more reading material. Now it has turned warmer again, we are having our afternoon tea in the gazebo, the perfect time to do a bit of reading.

  3. Good Morning Juduth. It is 8;40 PM here,though!
    I like all of your photos. I really enjoyed all of them. The display of the pink watering pot, the white birdhouse and the blue bird is lovely.I like the title of your book" The Power of your Words". That must be a wonderful book that gives readers many encouragements. When I have time, I read a wonderful poem book that one of my friends published last year. I need more time to finish the book but I do not mind. I love to enjoy it much longer.
    Have a good day!

  4. Such fun gardening photos! Nothing better than spring! Loving your hostas

  5. Love the pinks. I would enjoy the pink potentilla. The hostas looks great. Mine took off this year. They are finally getting some size to them. And my two lupin are blooming. I think they went in two years ago? Have you ever stood next to them then their seed pods burst? Once I heard a popping sound in the garden. It me a bit to figure out that it was the lupins dispensing their seeds. Display your pin proudly.

  6. Your gardening photos are always inspirational, Judith. The book sounds like one that I would certainly enjoy, and wish I could discuss it with you over a cuppa tea.

  7. 'Morning Judith! Your blooms are so lovely and the yellow ones certainly caught my eye although I am partial to pink. Our lupins haven't put on a show yet. It will probably be mid to the end of June before they do. I just came from another blog and she too was talking about the power of our words. Words can make or break us and I still believe in the old adage "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all." Lovely post. Have a wonderful day, my friend.


  8. Beautiful flowers. We have already walked into summer here. I am reading about two novels a week. I love books by Kristen Heitzmann and Rachel Hauck. Sweet heart endearing stories.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  9. I bet that's an insightful book. And you certainly know the names of your flowers and plants, unlike me, but maybe that's what being a Plant Geek is about! :-) It would be quite nice to have a visit in your garden! And some tea too.


  10. My blue hosta did not make it through the winter and I thought I took such care to protect it. I love seeing your hosta garden in that shady part of your yard. I have heard that lupins are terribly invasive, in addition to being terribly attractive. For that reason, I have avoided them. Should I worry? (As for words...yes, I agree with Emily Dickinson..."A word is dead when it is said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day.")

  11. Some great plants. I really like the geranium in the watering can, that is very cute! xx

  12. The cutleaf golden elderberry is a beauty! Your Hostas can go on growing for some time I still see bare soil, haha. My garden is always packed too full with plants. I have new sown Lupins but it will take some time before they will do, I only expect the flowers next year when the rabbits have not eaten them before that time.

  13. LOVE the flower photos. Lupines are growing in the ditches and fields up north (farther north) in Wisconsin near Bayfield and Ashland, but I can't get them to grow here for anything. It's so sad, because I think they're just beautiful. I was wondering why the netting over the pot (until you explained). Those rascally squirrels! I'd take those biscuits and a coffee, please, but not after 10 AM or I won't sleep at night. What I'm reading right now is Wolf Hall. I got partway into Bring Up The Bodies and realized I really should have started at the very beginning, which is Wolf Hall. (Julie Andrews taught me that the beginning is a very good place to start! ;-)

  14. I am an avid mystery reader so I always have one going.....lovely shrubs and that is quite a nice surprise Judith. So many beautiful flowers and plants blooming and growing in your garden.

  15. Love the lemon meringue flowers!

    I'm currently reading "A Prayer for Owen Meany". I started reading it almost 2 months (!) ago at my reading party (yes, I'm geeky enough to host a gathering where the guests read silently for an hour!), and enjoying the novel but I keep getting distracted with other things!.

  16. I am sorry to say I did something wrong because my lupin seed planting was unsuccessful. The loss is greater now that I see your beautiful pink ones!


  17. so pretty!! I truly believe we can shape our thoughts and behaviors by how we speak (and of course think) the whole field of neuro-linguistics (?sp) fascinates me. I am reading the Gifts of Imperfection by Brene' Brown. I am working on liking who I am for what I am ...imperfections and all :)

  18. Your plantings are all beautiful, Judith, as are your little vignettes.
    I'm waiting for my book from Diana to arrive(from Nana Diana Takes a Break). That will be my next read.
    I don't know if I told you how much I love your new header!! It's lovely.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  19. The people that built our home planted two spruce in front. It was 30 years ago. Needless to say I have to prune them. I rather think I might remove them sometime if I can't improve our view!

  20. Hi Judith, I enjoyed seeing some the items you are trialing for Proven Winners. Love the Lemon Meringue baptisia too. Your lupins are lovely - pretty in pink. The book sounds good and how true it is that our words make a difference. Your tea and cookie look good. It is nice to relax with a cup of tea, especially outside on these beautiful spring days.
    Hugs, Beth

  21. Good morning! I love your photos and yes, there is ALWAYS room for one more plant, at least! I bet you are enjoying the warmer weather now in your world. Have a great weekend.

  22. Judith, what a gorgous group of photos this is. Yes, it's a big challenge for me to place the hostas the right space apart. I love your term for it "knitting together". Those ceramic pieces look perfect together.

  23. Oh yes, Judith, there's always room for one more plant! And there are few things in life nicer than shopping in nurseries and garden centers. My husband's uncle's nursery was my mother ship when we were living in Italy.
    The plants you have received sound very interesting. I needed to google "supertunia" and found fun colours, called "bubblegum" for example...
    Your flowers look lovely, and I adore your pink ceramic watering can.
    I'm not reading anything now, since I'm already terribly much behind with visiting (and commenting) blogs! See you tomorrow!

  24. I have been rather busy lately and haven't been visiting, OH my, I LOVE your new blog make-over! It is so pretty.
    I just finished an novel on a pandemic flu that goes worldwide. I was so overwhelmed with it, I picked up my favorite author, Miss Read and am reading one of her sweet lovely village life books.

  25. Beautiful blooms Judith! I love the pink lupins and the yellow babtisia (I'll be looking for this next time at the garden store!). I just bought a Japanese maple, so I hope it survives! A lot of people grow them down here, so I think we're ok. One thing I have noticed is that many are in full sun or part shade, and they seem to do well. And here I always considered them shade only. I noticed that two of your test plants are plants that I just put into the teapot I bought at the antique market and a old watering can. I was a little dubious of the nursery I bought them from, and they were all dried out and very wilted. After some heavy rain today, they are both looking great.


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