Everyone who has a garden knows that when spring rolls around you are going to spend a lot of time working on it. However, if you want to make this little task a bit easier on yourself, and also if you like to prepare in advance and nor rush things than we have some tips that might help you deal with the hectic time that is the spring.

1) Start the early flowering

There are many flowers that can be ordered and planted in this period so that you can enjoy a nice and colorful flowery summer.


Flowers like Lilies, Gladiolus are perfect for this so make sure to order some of their bulbs and seeds.

2) Clean up time

While we were preparing during the winter period with dead leaves and lots of mulch, in the spring it’s time to clean all the beds from any debris and other needless things. Start by clearing your garden, points, and flower beds from all the dead leaves, weeds, and you can also place a layer of manure if you can work on your soil.

3) Greenhouse needs your attention

If you have a greenhouse you might want to start cleaning it up during this time. Grab a brush and a disinfectant of your choice and start cleaning. Remove all the debris from the floor and clean the windows as well as the cracks with your disinfectant.


Lots of diseases and many pests can be lurking in the corners of the greenhouse so make sure you do a thorough job of cleaning as you won’t have time once you plant your desired plants here.

4) Sow what takes time

There are many plants that require a longer growing season, and this is the perfect time to start showing them.

5) water butts

Rainfall is going to be a huge factor for the natural growth of your plant life during this time, you might want to consider installing your own water butts.

These can collect the rainfall which you can later use to water down your plants.

6) Create a composting area

Compost areas don’t need to be big, but just enough so you can place everything you want to decompose so you can later use it to enrich your soil.


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