Whenever my friends ask me where I get the inspiration for my home improvement ideas, and how they can decorate their home and garden like me I usually tell them that they need to not think about it and it will come to them. I know this sounds like a spiritual answer but believe me that inspiration hits me when I least expect it.

Just a few days ago I was walking my dog, and we decided to take one path that led us to the woods.

This was exactly what my dog needed as she was going totally crazy from excitement due to all the odors that she has now smelled around her. But it proved that it was also what I needed for my inspiration to kick in, as it did not take me twenty minutes before nature showed me how I could improve my garden.


Namely, while I was walking I noticed how there were levels of the terrain where certain plants were growing on the higher part, and others were growing on the bottom. This was not just a good visual choice, but it also divided the aggressive plants from the ones that just want to have their own space and be left alone. Making a mental note of this little detail I came home and decided to make a new part in my garden where I would place several levels and layers to my garden dirt floor.


This took me about a full three days, but I got the job done and now I was looking at a nicely built three layers are in my garden that was separated by the level of the aggressive plant species. On the bottom, I put out the most aggressive ones that are known to take up as much space as they wanted, in the second level I placed the plants that could be a sort of a wall or a border between the top and the bottom. Something like a small bush family. Lastly, the top floor was made of delicate plants that required their own space and that were a joy to look at.

Never forget that inspiration comes in all forms and places and just by having a small walk you could be in for a wild new project that can be your new breath of fresh air.


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