Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tea on Thursday and My Garden Journal

The Bird Garden
The bird garden that contains the the bird feeders used to be beside the pond but was moved to the central bed in the backyard. A teahouse was built where the original feeders were and the central garden was created to accommodate the Proven Winners shrubs I trial.
The central garden that was created was originally a grassy area with a herb wheel. You can see on the left how it was and the beginning as the shape was made with stones. What happened to the grass you wonder? It was covered with layers of wet newspaper and cardboard with approximately a 4 inch layer of bark mulch laid on top. (photo on right)  A serviceberry, oak leaf mountain ash, red maple and Baby Blue spruce are the trees originally added to the yard for structure.
Other than to plant some spring bulbs, it stayed this way for a year to allow the grass to break down.
The following spring on the left and summer of 2011 on the right. Unfortunately I can't find a more recent photo of the bed filled in during summer so that will be on my 'to do' list this year.
I've added peonies that are my own to the PW shrubs  and although there is no colour yet, when the shrubs, trees and peonies start blooming, this area is gorgeous. A pathway of pea gravel surrounds this bed and meanders to other parts of the backyard.
A blogging sister sent me a couple of teabags to try from a Stash sample she was given and the Lavender-Tulsi was a light herbal drink without being overpowered by the floral lavender scent. Thank you for sharing!
The fairy garden is going to have a new house this year! A friend saw this for sale at a seminar we attended and she pretty much guarded it until I arrived because she knew I'd want to buy it, and of course I did.
I even baked this week and tried blogging sister Kitty's lemon bars which are delicious. 
If you'd like a link to your garden journal and tea post added at the bottom of mine, just let me know in your comment or by email.
Spot on Cedar Pond


  1. Good morning Judith.. Your gardens are just beautiful.. I love the cute herb wheel. And your new fairy house is adorable.. Have a happy day!

  2. Oh is that little fairy house teapot set adorable! :)

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  4. I like the way the garden is growing and changing - and love love love that fairy house teapot - so darling. What a good friend to protect it for you.

  5. Lovely set up of your gardens they must be soo pretty with all kinds of flowers in them .. I do like that fairy tea pot soo cute and YUMMY ! on the lemon bars ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  6. What a dear little teapot house. I saw some Fairy Gardens while on holidays last summer. Maybe it's something to think about....small enough to bring in for the winter and enjoy in a sunny window. I will be looking forward to seeing your peony bed in full bloom!

  7. All the hard work pays off doesn't it?......makes such a pretty yard! And yes the fairy treasures are adorable!

  8. I know you're happy to be out and about in your garden, Judith! Your teapot fairy house is darling and so cute with your fairy and her tea on the bench. I'm glad you liked the lemon bars. They're perfect with a cup of tea, right? The lavender tea sounds delicious, and so pretty in your lavender mug.

  9. The fairy tea pot is so cute; and so is the little fairy sitting on the bench. Your yard is very nice and must give you so much pleasure. Happy Baking.

  10. Such an adorable fairy teapot. We are all waiting for nice weather after the damp and cold weather this week.

  11. Hello, Judith!
    The new bird garden is really beautiful. I too I'm looking forward to seeing your peonies blooming!
    Your Tea on Thursday looks lovely. The teapot is very pretty and the lemon bars look so tempting!
    Have a nice weekend!

  12. Now that is a lot of grass to replace, making a lovely garden. Thursday Tea looks wonderful. The little fairly on a bench is a sweet touch. Hope you have a great week end. We will be off to buy roses, hoping for nice weather.

  13. You're very welcome, Judith! Glad that you enjoyed the lavender-tulsi.

    Love the teapot house and I can't wait to see it in your garden!

  14. Your header is gorgeous, Judith!!
    So much work in your garden, but a labor of love I'm sure. You must love it out there!
    That is the cutest little fairy house I've ever seen!
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  15. Hi Judith. Sorry I haven't visited lately. I'm just way behind on blogging. I can't seem to do it everyday. So many things to do .... I liked this post a lot, and I LOVE the new Fairy Garden house: Very charming!!!

  16. Hi Judith,
    I remember when you started your center garden! It has all filled in so much, I can't wait to see the Summer shots with colour (I'm sure you are eager too :-). Lovely fairie tea too...

  17. The fairy garden house is charming! and your gardens look lovely.

  18. I love all of it, even the "before". I really like seeing your before & after pictures. What a transformation, beautiful design. I am looking forward to seeing how your garden progresses . Your own peonies, I am so impressed.

    Your first Thursday in the garden post I read really inspired me and I look forward to updates on your gardens and now keeping track of mine, Thank-you again .

  19. Judith, what a sweet and charming garden! What a special way to grow your herbs! I'll be back again, know you'll have gorgeous flowers to show us!

    Have a great weekend~

  20. How interesting to see how you have developed the garden over the years, I always enjoy seeing before and after shots!
    bon weekend

  21. I enjoyed reading about how you transformed your central garden area. It was pretty before, and will be pretty now too as the flowers begin to bloom. Love your new fairy house! It's perfect for you, Judith!
    Hugs, Beth

  22. Mulching the garden helps a lot for us here in Oz, in terms of moisture retention and ridding of weeds. I reckon your garden will look fabulous on summer.
    I love your fairy house. I've just created a fairy garden, when a ferocious hailstorm hammered it. I'm hoping to bring it back to its feet hope you have a good weekend Judith.


  23. One delicious treat after another Judith....tea, lemon bars, that teapot and the center the look there and can't wait to see it in bloom.

  24. Judith, your blog looks so pretty and fresh! I love the new look. You have a lovely garden and what a gorgeous spot it will be come summertime. Love the little fairy house too.



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