Monday, March 16, 2015

Mosaic Monday #32 - A Cool and Soothing Ambience ☘

My book The Healing Garden by David Squire describes the colour green as one that produces a cool and soothing ambience which signifies growth, fertility and freshness.
Above are the dainty flowers of Lady's mantle.
They add a nice contrast to the mound of leaves of this plant and are a marvellous chartreuse filler for bouquets.
How calming this field of green with trees and green pasture with sheep from a local farm look.
Our pond filled with large saucer-shaped leaves of water lilies is home to a dozen or more green frogs.

An Irish Blessing
There's a dear little plant that grows in our isle,
'Twas Saint Patrick himself, sure, that set it;
And the sun of his labor with pleasure did smile,
And with dew from his eye often wet it.
It grows through the bog, through the brake, through the mireland
And they call it the dear little Shamrock of Ireland.
One of a set of teacups by  Phoenix that hubby's grandmother brought over from Ireland. What better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than with a cup of Irish breakfast tea and scone with marmalade.
Signs of spring to look forward to in the garden. The green stems of cimicifuga unfurl and daffodils are ready to flower.
A fine example of shades of soothing green that can be found in a garden. 
After a couple of trial weeks, I've decided to continue putting Mosaic Monday up early on Monday mornings. (EDT) After all, it's a Monday meme and I hope it will encourage participants to come back and visit the others. I stop by and comment on each blog (except the person whom I know deletes my comments) and it may take me a few days to get around to everyone but I do enjoy seeing what you have to share. 
We have a congenial group of regulars each week and newcomers are welcome to join us. Thank you all for your support and participation to make Mosaic Monday a fun party to join.

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  1. Green is so pleasing to the eye and restful. And it goes so well with the blue sky. Have a good week, Judith!

  2. A gorgeous post, Judith! As somebody recently wrote, this is the time of year when green is everyone's favourite colour (at least on our hemisphere). Your photos are beautiful and soothing, and the Irish tea moment looks lovely...
    Thank you for hosting MM and have a great week ahead!

  3. The green in your photos is all so lovely!

  4. What wonderful greens. Cute frog :)
    Happy St Patrick's day!

  5. Wonderful post Judith,filled with optimism!
    I love Lady's Mantle,water droplets on the leaves are fascinating and beautiful.
    Did you know that ancient alchemists used dew drops from this plant in their experiments.......obviously it didn't work out as planned!
    Lovely tea set ......

    Happy Mosaic Monday!


  6. This is one of my favorites of your many wonderful posts. Green is indeed soothing and here in the Pacific Northwest we have lots of opportunities to be soothed with all our greens. Quilters here think of green as a neutral for our quilts - since we are surrounded with green. Your photos are wonderful and I love the story of the teacups coming from Ireland - what a treasure.

  7. Green is my most favourite colour. I remember flying over Ireland and Wales for the first time, way back when, and thinking it looked just like a green patchwork quilt and since then I've loved all shades of green. Lovely photos today. Enjoy Monday.

  8. green green have a beautiful green week.

  9. First, I agree it is wonderful to visit on a Monday and I enjoy visiting folks weekly. Second, I just found a wonderful used copy of the book you reference since I love this type of garden book. Can't wait to read it. Third, wow am I missing green and especially the early chartreuse spring green. We have 2 ft of snow still covering the garden so I am a bit on the downside waiting for some warm up that is real...this week is supposed to be cold and a cold start to spring too. I am anxious to get out and play in the garden but will be content to finish indoor projects until then....not much I can do about the weather....

    Lastly you have added fabulous shots of green to bring some freshness to my soul...thanks Judith!

    PS-Really, someone deletes your!

  10. my heart is wide open....when I open your blog.
    Thanks, Judith for your mosaic monday.

  11. I like linking on Monday's a nice way to start the week. Love your photos. I think I heard that big frog at the swamp yesterday! lol Sweet hugs Lavender Sis, Diane

  12. Enjoyed all your photos of the color green - pretty and refreshing.
    Thanks for hosting - appreciate what you do.

  13. We are all craving green these days, especially since we just got a fresh foot of snow yesterday.... Your post is soothing, refreshing, encouraging. Thanks for the healthy dose of green, and thanks once again for hosting MM.

  14. Most anyone...except you folks in craving green at the moment! I LOVE your grandmother's teacup! Your photos are lovely! I'm drinking Irish Breakfast this morning as well. Thanks for hosting!

  15. And a Happy Saint Patrick's day to you Judith!
    Beautiful greens! I have Alchemilla mollis growing here and there in my long border - it's such a good doer all year round in my climate.
    I love your heirloom shamrock cup, what a treasure!
    I agree - Mosaic Monday participants is a most congenial group of followers!
    Thank you Judith for hosting!

  16. Beautiful post today, Judith! Love your Mosaics. You didn't show up in my blog feed this morning for some reason. I had to click on the link-up from Lavender Dreams' blog. Hmmm....

  17. Oh Judith, you hit it out of the ballpark with this post. Stunning photos, beautiful layout and the mosaics as always are incredible. Loved this one. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you.

  18. What a lovely post, fresh and vivid, featuring St. Patrick's Day greens and accompanied by that sweet poem! Judith, your pond, dotted with water lilies and floating greenery is beautiful! Thanks so much for hosting and wishing you a very happy St. Paddy's Day and a fun week!


  19. Beautiful signs of Spring and green for Saint Patrick's Day, Judith! Happy Mosaic Monday! Posting on Monday is working out well.

  20. Your post is lovely Judith with wonderful words and beautiful views of green. Than you for hosting and have a great week!

  21. Good morning Judith, wonderful spring green, so very cheering. Thank you for adding the Irish poem today. Have a wonderful week. Thank you for Mosaic Monday 32, very much appreciated.

  22. Oh what a fresh and wonderful post, Judith. Your green - and your nod to The Emerald Isle - is just lovely and has perfect timing, of course.

    That is the prettiest shamrock teacup I have EVER seen - and I have seen many, as I used to collect them. WOW- absolutely stunning. And so special that it is a family heirloom!

    Have a wonderful week. Hugs.

  23. I soo prefer green to white lol ! Lovely post and photos , Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  24. A wonderful green spring post, the teacup from Ireland and the nice poem, I enjoyed it very much.

  25. I have to say that your sharing of all things Irish made me think of 2 yrs. ago, I took a trip to
    Italy. I tried to buy a patron saint medal from every town that we went to. When I got home
    and my daughter picked me up at the airport she saw this big silver chain around my neck
    full of medals and she said, "so, you've been to Italy!?! Had to laugh. Same group is
    going to Ireland in July - now you're making me rethink my decision not to go. Thanks, Julia

  26. I have learned that if your dyes are tired, you have to stare at something green (not neon green :) because it relaxes and yes as you've said soothens the eye.

  27. Lady's Mantle is so airy and pretty- another plant to add to my garden wishlist. Green is evident all year round here, but I still appreciate the bright shades of spring leaves and of bulbs pushing up through the dirt. Green is gorgeous!

  28. It was a very pleasureable wander through this post with all of its green. Your grandmother brought a gorgeous tea cup with special that you enjoy it now in your home. Happy St.Pat's Day to you!

  29. I agree, Judith, that green is such a soothing color and there are so many shades of it to enjoy. Didn't you love the patchwork of greens in the countryside of Ireland when you visited?
    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

  30. Your green helped put me in the mood for St. Pat's Day. I always enjoy your beautiful photos and I am so glad that you added a photo of you water garden. I'd like to see more. Your lilies looks so green and healthy. As for garlic, I am quite excited to plant it. I have not heard much about how garlic is grown in China, but just the thought of it coming from there made me decide that we must grow our own. It will be fun to watch it. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  31. HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY, Judith. Green sure is a refreshing color. I find it to be smoothing and happy too. Thank you for hosting this meme. There are so many creative blogs each week and I learn many new things every week.

  32. I enjoyed so much of your gorgeous serie of photos of the color green and I wish you all the best. The pond's photo with water lilies is my favorite!!!
    Thanks for hosting - appreciate what you do and till next week I'll surely do a nice mix of photo in collage. Sorry for my absence this week !
    Have a sunny day of March and happy holiday!

  33. Happy st Patricks day Judith! Have a great day!

  34. Is it just me...or did the mosaics seem especially beautiful this time??

  35. I remember greenery! I await spring...

  36. I really enjoyed seeing your pictures of your green Mosaic Monday. The sheep really reminded me of my trip to Ireland (even though I know those are Canadian sheep). They were everywhere!

  37. I love the tea cup you shared today. It is so beautiful. I have never seen one like it. Have a great day! Martha

  38. I love the colour of green. The pasture with the sheep and your little pond with the green frogs are so lovely. Thank you for your kindness~

  39. Your greens are lovely, Judith! I especially like the pond and the gardening shots. It was green when we traveled south; back to brown now but there are lots of plants beginning to come up. :)
    Hugs, Beth

  40. What an absolutely delightful array of greens! And that may well be the prettiest shamrock teacup I've ever laid eyes on. Love it even more because of the family connection!


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