Having a garden is not just about self-meditation, and it’s not about just building a nice flower garden. Having a garden is so much more and one of those things is to take care of nature and be one with it. If you really want to understand what I’m talking about, place a bird feeder in your garden.

Cardinal male

Make it so that you can see from the inside without scaring off the birds, and then just watch them. The magic is in the feeling of providing food for something that is weaker than us, but beautiful and powerful in their own way.

We are fortunate to have northern cardinals in our gardens year-round. They frequent the bird feeders but this is the first year they’ve tackled the peanut feeder tube.

Here’s the male thinking about it as I’m sure he’s been watching the woodpeckers, nuthatches, and chickadees cling to the metal mesh. How hard can it be?

A bit of wing flapping until he gets a grip on his feet and then sticks your face in where all the yummy peanuts are! This is the part where you will uncontrollably let a smile shine on your face. This is the exact moment when you will understand why doing this will make you feel better about yourself and why taking care of nature is important.

northern cardinal male

The female landed on the peanut feeder but is content to eat safflower seeds from a platform style feeder. Below she is seen at the birdbath in winter. I added a faint texture behind her so her body wasn’t lost against the white snow.

Of course, mom and dad bring the babies to learn how to eat from a feeder too.

There are lots of cardinals inside too, mostly in the kitchen where you can see my cutting board top right. The bird in the bottom left is on a throw, a warm and cozy addition across my lap when reading on a cold winter day.

If you don’t get cardinals in your yard, I hope you enjoyed the ones I’ve shared.

Now let’s see your creative mosaics!


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