Mosaic Monday #18 Pretty Poinsettias

Decorating your interior is not just about buying the newest furniture or re-painting your walls. Decoration is all about the small things that can be added to every room that would bring out the “life” of that room. It is essential to find different color pallets that can mix together so that they could create a whole new sense of belonging once a person enters the room. Usually what people ignore when it comes to decoration are the flowers that can be placed in the room, and I found that the Poinsettias are the perfect room decoration item that everyone needs in their life.

Leafy poinsettias are probably the favorite traditional potted plant at Christmas to give for a hostess gift.  A tropical plant native to Mexico, the colorful leaf bracts will last up to six weeks in bright, indirect sunlight. This plant can also work amazingly as a decoration item for the kitchen and the outdoor terrace.  Water deeply once a week and be sure to avoid drafts; wrap them well for transporting home or for taking out as a gift.

Poinsettias are impressive in a mixed container as well.

Although the plant looks pretty on the hearth, be sure to move before lighting a fire. Where do you think that Poinsettias can fit into your home?