Maybe some of you have forgotten, but I like to remind myself what the past trends were. This gives me a smile on my face to just remember them every once in a while, but every now and then it does surprise me when I see an old trend pop up again. For instance, the haircuts that men are preferring today have been used 40+ years ago. Also, if you take a look at modern clothing designs today, they do represent the same time the hippy movement was growing strong a couple of decades ago. This is nothing strange, in our history, we usually come up with something new, but eventually what has quality comes back around and becomes the trend again, with a few years or decades in between.


This train of thought makes me remember the shabby chick decoration that was popular some 100 years ago, that again became popular in 2015. This was the lavishing lifestyle that was resonating with people that want to have that vintage feel in their home, but they could not stand the aging on the furniture itself. So, the Chick decoration was in place, where they would pick up the old furniture design and paint it with fresh new colors and add more design so that even though they looked vintage, they would also have that new age feel.


To understand this decorating method, one would have to love the color white. In the shabby chick decoration, almost everything was white. The bed, the chairs, and even the pillows where white. The living room would usually have a very large sofa, typically a French design, which had a rustic wooden table with significant signs of wear on it. The chairs would also be wooden with an older design and painted white in most cases, but in some, you could find pink chairs.


The walls would be decorated with paintings of flowers and they would usually be oil paintings. While near the tv there would be a sofa that would have a cotton cover over it that would also, in many occasions, be white. This trend keeps popping back in every few decades, and I’m wondering is it time to see the trend back as the trends in recent years has been to return everything that has that vintage look on it.


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