Monday, December 15, 2014

An Old-fashioned Christmas Tea

Welcome friends as we gather with Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage and her guests for an Old-fashioned Christmas Tea.
As you come up the walkway, a sign I painted back in the 70s hangs on the wall.
The purple wreath a friend made me last year is by the front door.
and propped up against the wall on the other side is a crafted sleigh.

"Each Christmas I remember
The ones of long ago;
I see our mantelpiece adorned
With stockings in a row.
Each Christmas finds me dreaming
Of days that used to be,
When we hid presents here and there,
For all the family.
Each Christmas I remember
The fragrance in the air,
Of roasting turkey and mince pies
And cookies everywhere.
Each Christmas finds me longing
For Christmases now past,
And I am back in childhood
As long as memories last."
~from Christmas Past by Carice Williams~

I'm showing our table top silver tinsel tree by night as it's hard to see details during the day unless you're standing right next to it.
The tree skirt used to hug a full sized tree but pulls in just fine to drape over a small round table. A matching runner is on the table in the hallway.
I love the twisted silver Victorian tinsel for reflecting light.
You may want to browse this book I've had for a while and found in a second hand book store, the stories and recipes are delightful. (a few authors: Emily Carr, Stephen Leacock, W.O Mitchell)
I've saved these two teas that came in a Christmas card exchange for a special occasion, today seems like the perfect time to share them.
I received this Royal Stafford poinsettia teacup as a gift from a fellow worker over 20 years ago.
Macarons from a young woman that bakes in her home and had an open house.
Our little silver tree really isn't big enough to hang the few tea themed ornaments I have so I picked up an ornament hanger on sale which comes with an alternative topper when Christmas is over.
The little mouse drinking tea inside a teacup is new this year. The chunky white teapot at the bottom was in a grocery store for $2.00.
Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.   ~Norman Vincent Peale~
Back when I was taking ceramics, I made this little manger scene music box that plays Silent Night.
Thank you Sandi for hosting an Old-fashioned Christmas Tea, join her guests here.
I'm also linking to the tea gathering at Antiques and Teacups and Friends Sharing Tea.


  1. Hi Judith, What a lovely post! I really like the nativity, the ornament hanger, and the tinsel tree - it looks delightful by night. The wreath and your painted carolers are darling. The macarons are colorful. Very pretty, Judith! Hugs and blessings, Beth

  2. Wonderful Judith! The wreath is perfect for you! I have the same teas too! I just love your collage and nativity and everything is so welcoming and cozy!

  3. There is so much to delight in this post, Judith - a warm welcome at the door, pretty decor, teas and goodies and a book! Just lovely.

  4. Judith, your tea post is a delight! Love the wreath made just for you and all those wee ornaments that hang on your ornament hanger are so adorable. Your RS teacup is lovely and how nice that you still have it! Our very first tree was like your silver one when Hubby and I first got married. It ended up in the window display at the jewellery store I worked at. They always bring back memories when I see one. I love the poem you shared and I may have to use that in a post. Thank you for your help with the word verification thing. What would I do without my bloggy friends! It's always a pleasure to have you join me for tea and have a wonderful week, my friend.

    Christmas Blessings,

  5. Lovely post Judith. You are quite talented, painting that sign and making the ceramic manger scene, both beautiful. Your friend made you a gorgeous wreath too. And I love the wee mouse ornament, taking tea. I have never seen the Victorian twisted tinsel, I'd love to know where you got it. I love tinsel, and how it shimmers at night.
    Blessings to you Judith, have a good week. Deborah xo

  6. This post is so beautiful, Judith. I'm just sitting in front of the computer screen... and dreaming.
    Everything is beautiful, but I especially love your tea themed ornaments. Those tiny teapots and the little mouse drinking tea! The simple and elegant ornament hanger and the cute ornaments are a perfect match.
    Have a lovely week!

  7. How beautiful! What clever idea to hang the adorable tea-themed ornaments on an ornament hanger.

  8. I loved seeing your decor for Christmas, Judith. You're so talented in painting the sign and the nativity set. I love the idea of the ornament tree for your tea themed ornaments. I must look for those Stash teas as they sound delicious!

  9. What a beautiful Christmas post Judith. I love All your decorations and I wish I could come and sip,a cup,of tea with you. Have a lovely week

  10. Your Christmas decor is so inviting Judith and your home so welcoming. Thank you for a wonderful visit!

  11. What a lovely post. I LOVE that purple wreath. I should probably have something similar on my antique shop "Lavender and Old Lace."

  12. Love this Christmas tea and such a cute manger you made!

  13. Looks so good! I used to do tole painting too … I think that is what we called it … and I have those same little vintage icicles… Lots of pretty things to see around your house.

  14. It's so nice to have things you've collected over the years to bring out and enjoy at Christmas. The tea sounds good, too. I put some of my favorites into a cup today so they are handy! Happy holidays, Diane

  15. Hi Judith! I really enjoyed your Christmas post---your purple wreath is perfect; I was wondering whether purple would be introduced at all. I really like you silver tinsel tree and the ornament tree was so cute with all those tea ornaments. Your poinsettia teacup is really pretty, thanks for sharing it!

  16. What a beautiful posting Judith and I love your decorations. What a great cup and saucer you were given 20 years ago too! I loved your card with all the special treats in it. I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  17. Such beautiful Christmassy things! I especially like the things that you made yourself. xx

  18. Tea looks perfect. Tinsel trees seem to be fashionable once again. Now there seems to be more creativity with them than the just 1970s color wheel. Your table is lovely.

  19. Hi Judith,
    Your Royal Stafford poinsettia teacup is so pretty and everything looks ready for Christmas. Oh my goodness I love those sweet pink rosed mini teapots on the silver tree! I have a lot of purple/mauve in my family room and think of you often when in there. Your purple wreath is just beautiful and I love the sleigh and little Merry Christmas sign that your made. Your manger scene is very well done! You are so talented! Happy Christmas! Karen

  20. Oh, so much good stuff here...You've jogged my memory...I'm pretty sure I have some of that Victorian tinsel, now to just find it!

  21. What beautiful decorations you have for Christmas Judith! I love that little mouse in the teacup, so cute! I would definitely like to read through your "Canadian Yuletide Treasury"! Love that kind of stuff. I too have the silver twisty tinsel on my tree. I couldn't decide at first between the silver and the coloured, but got the silver and am glad I did ... very sparkly! Enjoy your evening. Wendy x

  22. Hi Judith: Love all your pretty Christmas displays. My favorite is that Lavender wreath. Perfect! Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  23. Lovely! You have some sweet ornaments and I like your tinsel tree. That Christmas Eve tea is a favourite of mine any time of day. Your little manger scene is adorable. Blessings, Pam

  24. So many Christmas memories flood my mind & heart as I read these tea-time posts. I love the sign you painted , and the silver tree. I've never had a silver Christmas tree but love seeing them displayed in various places and blogs. You're right, it takes evening lighting to really appreciate them.

    Your little mouse with a teacup is my favorite ornament for very sentimental reasons... but all of this post is special, thank-you !

  25. Lovely! From the purple wreath and the ornament hangar. Love the silver tree too.

  26. What lovely Christmas treasures to decorate your beautiful home! Your colored tree in the pretty teacup is so cute! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with family and friends!


  27. Oh my! Everything is so lovely. How did I miss this post? Well, I am here now. I could be persuaded to hang tinsel again if it looked like yours. That product seems very nifty. Sweetest little mouse in a tea cup enjoying her own cup of tea...the holder for ornaments is a unique idea and one I have not seen before. I'd like something like that for my antique ornaments. Then I'd not be so frightened of their getting broken.

  28. I love seeing your blend of new decor plus the sentimental pieces from years past. I think the memories attached to these things are what make them so special!


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