It’s that time again, we are going to decorate a tree and we are going to make this one look even better than the last year’s tree. So, to get things going I decided to go out and get acquainted with a tree decorating specialist.

I had an arranged meeting this past week where a tree decorating demonstration took place. The woman’s name, who showed us the proper way to decorate a tree and who was sharing ideas was Jennifer.

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The presentation was done amazingly and the tree had lots of lights, determined by the height of the tree. Then it was wrapped with ribbons to top it off. The larger size balls go on first and always in a diamond pattern as one continues with the next color or smaller sized balls. This looked quite interesting and insightful, and I must say that Jennifer knows what she is doing. Jennifer put in many floral picks as well as sparkly ones to heighten the bling on the tree.

Two ideas for toppers were to push in silver leaf-like picks for a fan effect or to create loops by bending over long strappy picks to form a ribbon.

Standing in front of a tree already in the hall, Jennifer starts to make a bow with 10 yards of wired gold ribbon that she then placed on the top. She is in charge of the seasonal decor at a local nursery and has decorated 50 trees like this in one day! When asked how long it would take her to undecorate this tree, she figured about 5 minutes and laughingly told us we could time her. We did not take her up on the offer, as we all believed that she had undecorated thousands of trees in her life so it was highly likable. But we did ask her if she could help us during the Christmas time with our, and we all laughed.

The finished tree looked amazing…

In the end, it did only take Jennifer (and her son) around 5 minutes to pack everything up to take back to the nursery.


Afterward, over tea and goodies, discussion ensued amongst a few of us as to whether or not we’d want our own tree to look like this. The conclusion was simple, as for people that did not want a big hassle they decided to avoid the 10-yard long ribbon, but for the rest of us the challenge was accepted and our new tree was going to look perfect. What do you think? Is this how you’d like your Christmas tree to be decorated? Or do you have some suggestions that you want to share with us in the comments down below.


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