Interior decoration has always been a fascinating thing as every year there are new designs that become the new trend. However, whenever we think about a color pallet that has always been in the spotlight and will remain to be for a long time, we think about the black and white interior decoration. Making your home completely out of black and white elements is possible, and highly expansive in some cases, as it known that many expansive and high-quality things are usually made in a black or white color pallet.

If you were wondering how you can use black and white to decorate your home check our tips down below.

The floor

If you want to start decorating your home with a black and white style, start with your floor. Having a black and white tiled floor can look amazing in your kitchen, bathroom, but also it can be accommodated for your living room.


If you are going for the black and white kitchen go with the marble material. However, if that is too expansive you can take the ceramic replacement, this also works in the bathroom. For your living room, you can have your floor painted black and get white rugs to contrast the blackness of the floor.

The walls

Having black and white walls is nothing new in today’s interior design. However, the trick is to paint the right parts with a bit of black and finish is with the mostly white background. To create the perfect black and white wall, look for making one wall black, or make the corners around the TV area black.


The rest of the walls should be white, as only a small portion of the wall should be painted black, so the black color pallet won’t eat out the whole room. On the other hand, if you bought white furniture this rule can be pushed a bit more.

The furniture

Usually, we paint the walls white and get black furniture, but if you got the white furniture you could go for a bit more of blackness on your walls. Remember that furniture is there to compliment the walls, and you should always keep the ratio of white to black at 3:2. Don’t forget that on white walls you can hang some black framed pictures making it a perfect combination to not just your walls but to your furniture as well.


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