Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mosaic Monday #12 - Time

My husband's grandfather's pocket watch frozen in time from so long ago.
The back a little worn from loving hands that pulled it out of a pocket to check the time.
A couple of small clocks that are special to me. A petite Alfred Sung mantle clock and a 25 year Cavalcade of Sports clock gifted from Gillette for a winning display of their products I created many years ago.

Time is the coin of your life. 
It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent.
Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.
 ~Carl Sandburg~
I changed some of the photos to Sepia and created the mosaics with Pic Monkey. 

Mosaic Monday was the creation of Mary Carroll, a professional who shared her photography on her blog Little Red House. Every Monday Mary would feature a mosaic she had created and decided to ask her readers on May 15, 2009 if they'd be willing to participate in a link party of mosaics. The response was favourable and on Monday May 17, 2009 Mosaic Monday was born. By 2012 the party averaged 60 participants. (from research I did on Little Red House)
With time and changes in her life, Mary found she could no longer keep up this wonderful meme and announced it would close unless someone offered to take it over. An opportunity for professional and hobby photographers like myself with no subject restrictions, I stepped up and hosted my first Mosaic Monday on August 10, 2014. 
The guidelines remain the same to participate and I wish to thank the regular participants and welcome anyone joining for the first time.
Welcome to Mosaic Monday
❀Link the Url from a post containing a mosaic or collage about any subject. 
❀Please link back to this Mosaic Monday post so that your readers can find other wonderful mosaics. 
❀Linked posts not including a mosaic nor linking back to Mosaic Monday will be removed in fairness to other participants.

Thank you for participating and sharing your creativity!


  1. The sepia really adds the perfect effect to these treasures. And I love the quote about time.'s all we have. Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. Judith, I love the pocketwatch and your small clocks. The sepia images are lovely..The watch and clock made a great subject for your mosaics. Thanks for hosting, have a happy week ahead.

  3. Judith I love the images here especially of the pocket watch...the sepia makes it more special...and I couldn't agree more with Carl!!

    A wonderful post!!

  4. The old pocket watches are wonderful reminders of life in another era.
    These beautiful pieces were hand made by skilled craftsmen with precision and have become collector’s items throughout the world.
    My husband also has his grandfather's gold pocket watch, and it will be handed down to our son, the fourth generation.
    Originally it had a gold chain attached, which was given to the eldest daughter in the family.

    Thank you for hosting Judith
    I'm so glad you have enabled the 'Mosaic Monday' party to carry on, I enjoy linking up each week!


  5. What treasures you have in your home, Judith! The photos are very beautiful.
    Thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday. It's lovely to take part in it.
    Have a good week!

  6. I was just prepping some pieces for applique and thought "sheesh what TIME is it / it's TIME for Mosaic Monday" and LOL I clicked on here and there you are with your TIME post :)

  7. The pocket watch is a real treasure to have. We will be changing the clocks next weekend.

  8. A well done mosaic can be a feast for sore eyes. I like your images a lot. The watch is beautiful.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  9. Beautiful editing on these photos Judith. Your father's pocket watch is a special treasure. Beautiful mosaics.

  10. Hi Judith, I am so happy that you carried on for Little Red House and now (as of August) host Mosaic Monday. I look forward to joining in and seeing what other bloggers have shared. Lovely to see the pocket watches and clocks.

  11. What a treasure to have your husband's grandfather's pocket watch, Judith! I also like your mantle clock I ahve a similar one that was gifted to my husband on his 25 anniversary of his job by his company.
    Before my father-in-law passed away 17 years ago he told me he wanted his only grandson, my son, to have his wristwatch. I knew it was a very special gift as it was my father-in-law's pride and joy. I gave it to my son when he turned 21.

  12. I just love your post - so appropriate as we often rush to the holidays. The photos are amazing.

  13. What great treasures to have - thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for hosting - appreciate what you do.

  14. Judith, I love how you did these in sepia. The old clocks and watches are works of craftsmanship if not of art. Kids nowadays are missing a lot!

    Every collage and picture is just perfect. Thanks for the post (and memories) and for hosting.

    And PS: For some reason I am humming 'if I could save time in a bottle ....' .

  15. Old clocks and time pieces are fascinating.Lovely photos - I like way you've used the maple leaves and sepia effect.

    Enjoy your week,

  16. Oh what a 'timely' post for me (and yes, pun intended). This week was one of three funerals and learning that another friend is waging a battle against cancer. It does make you realize how precious time is -- not to be wasted or taken for granted. Each day is a blessing! Thanks again for hosting this link up!!

  17. Your photos of your clock collection are evocative of the passage of time. That's a great quote and so true - time is a precious commodity.
    Thanks for hosting!

  18. What treasures, what memories! Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Beth

  19. Those are all very lovely clocks. I have a thing for clocks too, and for time. At the moment, daylight savings is playing havoc with us because the clocks have changed in England but not here yet! Oh well, hope your week is a lovely one Judith, and you have all the time int he world to do everything you want.

  20. Judith your photos are great for this Mosaic....a great point in time!...:)JP

  21. Judith the pocket watch worn on the back reminds me of my grandfather and his watch. The sepia worked wonders for your picture. Your clock and pocket watch makes a lovely post to remind us to slow down a little and enjoy. I appreciate you taking this mosaic Monday on, thanks a bunch

  22. Pocket watches are so romantic I think. Wonderful that you still have that family heirloom.

  23. Beautiful collages, Judith! I really like the old watches and what you did with the sepia.

  24. "Time is the coin of your life... " Beautiful saying!! And so lovely vision over time in images! A good, sunny time for you in autumn!

  25. Judith, as I linked up today, the photos of your watch caught my eye immediately. They are so beautiful and I love how you have used the fall leaves and different effects in them as well. I have an old pocket watch that I have taken probably hundreds of photos fact, it's one of my favorite subjects! Time pieces and clocks, in general, strike my fancy. Thanks so much for hosting and have a blessed week!

  26. A uniquely lovely collage, Judith. I think your grandfather would be very pleased that you have his watch and I know that you treasure it.

  27. I love the photos, Judith, and the quote! One of these days I should join in on the fun.

  28. The time pieces make lovely vintage era photos. A very nice way to record and remember family heirlooms. To answer your question, would we eat the sheep. Yes. It would have been processed by a professional and we would have put it in the freezer, not to let it go to waste.

  29. Hello Judith! What lovely photos...and so thought provoking! Really like the time quote. Thanks for hosting :)

  30. There is something so personal, so beautiful about an old watch, carried and used for years. My great-grandfather had a pocket watch and I inherited it. It is a Waltham and nearing 100 years old.

  31. I especially love the composition of that last photo! Just beautiful...

  32. I don't know anything about photography, but you always have the most beautiful images displayed on your blog, Judith. How cool that you are going to keep this party going.
    Good for you!!

  33. Now this is so lovely -- I just love old clock and watch faces. There's something so dreamy and inspiring about them!

  34. How Nice.... I'll have another hobby linky.... with Mosaic Mondays...!!! Inspired and calmed by your poem on time!


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