Decorating your home for some is a tedious task, while for others it’s a relaxing part of their Saturday or Sunday afternoon. This is partially due to the stress we gather during the work week, and partially due to the fact that our surrounding shapes how we feel. The fact of the matter is if you want to feel safe, and like at home, you need to make your home resonate with that feeling. Believe me, once you are done with the few tips I will share with you today, you will definitely feel gratification in the end.


To feel gratitude, you have to own up to your home and the feelings inside of you. Search deep inside and you will find that even though we are all different in some way, we also have values that we strive for. For instance, everyone wants to feel warm in the winter, everyone wants to feel safe in their home, and everyone wants to feel like at home in their home. To have this feeling you have to make your living space resonate with a few mixed combos.

For instance, not a lot of people love to keep their home clean all the time, and we don’t encourage you to clean it every week and you definitely don’t need to make that bed every day if you don’t have any guests coming. Let’s get down to the actual tips now

Clear your mind, decorate your walls

The walls are our windows inside our soul. If you have blank walls you won’t feel excitement when you wake up, nor will you feel gratitude when you come home from work. To remedy this, you need to decorate your walls, and you can start off by getting some pictures or posters of islands or mountains.


This might feel simple, but that’s the point. The simplicity will resonate with your adventurous side and you will feel a bit more excited to start the day every time you notice them.

Ditch the formal go with the informal

Sometimes you can feel like your life was programmed, and that you could all read it in a book. To let go of this feeling you need to create a bit of informality in your home. True gratitude comes from knowing that your life was not some cliché story that can be read in a book. Once you decorate your home in a totally mismatching setup you will feel a sense of the piece. Your home life is not a poster for IKEA, your life is what you want it to be, that is what your informality should signal.


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