Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mosaic Monday #7 Early Autumn in the Garden

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This has been a strange year in the garden. Some flowers never bloomed while others flowered twice. There also the ones that produced an autumn bloom that normally don't.
Hydrangeas clockwise from the top left: 'Little Lime', a monarch resting on a bloom of 'Limelight',  'Fire and Ice' and 'Bobo'.
The asters are in full bloom now with the cultivar 'Red Alert' on the left and a native 'Sky Blue' on the right. A pink turtle head cultivar is attractive to the bees and look at the carpet roses with the show they're putting on! 
I have never seen this verbascum 'Flush of White' bloom in autumn before. Lots of wooly bear caterpillars about and a cute furry yellow one too. 
A few stragglers on clematis vines.
Astilbe 'Colour Flash Lime' has the most amazing foliage with light pink flower spikes. A spiderwort sent out a couple of flowers even though it has been cut back. Poor Malva 'Zebrina', the rabbits kept eating off any growth until left alone, she produced a few flowers on the short stems.
The two lower left flowers are new and found marked down at a nursery. A perennial cornflower called 'Amethyst Dream' and Coreopsis 'Jethro Tull'.
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  1. Beautiful flowers in the garden.

  2. Good afternoon! It's so much fun to see your nice variety of flowers. We have mostly 'green' plants here in Florida. We do have some hibiscus blooming now though. And look at your wooly worm. Thanks for the wonderful mosaics! Your Lavender Sis, Diane

  3. Hello Judith

    There is certainly a lot of interest in your Autumn garden.
    The hydrangeas are preparing for winter with their new coats on!

    Asters are lovely and well worth planting....somewhere in my garden!
    I was at my garden centre on Friday looking for Clematis but could only find a native white and I want the lavender and purple ones to add colour with the pink and red roses.
    I tried growing a perennial cornflower last year, there were a couple of flowers but then it gave up the ghost! They can be fickle fellows here!

    Thank you for hosting MM Judith,
    we're all so grateful it's carrying on!


  4. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous Judith and good to see butterflies still busy.....
    Lovely collages!

    Have a great week!

  5. Your autumn garden looks wonderful. It's nice to see the color. Here we are having way too many visits from our neighborly deer family.

  6. Love all these flowers too! They're so lovely!

  7. It sure has been a different year in the garden, some plants are still blooming, while others finished long ago. Some veggies did really well, like the yellow pear tomatoes, while the potatoes didn't do as well as I expected. You still have a lovely selection of blooms.

  8. Your fall flowers are all the purples!

  9. Our blooming season is coming to an end in the Pacific Northwest, but we still have sun and warm days. Your photos are beautiful and love the caterpillers. . .haven't seen those up close in ages. Thanks again for hosting!

  10. I love your flowers. This has been a strange year for our shrubs too. We had some that barely grew at all, but still alive.

  11. All still looks wonderful in your gardens . Here things are slowly withering away ! Thanks for sharing wonderful photos ! Have a good day !

  12. Judith your garden is still stunning as fall comes around.....lots of color and caterpillars. Monarchs are coming to visit as they move South here.

    My first collage is views of a favorite daff as it goes with the poem I wrote. I'll have another link in tomorrow too. Have a great week.

  13. More awesome results from all your hard work...both in Mosaics and gardening!...:)JP

  14. Don't we hate telling our summer garden good bye? Your flowers are so lovely. What a shame that Jack Frost is lurking about and will soon end it all. Beautiful mosaics today, Judith. Thank you for hosting.

  15. Hello Judith, your flowers are gorgeous. I love the hydrangeas and the pretty clematis.. The asters are beautiful too. Lovely colors and post. Thanks for hosting, have a happy week!

  16. HI Judith, your flowers are looking quite fabulous still. It's a pretty time of the year when summer blooms are meeting fall colours. Have a great week. Happy Fall to you! Pam

  17. Such lovely mosaics, Judith! Your flowers are still gorgeous!!
    Enjoy your Sunday evening.

  18. Glad you found Jethro Tull as I recall you adnmiring it in someone else's garden. Your hydrangeas are fantastic and your autumn garden is looking divine! Hugs, Beth

  19. Your flowers all look very beautiful in the collages, Judith. I planted Jethro Tull last year but even through it is supposed to be a hardy perennial, it did not come back this year. We had new landscaping put in a few weeks ago and already the deer have devoured three shrubs. My husband is putting chicken wire around the remaining shrubs in hopes to allow them to make it through the winter without being eaten.

  20. Your fall garden is still full of colour, Judith. Asters are reliable bloomers, aren't they? Thanks again for hosting Mosaic Monday.

  21. Great garden!

  22. Lovely flowers Judith! I know what you mean. One of my hydrangeas, a climbing one, has given up the ghost this year. Shame really, because I loved having it on the fence. But now I get a chance and space to plant a pyracantha. I know, thorns, but I love them. :D Hope you have a fantastic week ahead of you.

  23. Hi Judith,

    Your Autumn garden is beautiful and I loved seeing all the pretty flowers you have blooming. The Monarch butterfly on the hydrangea is lovely, as are all your photos.
    Happy new week

  24. Your Flowers Judith are lovely for the end of the summer!!

  25. Hello Judith,
    I'm finally back to blogging, but on the road, this trip is across Canada.

    I so love the multitude of colour your garden flowers have on display. You know I'm almost certain my clematis has bloomed twice this season, crazy. Love the garden creatures.

  26. Your garden flowers are fabulous - love those woolly bear caterpillars. It has been a glorious summer for flowers here too.

  27. It was lovely to see your mosaics Judith. We have a few odd things flowering here right now, my weiglia is having a second flush of flowers - that never happens! - and also a very late blooming yucca too. I'm not complaining though, flowers are flowers and it is always lovely to see them isn't it. xx

  28. hello
    il y a un moment que je n'étais
    pas venue vous voir
    c'est toujours aussi beau
    j'adore les asters ( petites étoiles
    bonne journée
    edith (iris) France

  29. Hi Judith,

    Your garden is beaming with such a beautiful array of colours, shapes, and I imagine, scents! It has definitely been a strange year, weather wise, and I am still sulking over the late arrival of my beloved peonies in southern Ontario, which snubbed me while I was there, this past spring!

    Thanks so much for hosting and have a wonderful week!


  30. Hi Judith - You have such beautiful blooms in your garden, and your Mosaics are really nicely done. I'm still struggling a bit with it, but I'll keep on it. LOL.

  31. Hi Judith. I love all the flowers in your garden. Hopefully they will keep blooming still for a lond time
    Have a nice week.

  32. What beautiful color! This was a strange year in my garden too. Thanks to that snow and ice spell we had in February, neither the hydrangeas nor the gardenias have bloomed this year, although the plants look healthy and I hope they'll be back for 2015!

  33. I love how your colours all go so well together. I'm going to try to be more creative next time. ;) Have a wonderful week, Judith.

  34. Hi Judith,
    Your blooms are just beautiful. I love all the colors. They made smile. It's great that some flowers made it up for the lack of bloom of others. What a wonderful play of nature. Lovely photos.

  35. I love so much the fall blooms, but, for sure, the dark pink clematis is so gorgeous!! And all of the flowers in a special way! Thanks for hosting and Have a sunny week!

  36. Pretty fall flowers and cute fuzzy caterpillars. I enjoyed your mosaics.

  37. Your fall garden looks beautiful! Mine has been very neglected this year, so it is nice to see one so lovely.

  38. Hi Judith,
    I love seeing your Mosaics and must try my hand at them again soon!
    Your garden is looking beautiful, I love all the Hydrangea, and that little yellow caterpillar is so bright, we don't have those!

  39. There is still so much loveliness in your garden.


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