Monday, September 1, 2014

Coffee Klatsch

Klatsch - a social gathering over coffee. A number of women come together on their blogs from around the globe for tea on Tuesday, usually afternoon tea. However, I like a piping hot mug of coffee in the morning and sometimes after dinner with a piece of cake or slice of pie. (decaf at this time)
Autumn decor already? Well, it's felt like autumn for most of August so on the Labour Day weekend I brought out my boxes from the basement. A piece of carrot cake with the coffee yet to come. The leaf napkins were found at Bed, Bath and Beyond on sale for $5 for a package of 4. 
This year I met two tea bloggers; one on the way to Florida, and one on the way back. Recently I met another woman whom I got to know through her blog and we hit it off right away. We're both Master Gardeners, Tea Grannies and have much in common. When Beth from Beyond the Garden Gate said she and her husband were coming to Ontario to see Niagara Falls, they were invited to stay with us for a couple of days. And they did. We had a great visit and it was so nice to finally meet in person.
Beth and Ron in our tea house
Beth and I discussed various aspects of blogging, particularly how many people are finding it too time consuming and are either cutting way back or quitting altogether. 
It has become a challenge for me as the new host of Mosaic Monday to participate the next day in the tea parties. Blog etiquette varies from person to person but as the host of a party I feel obligated to visit each participant and leave a comment. I do not understand people that link to a party and never comment on any of the blogs, including the host's. Perhaps I have misunderstood the relevance of comments?
Still wanting to participate in the tea parties I finally came up with a plan. After today I will be posting Tea with Friends on Thursdays and linking the following Tuesday to the tea gatherings.
I'll do my visiting and commenting with a relaxing cup of tea each Thursday which will make me a couple of days behind everyone else. Hopefully this will work as I do enjoy the company of my blogging tea sisters.


  1. Hello Judith, I came back just now to do some more visiting on Mosaic Monday, and wasn't too surprised to see your tea post as well. We so enjoyed meeting you and Glenn.
    I like coffee very much too; of course I also enjoy my tea (mainly drinking iced on these hot days). A nosh with tea is perfection. Your cake looks so good, Judith. Love the photo, too, and thanks again for letting us visit! Have a great week!
    Hugs, Beth

  2. I do enjoy visiting many at link ups. And I don't understand either those not commenting on a few blogs or even the host's post or the host not getting to blogs to even visit. I have found a few of those too.

    But I am glad you took this link up and I adore visiting everyone...which is what I am doing now. Oh and I love the autumn in the morning for me too and then tea.

  3. I agree with you about cutting down the time spent blogging Judith.
    Since I've been back working I have had to use my time wisely and I’ve restricted my blogging time now.
    I think if you host a party it is good manners to visit each participant and leave a brief comment. Vice versa for the party goers – whom I expect would comment on the hosts post and visit as many others as possible.
    I no longer join in on those huge parties - a total waste of time.

    Your tea setting looks very inviting, needless to say I'm immediately drawn to the cake and the pretty sunflower plate it's sitting on!!
    The leaves and the pumpkin complete the Autumn touch.
    We have Bed, Bath and Beyond here, so I’ve made a note to self to remember to look for Autumn bits next year!

    How nice to meet up with Beth, she is a sweet person and has a beautiful blog and garden too.

    Many thanks for hosting - Judith the MM regulars all appreciate you picking up the reins and keeping it going - I endeavour to visit as many others as time allows!


  4. Hi again - I'm one of those who has been trying to cut back on blogging - but it's so addictive! lol. But I find I don't always get to every blog each day. I love your blog, and I'm planning to check out the "Color Palette" function on PicMonkey.

  5. Tea time sounds like fun! It has been so hot here in southwest missouri that we have been drinking our tea ice cold!

  6. We do have Coffee Klatsch here too. I know in the meantime that blogging is very time consuming, that's why I never participate in parties, there are so many of them and then I feel obliged to post, visit and comment on all. I read the blogs I follow during coffee time in the morning or at night and comment on the things I like. And yes of course I like your teas and garden but also a nice cup of coffee, especially with carrotcake.

  7. Hi Judith,
    I like coffee in the morning too and oftentimes Hubby and I have one down at the waterfront in the evenings this time of year.
    You are the second one today sharing carrot cake and I will be wanting some myself now.
    It's interesting how you and I both feel obliged to visit our ladies who leave comments. Many hosts don't do that and I don't understand it. If I couldn't visit and leave a comment I wouldn't be hosting a party. In my opinion, that's part of the hosting. You don't get to know your blogging friends unless you do.
    I'm glad you have come up with a solution for your tea party issue. For several months now, I have been mulling over making some changes to my blog party. We'll see what happens! Thank you for joining me for tea and enjoy your week.


  8. I admire those hosts who leave comments on blogs of those who link up. I also have noticed that many bloggers don't leave a comment on host's postings. Perhaps it might be because they link up to too many blogs, and it becomes overwhelming??
    I am still in summer mode, but it's nice to see your fall dΓ©cor emerging...

  9. Running a link up is a big job. Some of the bigger ones have a couple of helpers that visit sites, just so each one gets a comment from the team.
    I do a lot of posts and schedule them for being posted. That way I stay ahead of the game and have one or two ready in case I'm busy. I'm sure you will work out a system.
    I'm sure it was lovely getting to meet other bloggers with the same interests.

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit . I am more of a tea grannie but enjoy a mid morning cup of coffee . I have been under the weather mostly and a family member is in hospital not doing well so blogging has taken a bit of a back burner . Thanks for sharing I do like your fall decor ! Have a good day !

  11. Your plan sounds like a good one. I always enjoy seeing your afternoon tea set ups!

  12. Your plan sounds like a good one, Judith! I knew that you and Beth were able to meet and that was so exciting! I know you had a lovely visit.

  13. Judith, it sounds like a good plan. I hope it works well for you. When I first started blogging 9 months ago, I joined in a lot of parties just to meet people. I still do parties, but not quite as many. Better to have the quality (being able to visit and comment) than quantity. I've often seen, say 20 people linked up, and only 8 comments. Seems only courteous to thank the host, and then to visit at least a few of the others.
    I'm about to have some decaf coffee with another piece of carrot cake :) (Oh I think I told you that, I must really be thinking about it!)

  14. Thanks for coming by. I loved your post. I will check out the tea linkys. BTW my Sept. Fall linky should be up at Midnight.(If I did it right!) Linking Fall posts all month long!
    Have a good week. And thanks for Mosaic Monday!

  15. It does take time to comment on linky party posts. I don't join parties when I know I won't have the time to comment on most of them (including the host).
    Moving the tea post to Thursday sounds like a good solution.

  16. Judith, I so look forward to your tea posts every week. I understand about not commenting... It takes such a little bit of time and is generally so appreciated.

  17. How wonderful to meet darling Beth and her hubby! That must have been so fun!
    I agree, I went to visit so many old friends and they had stopped blogging. Some think it is because of Pinterest, but that is where Pinterest gets all its content!
    I know I have cut back quite a bit too. Life gets so busy, but I am really trying to hang in there!
    Hopefully I can remember Mosaic Monday! Half the time I just forget to post to parties until it is too late!
    I agree, a host of a party should visit at least once in a while!!!
    Good luck with being the host!

  18. It is great fun to finally meet up in person with blogging friends. Love the fall decor. I brought a few things out this past weekend. I need to change out the decorative swag above the front door with a fall-themed one.

  19. How wonderful to meet Beth and her husband! I do try to comment on other links when I link up with someone, but maybe I'm "old fashioned" thinking I've been invited to a party and I should meet the other party goers! ;) Post when you can and we'll have tea klatsch all week! Happy Tea Day!

  20. Hi Judith,
    That is so wonderful to have met some blogging friends. How exciting!! I do understand how busy it is to link up and comment and this summer has been challenging for me too. I also enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Hope you have a wonderful week! Take care, Karen

  21. Your touches of autumn decorating are lovely. I think that it is nice to take part and visit in link ups, but you are right, it can take a lot of time, so I think that you are to be very well regarded for visiting all of those in your link up. xx

  22. How great to meet fellow bloggers! I think blogging makes the world a lot smaller in feel and brings so many together. I love our fall theme! It was fall like a few weeks ago, now we got a heat wave! Hotter today than any day in summer (sigh!). Thanks for the visit today, I always love hearing from you.

  23. What a wonderful post and great times with these fellow blogging friends. The expression coffee klatsch was popular when I lived in Iowa the 70's. I haven't heard it for a while but we are big morning coffee people for sure!

  24. It has been more difficult lately to blog--I blame it on the busy summer. I haven't even been blogging as long as everyone else--I can't imagine how you all have done it so long! I try my best to visit as many people as I can at the link ups and I always leave a comment on the host's page. I definitely visit everyone who comments on my blog (eventually at least lately). I'm so glad you've figured a way to keep doing the tea parties--I really enjoy your posts. Have a great week :)

  25. I always come back a coupe of days later to do my commenting as life here is hectic too, but I always do come back. I leave comments on most of the other blogs that I visit and a few I will look and wish that at least I could click a like button. My computers are very slow at bringing up the point of commenting and it takes hours to complete my visits. That being said, thank you so much for what you do, with such charm. Hugs my friend and thank you also for helping me the other day ;)

  26. Oh that cake looked yummy. I know what you mean though about commenting. Sometimes it's hard to get around to all the blogs and comment but I try really hard to comment on as many as I can. One thing a few people have done is to comment on 5 people before your link and 5 people after. That works when there are loads of people participating. I have stopped commenting on some blogs that host Memes and then the Host doesn't both to comment. It seems a bit (rude) but I can understand somewhat why they don't but at least try.

  27. Hi Judith, I enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning too. Hubby usually gets up before me and makes it and we enjoy a cup together. After that its been hot tea all summer, so cool most of the days! Your cake looks yummy!

    Blessings, Nancy

  28. Comments...a thoughtful subject. I've noticed a couple of blogs this summer that have comments turned off with a message that says they are turned off so the reader knows it is not a mistake or oversight. Comments etiquette has been the subject of a few posts this summer also. It seems that different groups have different concepts of good comment etiquette. The most recent post I read found generic statements such as thank you, loved your post, etc... were just written to get the writer noticed. What I have been working on doing is rotating my comments. I still read many blogs, but only write a few comments. You are good about writing comments, but some of the bigger linky party hosts have never written a comment even though I am a regular participant. I just assume that when 300 link up there are not enough hours in the day to write that many comments.


  29. Interesting observations on blogs and blog etiquette. In my seven years of blogging, I have observed a dip in posts (from other bloggers) and comments (on my blog) in the summer, for obvious reasons, but then it always picks up in the fall and winter when we're all indoors and more likely to be at our computers. Much as I enjoy it when someone leaves a comment, I try to remember that not all women get to work around a computer for much of the day as I do, much less from home, so if they don't leave a comment, well, I'm just grateful they stopped by my blog. That said, I've never really participated in the link parties so they may have their own rules. I do try to comment on other blogs, though, when I have time. And like you, I need to visit other blogs more often!

  30. ts so true that blog comment seems to be down lately, Judith. I've been disappointed lately as many I write to others come back in my e-mail as "undelivered". The comments will show up on their blog platforms but will not be delivered in their e-mail boxes. I don't know why this happens and I am not the only one this happens to. I've been told it is a Blogger problem of some sort..sigh. I joining parties and try to comment on as many blogs as possible, but I admit I can't comment on each one. Watching a young grandchild all week means I am unable to connect online till the evening and I am often very tired by then :) I try to do my best, but I could never host a blog event for that reason, but I still enjoy blogging and keeping in touch as much as possible!

  31. I totally agree...every season seems to be different, and sometimes lots of links and comments, sometimes one or the other. I always love your posts. Trying to catch up on everything after a hectic few but very busy. Now back to normal. I love your sunflowers. Trying to get used to a birthday iPad as well. You're posts are always a joy Judith, Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!


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